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Free hard drive data recovery software

Updated on Dec 01, 2017 by Tracy King to Storage Media Recovery


Best free hard disk recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition supports to you to effortlessly recover whatever you lost on hard disk drive, USB, SD etc devices within 3 simple steps. Free download this best free data/file recovery software to recover all your lost data now.

Symptoms of Hard Drive Data Loss:

  • A file or folder was accidentally deleted
  • A file or folder on your hard drive becomes inaccessible due for no apparent reason, or due to virus attack or virus infection
  • Some or all of the partitions have been formatted (e.g., using Fdisk)
  • The system displays the message "NTLDR is missing, Press any key to restart"
  • The partition table is corrupt or damaged for any reason

When you encounter problems above or other data loss circumstances, all you need is a free recovery software. The only precondition is that your hard drive is not damaged physically and the data on the hard drive has not been overwritten. We recommend you use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition.

Download free hard disk data recovery software to recover lost HDD data

EaseUS data recovery software is an advanced free hard drive data recovery software to unformat files and undelete files emptied from Recycle Bin or lost data due to partition loss or damage, software crash, virus infection, unexpected shutdown or any other unknown reasons under Windows. 

You can download this free hard drive data recovery software to have a try. This free hard drive data recovery software can recover 2GB data free of charge. If you need to recover more than 2GB data, you need to upgrade EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition into a pro version.

Recover lost hard disk data with EaseUS hard disk data recovery freeware

Now you can follow the guide below to perform a fast hard drive recovery and efficient data recovery to get back your lost files in simple steps:

Step by Step guide to free restore lost hard disk data with EaseUS hard disk recovery software

Step 1. Launch EaseUS data recovery software, select the hard drive where you want to recover data from and click "Scan" to search for all the lost and existing files.

Select to scan the specific disk with free hard disk data recovery software

Step 2. A quick scan will start first. After it completed, a deep scan will automatically launch in order to find more files.

Run quick scan and deep scan with free hard disk data recovery software

  1. Step 3. After the scan, preview and choose those you want.
  2. Finally, click "Recover" button to retrieve them back.
  3. Here, you'd better save all the recovered files on a different drive or device in case of data recovery failure.

Recover data with free hard disk data recovery software

This amazing software can also recover deleted files after you have emptied the recycle bin, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email, photo, database and more files.

Why deleted or lost hard disk data can be recovered?

When a file is deleted from your computer, its contents aren't immediately destroyed. Windows simply marks the hard drive space as being available for use by changing one character in the file table so that the file entry won't be displayed in My Computer or a command line - DIR command, etc. If you manage to start an undelete process before Windows uses that part of the hard drive to write a new file, all you have to do is set that flag back to "on" and you get the file.

Recover lost files from a formatted hard drive and recover lost files due to software crash, virus infection, other unknown reasons, etc or recover lost data from a drive containing lost or missing partition can all be simply tackled with by using this software.

Whether partition can be recognized by system or not depends on the partition table. If the partition table is destroyed by virus or partition is deleted accidentally, you will not see the partition you need. In fact, the partition is not actually lost. EaseUS hard disk recovery software can all help you fix all these troubles with simple clicks and get all your lost data back.