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Solve Windows 10 Low Disk Space Warning for Free

Updated on May 30, 2018 by Daisy to Partition Manager

Receive a low disk warning message after upgrading to Windows 10? EaseUS partition freeware is a good disk partition management tool that can easily resize Windows 10 partition and solve low disk space on c drive problem.

A Low Disk Space Error can occur when there is little space left on your hard disk.


You will receive the low disk space warning with a pop up style error message. This message comes out every few seconds which is really doing nothing more than trying to get you to deal with the issue.


As its name suggests, low disk space means the hard disk is running out of disk space, especially when you do a Windows 10 upgrade you will be likely to receive low disk space warning on C drive. You have two choices, one is to change to another new and bigger disk. The other one is to re-organize the disk space. Of course, you also can get some Windows 10 disk cleanup tool to remove those junk files that eat up the disk space.


This error message will continue to pop up until you deal with it. So what is the most efficient way to solve this problem, especially you want to upgrade to Windows 10, but there is not enough disk space in C drive?

If you plan to upgrade to Windows 10 and do not want to change the hard disk,  you will need free partition software, like EaseUS Partition Master Free.

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 Windows 10 is supported

What can free disk partition software do for you?

  • 1. It can easily resize/move partitions as well as merge partitions when suffering from low disk space problem and keep all data intact.
  • 2. It can convert MBR to GPT disk and vise versa without deleting any partitions.
  • 3. It has more powerful functions than Windows built-in disk management tool.

How to solve low disk space problem in Windows 10 with EaseUS Partition Master Free?

1. If your C drive only has a little space and need to get extra space. First, you can use the partition software to shrink the drive behind C. After getting the disk space, then you can extend C drive

Solve low disk space problem

2. Use Resize/Move function to extend the C drive. After this, the low disk space problem can be easily solved.

Extend C drive