What Is Exactly an HDD Data Recovery Service

What is exactly a hard drive data recovery service? You may have already heard of it, but let's explore more information about how it is defined. Hard drive data recovery services are an in-depth type of service provided by some professional data recovery companies to help users recover those accidentally or mistakenly lost, deleted, and corrupted hard drive data. This service is especially useful in restoring lost hard drive data from desktops, laptops, and servers.

hard drive repair and data recovery

Many companies could provide this service, and the top six best ones are listed below:

  1. 1. EaseUS Manual Data Recovery Service
  2. 2. Stellar Data Recovery Lab-services
  3. 3. CleverFiles Data Recovery Service
  4. 4. Ontrack Data Recovery Service
  5. 5. Secure Data Recovery Service
  6. 6. We Recover Data Recovery Service

When to Use Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

A data recovery service is very necessary when those significant files and documents are deleted from your hard drives. It is typically used when data recovery software is unable to recover your data, or the files are extremely corrupted.

In real-life situations, you may find that the data stored on the hard drives is suddenly gone after some hard drive-related errors occur. To make matters worse, nothing will be changed even if you have tried multiple solutions and data recovery software. In such a case, it is suggested that you try hard drive data recovery services.

You may also need a reliable hard drive data recovery service if you are experiencing any of the following situations that are likely to cause data loss:

  • System boot errors occur.
  • Lost partitions need to be restored.
  • Data loss due to various situations.
  • The drives are mistakenly formatted.
  • Corrupted RAID or RAW drives need to be repaired.
  • Disk failures are caused by system breakdowns and reboots.

6 Best Data Recovery Services for Hard Drives

Among the numerous hard drive data recovery services provided by different companies, the following six best ones may be the ideal solutions for hard drive data recovery.

1. EaseUS Manual Data Recovery Service

EaseUS Manual Data Recovery Service ranks first among the six best-recommended hard drive data recovery services. It is dedicated to saving and recovering lost data due to various hard drive problems. By using EaseUS Manual Data Recovery Service, you can enjoy remote technical support to recover lost data from hard drives without much effort.

easeus manual data recovery service

Highlights of EaseUS Manual Data Recovery Service:

  • Recover lost partitions and HHD/RAID data.
  • Offer a free diagnosis before providing services.
  • Data loss problems are caused by various situations.
  • Help recover data at both your own home and workplace.
  • Provide cost-effective one-on-one technical support remotely.
  • Repair an unbootable OS/damaged RAW drive/virtual disk file.
  • Support for easy and convenient connection via TeamViewer software.

Steps to obtain EaseUS Manual Data Recovery Service:

Step 1. Clearly state your problems with EaseUS experts through LiveChat or [email protected].

Step 2. Wait for the free diagnosis for your device after the appointment.

Step 3. Get the quotation for service after diagnosis via remote connection.

EaseUS RAID Data Recovery Services

Click here to contact our experts for a free evaluation

Consult with EaseUS data recovery experts for one-on-one manual recovery service. We could offer the following services after FREE diagnosis. Our decades-experienced engineers are knowledgeable and can repair the damaged RAID structure and restore data from all RAID levels.

  • Restore data from all RAID levels, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, etc.
  • Recover data from enterprise RAIDs such as QNAP, Synology, WD, Buffalo, etc.
  • Retrieve lost RAID data caused by any issues
  • Fix disks that become GPT protected partitions
  • Recover data from RAID remotely, no need to ship

2. Stellar Data Recovery Lab-services

URL: https://www.stellarinfo.com/services/data-recovery.php

As a leading supplier of data recovery services, Stellar provides professional data recovery services when data recovery software is unable to address those complicated data loss problems. The Stellar Data Recovery Lab services provided by it allow users to get technical help to restore the missing data from one of the Stellar Data Recovery Labs.

stellar data recovery lab services

Highlights of Stellar Data Recovery Lab-services:

  • Recover HHD/SSD/Servers data.
  • Diagnose errors without charging any fees.
  • Restore data from Android and iOS systems.
  • Allow users to decide the lead time for data recovery.
  • Repair failed drives on Windows/Mac and recover data.
  • Offer free transport with DHL Express Service to the Stellar Data Recovery Labs

3. CleverFiles Data Recovery Service

URL: https://www.cleverfiles.com/data-recovery-center.html

The data recovery center by CleverFiles has hired and trained a group of professionals who are experienced in data recovery to offer top-quality data recovery services for users. When you find you cannot scan and retrieve the lost data on your own, the data recovery service provided by this company can be pretty helpful. You are allowed to send the damaged or faulty drive to its labs and just wait for it to be repaired and the data stored on it to be recovered.

clever files recovery service

Highlights of CleverFiles Data Recovery Service:

  • Repair damaged drives.
  • Recover data from broken drives.
  • Charge no fees without data recovery.
  • Restore data even from dead drives.
  • Address various physical damages, even the most gruesome ones.

4. Ontrack Data Recovery Service

URL: https://www.ontrack.com/en-hk/data-recovery

As one of the largest data recovery companies in the world, Ontrack also provides data recovery services for customers from different places. It offers a lot of help in recovering lost files and documents from different devices, including PCs, mobile devices, RAID, NAS, servers, etc. In order to provide better data recovery service, Ontrack has employed a number of experienced engineers to deal with a wide range of data recovery issues.

ontrack data recovery service

Highlights of Ontrack Data Recovery Service:

  • The success rate reaches 98%.
  • Use proprietary tools and techniques to recover data.
  • Return already fixed hard drives via next-day delivery.
  • Provide free diagnosis and evaluation within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Offer free phone consultations and the most cost-effective solutions.
  • Recover data from numerous devices, including HDD, NAS, CCTV DVR, etc.

5. Secure Data Recovery Service

URL: https://www.securedatarecovery.com/

With advanced tools and innovative techniques, Secure Data Recovery company has launched a data recovery service since 2007 and reaches a success rate of 96%. It has been certified to the SSAE 16 Type II standard and offers users Standard (4-9 days), Expedited (2-4 days), 24/7 Emergency (48 hours), and RAID server emergency services.

secure data recovery service

Highlights of Secure Data Recovery Service:

  • Reach a success rate of 96%.
  • Offer data recovery consultation 24x7.
  • Provide free evaluation and problem diagnosis.
  • Own a bunch of professional engineers and advanced technology.
  • Offer data recovery services for almost all of the widely used devices and systems.

6. We Recover Data Recovery Service

URL: https://www.werecoverdata.com/

We Recover Data, as a global leader, is one of the few businesses that invest in data recovery research and development. Due to its state-of-the-art techniques and high level of expertise, it offers a data recovery service that suits a wide range of storage media and devices, such as hard drives, tapes, memory cards, etc.

we recover data recovery service

Highlights of We Recover Data Recovery Service:

  • Provide 24/7 Emergency Service.
  • located in different cities around the globe.
  • Recover data in a relatively short time.
  • Charge no fees if data recovery is not successful.
  • Recover data for Personal/Enterprises/Government/Healthcare organizations.

How Much Does an HDD Data Recovery Service Cost

Most data recovery companies will charge you for the services they provide for repairing damaged devices and recovering lost or deleted data. What you can do is to compare the prices of these data recovery services and select a rather cost-effective one according to your budget and expected prices.

The table below may offer some help for you to compare the costs of the top six data recovery services mentioned above:

Data Recovery Service Problem diagnosis and evaluation HDD repair and data recovery
EaseUS Manual Data Recovery Service Free Quotation based on services
Stellar Data Recovery Lab-services Free

Quotation based on services

20% Student Discount provided

CleverFiles Data Recovery Service Free

Quotation based on services


Ontrack Free Quotation based on services
Secure Data Recovery Service Free Quotation based on services
We Recover Data Recovery Service Free Quotation based on services

According to the above table, it is apparent that most of the data recovery services are charged based on the specific services you need. Therefore, to save your costs, it is suggested that you use data recovery software to offer a free trial first.

EaseUS free data recovery software may be a good choice for you to cut down costs since it offers a free trial of 2 GB for data recovery. It functions well in recovering permanently lost files from devices like hard drives, USBs, SD cards, mobile phones, etc.

 Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7%
 Download for Mac Trustpilot Rating 4.7

Here is the full guide to using EaseUS data recovery software to help recover lost or deleted data from hard drives:

Step 1. Scan the hard drive partition

Select the drive on your hard disk where you lost or deleted files. Click "Scan" and let EaseUS data recovery software scan for all lost data and files on the selected drive.

select a location and scan hard drive

Step 2. Check the results

When the scan completes, you can apply the "Filter" feature or click the "Search files or folders" option to find the lost files on the hard drive.

Find and preview all lost hard drive data

Step 3. Restore lost hard drive data

Select wanted files that you lost on the drive and click "Recover" to save them to another location.

Restore lost hard drive data.

Additional Tips: Select the Most Appropriate Hard Drive Service

Selecting the most appropriate hard drive service is a good foundation for the success of recovering lost data. To choose a hard drive service that suits you most, you need to consider the following factors:

Availability: The first factor that you should consider is whether the data recovery service is available in your region. If it is not accessible in the place where you live, it may greatly increase the cost of data recovery.

Success Rate: Not all the data will be completely recovered after the hard drive is repaired. Therefore, to increase the possibility of restoring data from damaged drives, you should pay attention to the success rate of those data recovery companies.

Guarantees: Before choosing a data recovery service, it's better to check whether it has a "No Data, No Charge" guarantee or refund policy. This could help you avoid the situation in which you spend money and get nothing.

Technology: It's no doubt that even the most serious data loss problems have a chance to be well addressed with advanced technology and tools. Thus, it is recommended that you choose companies with sophisticated techniques to ensure the efficiency of data recovery.

Customer reviews: Customer reviews are also a very good reference. Before you select a data recovery service, you can review the customer's feedback. Some of their problems may be similar to yours. If they are satisfied with the service, then it may deserve a trial.


Next time you encounter a hard drive data recovery problem, you may choose one of the six best data recovery services for help. However, these data recovery services are not free. If you want to lower the cost of recovering lost files and documents from hard drives, it is suggested that you use EaseUS data recovery software to enjoy the 5 GB free trial for data recovery.

 Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7%
 Download for Mac Trustpilot Rating 4.7

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