How to Backup and Restore Google Chrome Bookmarks?

Tracy King posted on Apr 27, 2017 to Computer Instruction | How-to Articles

How to backup, export and restore Google Chrome bookmarks?

"Can I backup my Chrome bookmarks to a local secure location? I'm planing to update Google Chrome into a new version, but don't want to lose my bookmarks. So how can I create bookmark backups?"

"Is it possible to auto-backup saved Google Chrome bookmarks? I often cleaned up the history, cookies and caches on Chrome browser so to speed up the loading speed and responding time. And this may easily remove my bookmarks. Do you know can I automatically save the Chrome bookmarks? How?"

Are you looking for a secure and easy way to backup, export Google Chrome bookmarks? And want to know exact way to restore bookmark backups to the Chrome browser? Relax! Follow to find wanted solutions right now.

Part 1. Backup and export Google Chrome bookmarks

Here in this part, you'll find two methods to free backup and export Google Chrome bookmarks:

Method 1. Manually export Chrome bookmarks

1. Open Google Chrome > Click Customize and Control Google Chrome menu;

Backup Chrome bookmarks.

2. Click Bookmarks > Select Bookmarks manager;

Manually backup Chrome bookmarks.

3.Tab on Organize > Export bookmarks to HTML file;

Export and backup Chrome bookmark html files.

4. Select a location to save the file and click Save.

Save Chrome bookmark backups.

Method 2. Auto-backup Chrome bookmarks

If you don't want to create backup files again and again, you can select free backup and recovery software to auto-backup Chrome bookmarks with simple clicks. You can free download EaseUS Todo Backup Free here to try now. Simple clicks will help you automatically backup Chrome bookmarks:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and then click File Backup;

Backup bookmarks on Chrome.

Step 2. Select Chrome bookmarks by following the below path:

Computer > system (C:) > Users > Username > AppData > Chrome;
Then select a destination to save Chrome bookmarks.

Set destination to save Chrome bookmarks.

Step 3. Click Schedule to set backup frequency to automatically backup Chrome bookmarks;

Set frequency to auto-backup Chrome bookmarks.

Step 4. Click Save and tab on Proceed to execute the auto-backup operation.

Part 2. Restore Chrome bookmark backups to browser

If you manually export Chrome bookmarks, you can follow below tutorial steps to restore them to your Chrome browser:
1. Open Google Chrome > Click Customize and Control Google Chrome menu;
2. Click Bookmarks > Select Bookmarks manager;
3. Tab on Organize > Import bookmarks to HTML file;
4. Choose the HTML document and click Open to finish the process.

If you automatically backed up Chrome bookmarks with EaseUS Todo Backup, you can follow below steps to restore them to Browser:

  1. 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Browser to restore;
  2. 2. Select latest backups of your Chrome bookmarks and choose recovery destination (Desktop for example);
  3. 3. Click Proceed to finish the recovery process;
  4. 4. Then copy the Google Chrome bookmarks html file and paste here: system (C:) /Users/Username/AppData/ Chrome or import the HTML file into Chrome browser;
  5. 5. Relaunch Chrome and then you'll be able to use your backed up Chrome bookmarks again.

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