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M.2 Temperature Monitor | How to Check M.2 Temperature [Step-by-Step]

Do you know the normal M.2 temperature and how to check M.2 temperature? This passage will tell you everything about M.2 temperature monitor and you can protect your computer and drives better.

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Updated on Apr 22, 2024

M.2 is an SSD or solid-state drives form factor. It is small in size and faster when compared to conventional SSDs. Apart from being faster, it also takes up less space and thus is being used in gaming laptops. Most people may be curious about can SSD overheat and have this confusion when it comes to M.2 temperature:

I can't find anything concerning m.2 temps in Asus BIOS and I have seen people say that it is measured in voltage. Is there any program or way I can see what temp my m.2 is? - from Reddit

M.2 temperature refers to the temperature range the form factor can tolerate while performing efficiently. In this article, we will discuss the m.2 temperature monitor and learn more about the matter!

What Temp Should an M.2 Be

The average temperature range for an M.2 is around 35-40°C. In case of a heavy workload, it stretches to around 60-70°C. In fact, it is normal for M.2 SDDs to get hotter compared to SATA. Overheating of your M.2 is a cause for concern. Several issues can arise when there is an increase in the temperature range.

  • High heat cycles lead to a reduction in the overall device performance. 
  • Overheating can also lead to data loss, slow loading speed, and data corruption.
  • Another aspect that overheating affects is the longevity of the system.

Warranties do not cover heat damages. That is why the M.2 temperature monitor is of immense importance. Otherwise, you would find yourself forking out more money for another M.2

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M.2 Temperature Monitor: How to Check M.2 Temperature

To ensure the health of M.2, monitoring its temperature is necessary. Here, we have discussed two solutions you can follow to keep an eye on the M.2 temperature. 

Way 1. Check M.2 Temperature via EaseUS Partition Master

Are you worried about the M.2 temperature? In that case, there's an easy solution! EaseUS Partition Master is a great tool to monitor M.2 temperature. It is a professional and user-friendly software allowing users to check and optimize disk performance. 

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Take a look at how you can use EaseUS Partition Master to monitor M.2 temperature.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and click the blue arrow to activate the "Disk Health" feature under the "Discovery" section.

click the bule arrow

Step 2. Select the target disk and click the "Refresh" button. Then, you can see the health condition of your disk.

choose the target disk

Besides checking the M.2 temperature, the tool also offers other features:

Haven't you used EaseUS Partition Master? What are you waiting for? Check out this reliable program today!

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Way 2. Check M.2 Temperature via Manage Disks and Volumes

Another way to check M.2 temperature is by using the Manage Disks and Volumes feature. It is vital to monitor the temperature range to prevent the degradation of the M.2. Take a look at the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Go to Start and click on Settings. 

Step 2: Select System. Click on Storage. Now, select Manage Disks and Volumes. 

manage disks

Step 3: You need to search the drive whose temperature you want to view. Click on the arrow button. 

Step 4: Click on Properties. Go to Drive health and check the temperature. 

check temperature


Knowing how to check M.2 temperate is of utmost importance. There are two different ways you can monitor the temperature. Firstly, you can use the Manage Disks & Volumes feature. Another way is to opt for EaseUS Partition Master. 

The EaseUS Partition Master is a professional, user-friendly, and reliable tool to check M.2 temperature. You can also use the tool to resize partitions, back up data, and much more! Download this software and check it out now!

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FAQs About M.2 Temperature Monitor

Checking the M.2 temperature at periodic intervals is essential. To attain more knowledge on the matter, read the questions and answers listed below -

1. How do I check my m 2 SSD temp?

To check your M.2 SSD temperature, go to Windows Settings. After that, navigate to Manage Disks and Volumes. You will come across the a of storage devices. Choose the drive you want and select Properties to see the temperature.

2. How hot is too hot for SSD?

Most SSDs have a tolerance to a temperature range of 0- 70ºC. Anything more than this can cause overheating. However, the parameters are different for industrial-grade SSDs. In that case, the temperature range is -40-85ºC. Higher temperatures can cause decreased performance and potentially permanent damage to the drive.

3. Can an M.2 SSD overheat?

Yes, an M.2 SSD can overheat. It is vital to understand that the speed of M.2 SSDs is higher than traditional SSDs. As such, they are prone to frequent overheating. Overheating can cause thermal throttling, which slows down the SSD to prevent further heat damage.

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