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How to Reset Samsung Laptop Without Password - Tutorial

Looking for how to reset Samsung laptop without password? Here is your place to be. Read this passage and follow the steps to reset your Samsung laptop.

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Updated on Jul 05, 2024

Some Samsung laptop users might need to reset their computer when it starts to slow down, show errors, or become unbootable. Performing a reset can also help clean their data before selling it to others. However, things can get tricky when you forget your Samsung laptop password when logging in. You will not be able to access your device if you are locked out and don't know how to reset it.

If you are troubled by this problem, calm down. On this EaseUS page, we will provide straightforward and effective ways to help you reset the Samsung laptop even when you forget the password. Let's get started.

How to Reset Samsung Laptop without Password

Are you trying to access your Samsung laptop to reset it, but you do not remember the password? In this section, we will walk you through several methods to solve the problem. Follow the guide to reset your Samsung laptop.

Fix 1. Turn to a Password Reset Tool - EaseUS Partition Master

IT professionals can easily apply the methods for resetting a laptop. If you do not have the confidence to master the computing skills, we recommend you unlock your Samsung laptop before you reset it. The following section will guide you through the process.

Stage 1. Unlock Samsung Laptop

To tackle this issue more easily and quickly, you can turn to the password reset tool. EaseUS Partition Master Professional is a user-friendly reset password tool. You don't need to master complicated computing skills to use it. With the advanced feature of "Password Reset", you can directly replace your forgotten password with a new one. This is achieved with a bootable USB, so you need to prepare one in advance. All you need to do is download the software and follow the instructions.

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Get your USB ready and follow the steps to see how to unlock a locked computer:

💡Note: The data on your USB will be erased during the resetting process. Get a backup if it is not brand new.

Step 1. Insert the target USB disk into the computer, download and run EaseUS Partition Master, and click "Toolkit" > "Password Reset."

click password reset feature

Step 2. A small window will pop up. After reading it carefully, click "Create".

click create

Step 3. Select the correct USB flash drive or external mobile hard disk and click "Create" again. Wait patiently. After the password reset USB flash drive is created, click "Finish."

create bootable disk

Step 4. Remove the password reset USB, insert it into the locked PC, and restart. You will be asked to change the boot drive to boot the PC from USB. Once completed, the system will automatically boot from USB.

Step 5. After restarting, find EaseUS Partition Master again and go to "Password Reset." All accounts on the PC will be displayed in the interface; click on the target account and check "Reset & Unlock."

select the correct account

Step 6. When you receive this prompt, click "Confirm" to continue. Your password will be erased.

confirm the action

EaseUS Partition Master has a user-friendly interface. All levels of users can apply it to fix the password issue. Apart from unlocking your Samsung laptop, it can help you deal with other problems, such as:

You are welcome to download this reliable tool to explore various features.

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Stage 2. Reset Samsung Laptop from Settings

After working out the password, you can get access to your Samsung Laptop. Then, you can start to reset it. Microsoft has a built-in reset tool in Windows 10 and Windows 11. You can use the Reset This PC tool to factory reset PC.

Here is a guide for you:

Step 1. Choose "Settings" from the start menu.

Step 2. Choose one based on your operating system:

  • On Windows 10, select "Update & Security".
  • On Windows 11, select "System".

Step 3. Choose "Recovery" from the menu.

choose recovery

Step 4. From the "Reset This PC" menu:

  • On Windows 10, select "Get started".
  • On Windows 11, select "Reset PC".

choose reset pc

Step 5. A window will open and provide two options for you.

Choose "Keep my files" (only remove apps and reset Windows) or "Remove everything" according to your needs.

choose option for reset

Step 6. Another window will open and provide two more options.

  • Cloud download: An Internet connection is required to install the latest version of Windows.
  • Local reinstall: It does not require an Internet connection as it uses your current version of Windows.

Step 7. Click "Next" to proceed when the window showing your chosen settings pops up.

Step 8. Click "Reset" to confirm.

The process can take you minutes to hours, depending on several factors, such as your laptop performance. After the process is complete, your Windows setup will begin. Then, your resetting completes.

If you find this method helpful, please share it with others who need to reset their laptops.


Fix 2. Reset Your Samsung Laptop from the Login Screen

This approach allows you to reset your Samsung laptop from the login screen. Technically, you don't need to use the password to achieve this.

Here are the steps for you:

Step 1. Turn on your Samsung laptop.

Step 2. Hold "Shift" and click "Restart". Then, your laptop will enter "Advanced Startup".

Step 3. Choose "Troubleshoot" from the window.

chosse troubleshoot

Step 4. Select "Reset this PC" from the Troubleshoot menu.

Step 5. A new window will provide two options for you, choose "Keep my files" or "Remove everything" according to your needs.

This is a straightforward way for you to reset your Samsung laptop even when you can't log in. After the process, you can customize your Samsung laptop later.

If you encounter some problems, click the buttons to get help:

Fix 3. Factory Reset Samsung Laptop with Samsung Recovery

Samsung Laptops are installed with a built-in utility called Samsung Recovery to perform a reset. You can factory reset your device with it.

Follow the guide to reset your laptop:

Step 1. Press F4 several times until the Samsung Recovery screen pops up.

Step 2. Select "Computer factory reset" from the menu you see.

open samsung recovery

Step 3. You will see a warning saying that your data will be lost. Select "Start factory reset" to continue.

Step 4. Click "OK" when the confirmation message appears. Wait for the process to complete.

After the reset is complete, your Samsung laptop will restart. Then, you can access your laptop and create a new password if you want.


Forgetting the password and failing to access your Samsung laptop can be a big headache when you want to reset it. Luckily, there are solutions to fix this problem. You can choose a suitable one from the methods discussed in this article. EaseUS Partition Master can help unlock your Samsung laptop and bring it back to work much more easily and quickly. You are welcome to download and try.

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FAQs about How to Reset Samsung Laptop without Password

In the following section, we provide some frequently asked questions regarding this topic. If you have further queries, continue to read and find out the answer.

1. How do I reset my Samsung laptop with a USB?

You can create a bootable USB with EaseUS Partition Master before. Then, you can follow the guide:

Step 1. Insert your USB into the locked Samsung laptop.  

Step 2. Boot your Samsung laptop from the USB. Hit "Next" after choosing the language & other preferences.

Step 3. Click on "Install Now" > enter the product key > accept the license terms > Click "Next".

Step 4. Select the partition to install Windows. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete resetting.

2. How do I factory reset my Samsung laptop?

You can use the Samsung Recovery to perform the task.

Here is what you should do:

Step 1. Press the Power button to turn your laptop on, and press F4 several times to prompt Samsung Recovery.

Step 2. In the repair screen, click on "Computer factory reset".

Step 3. Hit "Start factory reset" and hit "OK" to confirm.

3. How do I remove the password from my Samsung computer?

If you want to remove the password you set using the BIOS, you can follow this quick guide:

Step 1. Press F2 several times until you see the Samsung logo appears.

Step 2. After entering the BIOS settings screen, go to "Security".

Step 3. Choose the type of password you want to delete: [Supervisor password], [User password], or [HDD password].

Step 4. Enter your current password and click "OK" to confirm.

Step 5. Click "Save" to save the changes and restart your computer.


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