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How to Add Space to C Drive to Increase C Drive Space

Updated on Mar 28, 2018 by Daisy to Partition Master

System partition is in low disk space? Don’t worry! This page tells you how to add space to C drive to increase C drive space using EaseUS partition software in simple clicks.

Why do you need to add space to C drive?

Case 1: "I have a 18GB disk drive that has been split into partitions: C: and D:. C: has about 4GB and D: has about 14GB. However, my C: drive is running out of space. How can I add space to C drive from D?"

Case 2: "I am running windows 2000 server, the C: Drive is only a 4 GB partition and 60GB on its D: Drive. How can I increase C drive space so I can do Windows updates and install a program?"

Case 3: "Well when I reformatted my computer I ended up making 2 partitions. I realized how useless the second one was so I deleted it. How can I now add space to C drive?"

What is the best solution to increase C drive space?

For average users who know little about disk management, how to add space to C drive is not an easy task. In fact, there are two solutions: increase space in C drive with Disk Management and EaseUS partition software. But which one is the best? We recommend you the latter one. Why? It is true that Windows built-in Disk Management tool can add space to C drive. But the precondition is that there must be continuous space behind C drive. Otherwise, you cannot increase C drive space with it, as Windows Vista, Windows 2008 or Windows 7 Disk Management cannot move the partition to let continuous space behind the C drive which you want to extend. For this reason, we prefer the much easier way increase C drive space with a magic partition manager, EaseUS partition software. It can help you do this job in simple steps without data loss.

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 Windows 10 is supported

Steps to add space to C drive with EaseUS partition software

EaseUS Partition Master can add space to C drive with simple operations by its "Resize/Move partition" feature. Want to extend system partition (C: drive)? Just follow the steps below.

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master.

When there is unallocated space behind the system partition (C: drive), you only need two steps to add space to system C drive partition:

2. Right click the system partition and choose "Resize/Move partition" to extend it.

Choose Resize/Move partition option to add space to C drive

3. Click "Apply" to save all changes.

When there is no unallocated space behind the system C drive partition, you need to add one step before extending it:

Shrinking the partition behind C: to make unallocated space by using "Resize/Move partition". After this operation, you can use the method mentioned above to finish adding space to system partition safely.

Besides Partition Manager, EaseUS Partition Master provides Partition Recovery and Disk and Partition Copy features.