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Deleted Data Recovery from Emptied Trash Bin on Mac OS X

Updated on Dec 14, 2017 by Daisy to Mac File Recovery


This article provides Mac data recovery software to help you recover deleted or lost files after emptied Mac Trash Bin. Follow to see how to recover deleted files on Mac from Trash Bin, hard drive, USB or other storage devices with ease now.

Overview of Mac deleted file recovery

Can iPhotos be found once deleted in Trash Bin? How can I get emptied data back from the Mac Trash? According to a survey which is displayed as a photographic below, among all the possible reasons for unexpected data loss disaster, intentional action like accidental deletion and hard drive formatting is the most common one. That's why so many Mac users attempt to find a solution to recover deleted files from emptied trash bin on Mac OS X. 

Scan the hard drive to find files deleted from emptied trash bin on Mac OS X

In Mac Operating System, Trash Bin is the area where stored all the deleted files for Mac data recovery in case you erased a wrong file. Since the junk files in Mac Trash Bin would take a certain space on Mac hard drive and most users don't want to keep too many junk files on Mac. This is why you emptied your Mac Trash Bin, but later you may sadly find that you get the important file or document deleted by mistake. That's one of the top reasons for data loss on Mac.

How to recover deleted files from emptied trash bin on Mac OS X?

Initially, when you deleting a file, it will be stored in Trash which is present on your Mac system at the right-hand end of the Dock. Here you can easily restore the deleted file at any time until you empty the trash bin. Once the Mac Trash Bin is emptied, it's impossible for you to find the emptied files again.

At this point, you'll need a third-party Mac data recovery software to get deleted data from emptied Trash Bin back. You can try the one from EaseUS Software, a company enjoys high reputation in data backup & recovery. The program will offer you an all-in-one solution for Mac deleted recovery for restoring deleted or emptied data from Mac Trash Bin under all Mac OS X.

Step 1. Select the location where your important data & files were deleted and click Scan button.

select the location where data was deleted and click scan

Step 2. The software will run both quick scan and deep scan and work hard to find as many deleted files as possible on the selected volume.

scan the selected disk to find deleted files on your Mac

Step 3. The scan results will be displayed in the left pane. Just select the file(s) and click Recover Now button to get them back.

click recover now button to recover deleted files on your Mac

Try EaseUS Mac data recovery software, and you will find undeleting data from emptied trash bin on Mac OS X is pretty easy. With its powerful data recovery capacity, you can also get back files and data lost due to hard disk formatting, hardware failure, system crash, virus attack, etc. Next part introduces why deleted data is recoverable, you can read if you want to learn more about it.

Why is it possible to recover deleted files on Mac?

Whenever you deleting a file, you just remove the entry of the file from hard drive directory instead of the file itself. Then, the space is marked as free and available for new data. At this moment, you can find and get back the lost data with EaseUS data recovery software if you want. The software is available for all the below occasions.

  • Accidentally deleted files from trash or emptied the trash bin.
  • Completely deleted files by using "Shift + Del" button.
  • Deleted files by choosing "Empty Trash" option from Finder menu.
  • Drag files to the Trash and restart the computer.