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Are you looking for a way to transfer data from PC to Mac? Is there any tool you can download for free? This page will offer you a migration assistant PC to Mac along with a full guide.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans

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Switching from Windows to macOS can be intimidating for a longtime Windows user. Moving your data from a Windows PC to a Mac may seem a complex task since they are based on different operating systems, software, and file structures.

However, with the right tool, you can migrate everything to a Mac with ease. In this article from EaseUS, you can get a reliable and powerful migration assistant PC to Mac with a friendly interface and compatibility.

Migration Assistant PC to Mac Download

With the new update, EaseUS Todo PCTrans is bringing a new feature that can transfer files between Windows PC and Mac. Instead of finding out the edition of your macOS and downloading the corresponding Windows Migration Assistant, this tool offers comprehensive compatibility and functions, allowing you to complete the transition easily and efficiently.

You can click the blue button below to download the file transfer tool and enjoy its convenience.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

What Can EaseUS Todo PCTrans Do

As one of the best cross-platform migration software, EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional provides multiple data transfer modes for you to choose from, as per your needs. Below is a list of its main features and details:

  • Supports transfer of documents, pictures, videos, music, compressed files, emails, etc., between Windows PC and Mac.
  • Provides a safe, fast, stable, and convenient large file transfer
  • Uninstall programs from your PC completely, along with residual files
  • Scan large files on drives and allow you to move/delete them
  • Move programs between hard drives on Windows
  • High compatibility: works for all Windows versions 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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How to Use EaseUS Todo PCTrans to Migrate Data from PC to Mac

In this section, we will offer you a user guide to EaseUS Todo PCTrans. This fast file transfer software can help you perform data migration between two different operating systems with a few simple clicks. Now, follow the steps below to transfer your data from Windows to Mac:

Step 1. Open EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both of your computers. Choose "PC to PC" to go to the next step.

Step 2. Make sure you have chosen the right transfer direction.

"New" - Move data from old computer to current new computer.

"Old" - Move data from current old n computer to remote new computer.

Transfer files from PC to PC - step 1

Step 3. Connect two PCs via the network by entering the password or verification code of the target PC. Besides, make sure you have chosen the right transfer direction and click "Connect" to continue.

The verification code is on the right top of the "PC to PC" main screen on the target computer.

Transfer files from PC to PC - step 2

Step 4. Then, choose "Files" to select files to transfer. Select the specific files as you want. What's more, you can click the Edit icon to customize the storage path for transferred data.

Transfer files from PC to PC - step 1

Step 5. Now, click "Transfer" to begin to transfer files from PC to PC. The size of the file determines the transfer time. Wait patiently.

Transfer files from PC to PC - step 5

Even if the file is too large or the quantity is too much, you can use this reliable tool to achieve data transfer between Windows PC and Mac. This tool has no restrictions on file types, so you can transfer various files without any concern. Download it now to acquire its unparalleled features.

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Final Words

Although Windows and macOS are two different operating systems, this page offers a powerful tool that makes data transfer from PC to Mac no longer complex. EaseUS Todo PCTrans allows users to migrate files between two different operating systems with its newly added feature. Various files are supported to transfer from PC to Mac or from Mac to PC.

With its clear interface, various reliable features, and detailed guide in this article, you can complete the file migration between two devices safely and efficiently.

Migration Assistant PC to Mac FAQs

1. Is it difficult to migrate from Windows to Mac?

Migrating data from Windows to Mac is not complicated if you use an appropriate tool. As one of the best cross-system migration assistants, EaseUS Todo PCTrans has a user-friendly interface and reliable features to transfer files from Windows to Mac.

2. Why is the Migration Assistant taking so long?

The time required for transferring files between two computers depends on the quantity and total size of your files, network speed, and the tool itself. If you find the process is too slow or Windows Migration Assistant not working, you can resort to a third-party alternative like EaseUS Todo PCTrans to finish the job.

3. What does Windows Migration Assistant transfer?

Windows Migration Assistant supports the transfer of basic files, contacts, email accounts, calendars, and so on from your Windows PC to your Mac.

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Migration Assistant PC to Mac Download Free | With Guide

Try smart Windows 11 data transfer tool to move all data in 1 click.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7