How to Transfer Hogwarts Legacy to SSD Without Reinstallation [2024 New Guide]

Do you want to transfer Hogwarts Legacy to SSD without reinstallation? Don't worry. This article provides a professional tool to help you perform the action with simple clicks while keeping all your game files safe and intact.

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Hogwarts Legacy is a user-loved Action RPG developed and released by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. So then, when the hard disk fails or when you want to transfer Hogwarts Legacy to SSD with reinstallation, what should you do? This article can help with this issue. You can get guides on the following topics:

Now, let's start to learn.

Can I Transfer Hogwarts Legacy to SSD without Losing Data

We all know running out of disk space is a hassle. Sometimes you run out of hard disk space and may choose to delete or transfer some large files to another disk. But what about Hogwarts Legacy? Can you safely transfer Hogwarts Legacy to another SSD while keeping all game data?

The answer is yes. Today we will introduce a reliable utility to help move Hogwarts Legacy to SSD without reinstallation. With no extra steps, you'll get ways to move Hogwarts Legacy from HDD/SSD to SSD, including Steams Hogwarts Legacy to SSD and PS5 Hogwarts Legacy to SSD. Continue to read the next part to learn.


Transfer Hogwarts Legacy to SSD Without Reinstallation via EaseUS Todo PCTrans

To move Hogwarts Legacy from HDD to SSD or from one SSD to another, we can try the most recommended solution - use a third-party game-mover tool. Here you can try EaseUS Todo PCTrans Software, a professional and user-friendly utility that helps you transfer Hogwarts Legacy to SSD without reinstalling safely and easily. It can help with issues like:

  • PC to PC transfer: You can transfer games/data/files/programs from a PC to a new PC without reinstalling.
  • App Migration: You can move programs/software to another drive while keeping all the data intact.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Now, follow the guide below to move Hogwarts Legacy to SSD:

Step 1. Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans to start

Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your Windows 10/8.1/8/7 computer. Navigate to the "App Migration" transfer mode and click "Start".

choose app migration to transfer games to ssd

Step 2. Choose the games you want to transfer

On the left bar, you need to choose the drive where the games are installed. Next, find the games you want to transfer and tick the box. Since you're going to move the selected games to the SSD, click triangle icon to set the SSD as the target location. Finally, click "Transfer".

choose SSD as the destination drive to save games

Step 3. Initiate the transfer process

EaseUS Todo PCTrans will start immediately to migrate the games from one hard drive to the SSD. Wait for the process to complete.

transfer games to ssd

After this process, you can enjoy Hogwarts Legacy without reinstalling it. As a professional app mover, EaseUS Todo PCTrans has impressive features, such as:

Whether you want to transfer Hogwarts Legacy from HDD to SSD, from Steam to computer, or from C drive to D drive, EaseUS Todo PCTrans can help. Download and try it now.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7


Hogwarts Legacy and other games all require a certain space on your hard drive. And the faster the hard drive is, the game moves smoother. Hence, for a better gaming experience, you may need to migrate it to a larger SSD or move Hogwarts Legacy from HDD to SSD.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans can help to complete this operation quickly, and at the same time, this tool can ensure that any of your game data will not be damaged during the transfer process. To avoid reinstallation or data loss, EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a good choice.

Here, I list some other topics you may like to learn:

Transfer Hogwarts Legacy to SSD Without Reinstallation FAQs

Reinstalling Hogwarts Legacy can be troublesome, so I list some questions and answers here to help you transfer this game to SSD without reinstallation.

1. Can you move games to SSD without reinstalling?

Of course, you can. There are many utilities helping move games to SSD without reinstalling, such as EaseUS Todo PCTrans. This software can efficiently and safely transfer your games from HDD to SSD or C drive to D drive. Its "App Migration" feature can copy all installed games/programs to another drive.

2. How do I move Steam games from a hard drive to an SSD?

You can move Steam games to SSD efficiently by following the guide below:

Step 1. Download and launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your PC.

Step 2. Choose the target game you are going to transfer and its destination SSD.

Step 3. Initial the process by clicking "Transfer."

3. How do I move a game to another drive without re-downloading it?

You can move games to another drive in many ways. Different games, such as Epic, Blizzard, Origin, and Steam, use different ways. Here I set Steam games as an example. You can transfer Steam games via the Steam Library Manager. Here is how:

Step 1. Download Steam Library Manager from its official website.

Step 2. You can see all games stored in the library in the Steam Library manager's main interface. Choose the target game and drag it to another drive.

Step 3. Finally, head to Task Manager, and click Start to transfer your game to another drive.

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How to Transfer Hogwarts Legacy to SSD Without Reinstallation [2024 New Guide]

Try smart Windows 11 data transfer tool to move all data in 1 click.

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