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Windows XP Backup Software to Backup your System State, Partition or Disk

Updated on Apr 12, 2019 by Brithny to Backup Utility

How to backup Windows XP system state, partition or disk? The reliable backup software provides you with backup, restore and clone functions for data & system protection under Windows 10/7/Vista/XP/8.

Are you seeking a method to restore your XP operating system quickly without reinstalling after it crashes? Are you worried about the data loss before it was too late to backup it? EaseUS Todo Backup is able to backup your partition into one image file, and clone your hard drive to another to solve your problems above safely and easily.

Why do you need XP backup software?

As it is well known, Windows built-in backup utility is handy to some extent, while it may not satisfy your demand in this day and age, say, the different versions of XP for backup functions are not compatible, that is, Windows Backup from the XP Home computer won't make a full and complete automatic recovery type backup on a newly installed XP Pro one; it can only backup files in XP, and backup and restoring must have a floppy drive, while floppy drive is almost extinct.

Suppose you are going to backup the system and restore your entire hard drive in case of a crash, or need to back up the partition or disk to the CD/DVD to protect your data, Windows built-in backup utility in Windows XP, obviously, cannot come to your aid.

Fortunately, depending on your preferences, you can choose third-party backup software. The XP backup software, like EaseUS Todo Backup, is your choice. It can backup your XP system partition in one-click without worrying anymore about system crash or data loss due to some unexpected incidents. EaseUS Todo Backup also enables you to backup system partition to one disk or to CD/DVD.

How to use XP backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup

With easy-to-use operation wizard and user-friendly interface, EaseUS Todo Backup provides you with multiple methods to backup your system state, partition or disk under Windows XP.

Free backup software for xp

If you want to do system state backup, the partition or disk to other safe places, it can create image files of the partition or disk for you, and you can set compression level, priority and image splitting according to your needs. Then you can restore all the data with the image files.

If you choose to clone disk, you will clone the whole source disk to another hard disk (destination disk)