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Magic Western Digital Hard Disk Formatting And Partitioning Software

Updated on Dec 04, 2018 by Daisy to Partition Master

The best free Western Digital hard drive formatting and partitioning software can help format WD drives in NTFS, FAT32, EXT2, EXT3 as well as manage WD partitions in a more flexible way Whether you want to create, resize, move, copy, merge, wipe partitions, or recover lost, deleted or hidden WD partitions, you can use it to do it.

How to Manage Your WD Hard Drive with EaseUS Partition Master

If you purchased a new WD hard drive, you might need further customization, like creating partitions (logical or primary) on it or migrating OS from the old drive. While if the WD drive you've been using stores some critical information, you may want to copy partitions to other drives for backup or resize partitions, merge two partitions into one, format partitions to fit operating system, delete less frequently used partitions, or even wipe WD disk for a risk-free abandonment. All in all, any management of the WD hard drive and external hard drive can be done with EaseUS Partition Master, which is currently one of the highest ranked Western Digital hard drive partitioning utility in the market.

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 Windows 10 is supported

It's a lightweight Windows application which gains extensive popularity among users and it's intuitive, user-friendly, non-destructive. Let's see how easily you can use the free partition manager, for instance, to format WD partitions to NTFS, FAT32, EXT2, or EXT3. (When you set the cluster size in step 2, you'd better know that a smaller cluster size makes less wasting of the disk space.)


Step 1: Run EaseUS Partition Master, right-click the hard drive partition you intend to format and choose "Format".

Format Hard Drive Partition - Step 1

Step 2: In the new window, set the Partition label, File system (NTFS/FAT32/EXT2/EXT3), and Cluster size for the partition to be formatted, then click "OK".

Format Hard Drive Partition - Step 2

Step 3: Then you will see a warning window, click "OK" in it to continue.

Format Hard Drive Partition - Step 3

Step 4: Click the "Execute Operation" button in the top-left corner to review the changes, then click "Apply" to start formatting the partition on your hard drive.

Format Hard Drive Partition - Step 4

EaseUS Partition Master includes an exclusive function. It enables WD partition recovery caused by any careless and improper operation like deleting, formatting and hiding the partition.

Why Windows Disk Management Is Not Recommended

In fact, the Windows built-in Disk Management meets the basic needs of management a hard drive, but with too many restrictions. It allows WD users to extend, shrink, delete and format volumes only, and even sometimes it's unavailable in those functions.

Since it's a built-in application, it's reliable. If your WD hard drive needs more management beyond the capability of Windows Disk Management, don't hesitate to download EaseUS Partition Master Free, the magic Western Digital hard drive formatting, and partitioning software.