How to Backup SD Card to OneDrive (PC & Android)

Would you like to back up your SD card? Are you using a PC or a phone? If so, you can easily follow this guide to backup SD card to OneDrive. OneDrive provides sufficient storage to back up all of your files.

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Updated on Feb 26, 2024

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Taking a backup SD card to OneDrive cloud storage is always a safe and secure option to save your important data to avoid accidental deletion or corruption of the SD card. Now the question is how to take a backup from the SD card to OneDrive.

If you are looking for the complete process, you are at the right place. This post from EaseUS will guide you on backing up your SD card to OneDrive. So read the post till the end to get a complete idea.

Why Do You Backup SD Card to OneDrive

Many people are confused about whether they can take backup SD cards to OneDrive. The answer is yes, and it's safe. What's the benefit of backing up an SD card to OneDrive? Let's discuss.

As an external storage device, an SD card is small in size. It has a high risk of physical damage, data loss, and virus infection, which puts all your crucial data at risk, and you may lose it.

That's why people want to take a backup of their SD card to OneDrive, a cloud storage platform. It allows users to safely save their data for further access in case of any mishap to their SD card.

How to Backup SD Card to OneDrive on Different Devices

In this section, we will know how to back up an SD card to OneDrive on different devices. Follow the process below to successfully back up your SD card to OneDrive on other devices.

  1. Case 1. Backup SD Card to OneDrive on Computer
  2. Case 2. Backup SD Card to OneDrive from Android

Case 1. Backup SD Card to OneDrive on Computer

If you want to back up the SD card to OneDrive on your computer, you can do it in two ways. Here we have discussed those two ways; check and follow the exact process below.

Methods Effectiveness Time Required Difficulty Level
EaseUS Todo Backup Very High: Backups entire disks such as files, folders, OS, and partitions/disk  Time-saving, automatic backup within seconds 👍Super Easy
OneDrive Moderate: Only backups files and folders Time-consuming, set up and file selection takes time Medium

Way 1. Using Professional SD Card Backup Software

You can back up your SD card to OneDrive on a computer via cloud backup software. You will need a reliable and user-friendly tool with many features.

Here we will recommend going with the EaseUS Todo Backup Home. It is a multifunctional, easy-to-use backup and recovery tool for Windows 11/10/8/7. Below are some of the crucial features of it:

  • Disk/Partition Backup and Recovery: This tool helps backup disks and partitions so that users can easily access data even after its corruption on their disk or partition.
  • System backup and recovery:  EaseUS Todo Backup securely back up program files, system, and boot partition for further restoration.
  • File backup and recovery: It helps users back up files on external hard drives and separate partitions for complete data protection.
  • AI Smart Backup: The AI intelligent backup feature of EaseUS Todo helps to back up only the used sector of the file system. As a result, it reduces the file size and backup time.
  • Recovery Environment:  It can perform system backup or other backup-restore operations even if the system crashes.
  • Offsite Copy: Backup data to the selected location and auto-copy to FTP for extra insurance.
  • Multipath cloud storage provides: This tool offers backup files to save on cloud storage, USB drives, network shares, and an affordable cloud backup service from EaseUS.
  • Advanced Backup Options:  It offers advanced backup options like incremental and differential backup, encrypted backup, and scheduled backup, etc.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a powerful data backup tool with unique features. We suggest you download this tool from its official website only and use it for a better experience.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use the EaseUS Todo Backup and backup SD card to OneDrive on a computer.

Step 1. To initiate a backup, click the Select backup contents option.

create file backup step1

Step 2. There are four data backup categories, File, Disk, OS, and Mail, click File.

create file backup step2

Step 3. On the left, both local and network files will be shown. You may extend the directory to pick the backup files.

File backup

Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose a location to store the backup.

File backup step4

Click Options to encrypt the backup with a password in Backup Options, then click Backup Scheme to specify the backup schedule and start the backup at a certain event. There are also other additional choices you may choose to tailor the backup process to your requirements.

Backup options

Step 5. The backup may be stored on a local disk, EaseUS' online service, or NAS.

file backup step4

Step 6. EaseUS Todo Backup enables customers to back up data to a third-party cloud drive as well as its own cloud drive.

If you want to back up data to a cloud drive provided by a third party, choose Local Drive, scroll down to add Cloud Device, and then add and log in to your account.

Backup to cloud
You can also choose the EaseUS cloud drive. Sign up for an EaseUS Account, then click EaseUS Cloud and log in.

backup to easeus cloud

Step 7. Click Backup Now to begin the backup process. The backup job will be presented as a card on the left side of the panel after it has been finished. Right-click the backup job to handle it further.

File backup step7

Way 2. Copying Data on SD Card with OneDrive Folder

Step 1. Download and install the OneDrive client on your computer. Log in to it by putting your email id and complete the setup with the on-screen guide.

move to onedrive

Step 2. Access to the OneDrive folder on File Explorer or Finder. Copy and paste the required files to OneDrive or Move to the OneDrive option by right click on selected files from your connected SD card.

file copied to onedrive

Case 2. Backup SD Card to OneDrive from Android

This part will provide the exact steps to back up an SD card to OneDrive from Android.

Step 1. Download and log in to the OneDrive app on your Android device; click the + symbol at the top right side corner of the screen and select Upload.

upload image from sd to onedrive

Step 2. Now click on the horizontal lines on the upper left side of the screen and switch from Recent to Images, videos, etc.

Step 3. Then, locate your SD card's pictures, videos, and other files. Click the vertical ellipsis and select after picking the photos or videos you want to upload.

Step 4. Then, Click Open to save them to the newly created folder.

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To Sum Up

If you are following this post, you must understand the process of how to backup SD card to OneDrive on the computer. We suggest you back up your SD card to OneDrive via EaseUS Todo Backup.

EaseUS Todo Backup is an easy-to-use backup and restore tool for Windows computers, which can help you back up almost everything on your computer. It is suitable for free, home, and business users. Install EaseUS Todo Backup now and have your data secure.

FAQs on Backup SD Card to OneDrive

1. How do I back up my SD card without a computer?

You can easily back up files to Google Drive without a computer. Use your Android phone, and log in to your Google Drive. Select your required files, and tap the send button to upload files on Google Drive as a backup.

2. How to format my SD card on my laptop without losing data?

The formatting process will permanently delete data no matter which software you use. The only way to format and not lose data is to back it up before formatting the drive or SD Card. You can also create an image of the SD card and then format it. The image can restore everything else after the format is complete. 

3. How do I copy my SD card to my hard Drive?

To copy the SD card to your hard drive, follow the below steps

  • Step 1. Open File Explorer, locate, and double-click to open the SD card.
  • Step 2. Press Ctrl + A keys to select all files in the SD card, right-click on them and select Copy.
  • Step 3. Double-click to open the external hard drive, right-click an empty area, and select Paste.

4. Can you transfer the SD card to a flash drive?

You can quickly transfer the SD card data to a flash drive by drag and drop. Make sure the devices are connected and open in the file explorer. You can then select files from the SD card and paste them into the flash drive. If the flash drive has more to almost the same space as the SD card, then the process should complete smoothly. 

EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is a dependable and professional data backup solution capable of backing up files, folders, drives, APP data and creating a system image. It also makes it easy to clone HDD/SSD, transfer the system to different hardware, and create bootable WinPE bootable disks.

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