Windows Server Backup Location Recommendations

Backup is an essential strategy to prevent data loss. But where should you store the backup data? Consider using EaseUS Todo Backup, which provides you with the perfect backup destination and optimal backup performance.

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Updated by Gap on Dec 19, 2023

Choosing the optimal backup location is a crucial consideration when backing up your Windows Server. Selecting an appropriate destination for your backup files is essential to guarantee the safety and accessibility of your data in the event of system failure, hardware malfunction, or other errors occur.

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Numerous devices, including hard disks and tapes, can serve as backup storage. This article will investigate various backup location options and provide a secure method for backing up your Windows Server to any location. This is made possible with the tool EaseUS Todo Backup, equipped with features that back up data and allow data saving to any desired location. Please refer to the following steps to back up your Windows Server and choose the ideal location to save it.

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Backup to Local Disks

Local disks are a popular choice for storing backup data due to their ease of accessibility and sense of security. EaseUS Todo Backup offers a convenient option for creating backup tasks for your desired data, with local disks as one of the available storage destinations. 
To execute this process, follow these steps: 
Firstly, click on New Task to create a backup task. 
Next, select the specific data that you wish to protect. Here we select System Backup for Windows Server backup. 
Finally, choose the destination by clicking on Browse.. and selecting a local disk as the storage path.

backup your windows server and save the data to local disks

Backup to Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a commonly used storage device for businesses. With EaseUS Todo Backup, you can easily use a NAS as your data storage destination. As long as your computers are connected to the same network as the NAS, the software can easily detect and save the backup data on NAS.

backup your windows server and save the data to nas

Backup to Tapes

Some users still prefer to use mainstream tapes such as LTO and DAT to save their data. EaseUS Todo Backup supports saving backup data to LTO3 tapes. Before starting the backup, it is important to ensure that the tape drive is installed correctly and has sufficient capacity.
To create a backup task, select the desired data and select Tape Device as the destination and choose the tape drive from the list of available options.

backup windows server and save the data to tapes

Backup to Storage Server

Before transferring data to the storage server, make sure that your device is connected to the storage server via the network using a connection method such as FTP.
Additionally, EaseUS Todo Backup features the Offsite Copy option, which automatically duplicates backup data to an FTP server, providing better protection for your data. You can find the Offsite Copy option in the Backup options

backup windows server and save data to storage server

Backup to Cloud

Except above on-premise destinations, storing your backup data on the cloud is also recommended. EaseUS Todo Backup supports popular cloud storage platforms, including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and EaseUS Cloud. After setting up a backup task, select Cloud Device as the destination and choose your preferred cloud service.

backup windows server and save data to cloud

Backup to Virtual Machine

If you depend heavily on a virtual machine, system replication can be an effective backup strategy. By transferring your Windows Server system to a virtual machine, you can store your data there. In the event of a primary system failure, the replicated virtual machine can be activated, thereby minimizing further data loss.

Recover Backup Data with EaseUS Todo Backup

Once you need to access the backup data, the Recovery function in EaseUS Todo Backup is readily available to assist. Ensure that the storage media is connected to your computer. Then, select the completed backup task, and click Recovery to easily restore your data.

recover windows server backup data easily


Choosing the right backup location for your Windows Server is vital for data protection and business continuity. With EaseUS Todo Backup, backing up your selected Windows Server data becomes easy and you can store it at any preferred destination. In conclusion, with its robust, comprehensive features, EaseUS Todo Backup proves to be the most cost-efficient and reliable tool.

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Windows Server Backup Location FAQs

1. Does Windows Server have backup software?
Yes, Windows Server includes built-in backup software called "Windows Server Backup". This software allows you to create and manage backups of your server's data, including files, folders, volumes, and system state. It provides options for performing full, incremental, or differential backups, and supports backup scheduling and retention policies.

2. Does Windows backup save all files?
By default, Windows Backup in Windows Server does not save all files on the system. It primarily focuses on backing up critical system files, user data, and system state components required for bare-metal recovery. However, Windows Backup allows you to specify additional files, folders, or volumes to include in the backup. You can customize your backup settings to include the specific files and folders you want to back up, such as documents, settings, or application data.

3. How often should you back up Windows Server?
Full backups store all the systems and files within the system, or they store selected systems and files as defined by the system/data owner. Companies should perform these on a regular basis, such as once a week, and they should also consider backups when a major change to the IT infrastructure occurs.

4. What is the difference between syncing files and file Backup?
Backup is automatically or manually duplicating files from one source to another device, while Synchronization is to exist at two different locations at the same time. In syncing, when you delete data from one location or address, it will be also deleted from another location.

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