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Guide to Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage Windows 11/10

This tutorial explains what is Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry and how to disable Windows compatibility telemetry to fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk usage issue.

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Updated on Apr 19, 2024

If you notice Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk usage or high CPU usage on Windows 11/10 and want to fix it to speed up your computer, you've come to the right place. We cover all the useful solutions to fix the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk in this guide. Let's solve the problem quickly. 

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Disable Compatibility Telemetry Disable Compatibility Telemetry via Task Scheduler, Group Policy Editor, and Registry Editor...Full steps
Fix 2. Delete CompatTelRunner.exe  Delete CompatTelRunner.exe after taking ownership of it. Find CompatTelRunner file, right-click it, and choose Properties...Full steps
Fix 3. Update Windows 10 Click the "Start" icon. Go to "Settings > Update & Security settings > Windows Update"...Full steps
Fix 4. Run SFC to Repair System File Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk may be caused by corrupted system files. Run SFC in CMD...Full steps
2 More Useful Methods  Fix Windows Compatibility Telemetry high disk by cleaning up Windows system and optimize hard disk...Full steps

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What Is Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk

Most Windows users will choose "Join Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program" by default when installing Windows 10, which requires collecting program telemetry information and sending it to Microsoft, and Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry (CompatTelRunner.exe) does this.

Microsoft compatibility telemetry

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is a service in Windows 10 that contains technical data about how the Windows devices and their related software are working and sends this data periodically to Microsoft to enhance the user experience by fixing the Potential issues that occur. Thus, many users find Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk usage or high CPU in Task Manager, which can cause severe computer performance issues, such as slowdowns, program, or OS crashes. 

Here, we have prepared a full guide on how to disable CompatTelRunner.exe on Windows 10 and solve the  Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk usage issue.

microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk usage occurs

There are six fixes below; read them one by one and share the article to help more if these fixes can help with your issue.


Fix 1. Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Windows 11/10 

When you are suffering from Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk usage or high CPU problem, try to disable CompatTelRunner.exe on Windows 10 in a few ways. 

1.  Disable Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser via Task Scheduler

Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser scans Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 application files residing on the computer to assess their compatibility with Windows 10 if an upgrade is performed. To sort out your concern, you may disable this service from the Task Scheduler by following the steps below:

Step 1. Click Start, type Task Scheduler, and then press Enter.

Step 2. On the TaskScheduler window, go to this path: Task Scheduler Library\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience.

Step 3. On the Application Experience folder, look for "Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser".

Step 4. Right-click on it, select "Disable", and then confirm to complete the process. Then, check if the issue persists.

disable microsoft compatibility appraiser

2. Disable Windows Compatibility Telemetry via Group Policy Editor

Step 1. Press the Windows logo key + R, then type gpedit.msc and click "OK".

Step 2. Go to "Computer Configuration >  Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds".

find data collection and preview builds to fix the high disk usage problem

Step 3. Double-click "Allow Telemetry". Select "Disabled", then click "OK".

Fix Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk

Now, you can go to your task manager to check whether it works or not. If this does not work very well, please the second solution.

3. Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Using Registry Editor

Step 1. Press the Windows + R keys, then type regedit in the box and click "OK". Click "YES" when prompted by User Account Control.

Step 2. Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > DataCollection".

find the data collection

Step 3. Right-click on "DataCollection" and choose "New > DWORD (32-bit) Value". Then name the new value Allow Telemetry, then double-click "Allow Telemetry".

Step 4. Set Value date to 0 (zero) and click "OK".

solve Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk usage

Fix 2. Delete CompatTelRunner.exe to Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage

Except for turning off the Windows Compatibility Telemetry option, you can also get rid of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk usage or CPU issue by deleting CompatTelRunner.exe. This method requires you to log into your computer using the Administrator's account with ownership. Here are the step-by-step guides. 

Step 1. Type CompatTelRunner in the Search box. Right-click on CompatTelRunner and select "Open File Location". 

Step 2. Right-click CompatTelRunner.exe and choose "Properties". Switch to the Security tab and click "Advanced".  Click the "Change" button next to the Owner.

Step 3. Click the "Advanced" > "Find now". Scroll down to select the account you are using right now and click "OK". Then, click the "Apply" and click "OK" when a note window pops up.

delete CompatTelRunner.exe - 1

Step 4. Next, you need to change permission settings. Right-click the CompatTelRunner.exe file and open "Properties" again. Go to "Security tab > "Advanced" > Select User from a list > Edit". On the new pop-up window, select "Full Control" and click "OK". Then click "Apply" and "OK".

Step 5. Now, you have full control of your computer. Right-click the CompatTelRunner.exe file, and choose "Delete". 

delete CompatTelRunner.exe - 2

Fix 3. Update Windows 11/10 to Solve Compatibility Telemetry Issue

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is related to Windows 10 update. If you get the latest updates, you may solve your problem.

Step 1. Click the "Start" icon.

Step 2. Go to "Settings > Update & Security settings > Windows Update". Download and install new update.

update windows 10

Fix 4. Run SFC Scan to Repair Windows System File 

The Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk usage or high CPU problem may be caused by corrupted system files. To resolve the issue,  you can run the SFC scan to find and replace damaged system files related to Microsoft compatibility telemetry. 

Step 1. Press the Windows key and type cmd. Right-click "Command Prompt" and choose "Run as administrator."

Step 2. Type sfc /scannow and press Enter. Wait Windows automatically finds and fixes system errors.

Or you can run DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth in Command Prompt to perform a deeper scan and repair. 

Fix 5. Clean Up System to Solve Compatibility Telemetry High Disk 

Leaving system junk and temporary files uncleaned for a long time causes various issues, including the CompatTelRunner.exe high CPU or high disk usage. Thus, you can use a free PC cleanup tool to get rid of system junk files. 

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Step 1. Download and install EaseUS Partition Master Suite on your PC. Click to download PC Cleaner on panel.

clean up system step 1

Step 2. Install EaseUS CleanGenius on your PC. To begin with, navigate to "Cleanup" and click "Scan."

clean up system step 1

Step 3. EaseUS CleanGenius will start immediately to scan all the useless files, select system junk files and invalid entries, and click "Clean" over all your PC.

clean up system step 2

Step 4. Once completed, you can see clearly how many MBs or GBs of data are cleaned. Click "Done" to finish the process.

clean up system step 3

Fix 6. Manage Your Hard Drive and Enhance System Performance

If your PC often gets 100% disk usage error or Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high usage, you can improve your Windows system well organizing your hard disk drive. There are many things to do to optimize disk partition, such as to resize/move partition, migrate OS to SSD or HDD, perform SSD 4K alignment to speed up your PC, and so on. 

EaseUS Partition Master can help you manage disk partitions with the simplest solutions. You can download this partition manager to create, resize, clone, move, merge, and format partitions!

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[1] "Resize/Move" enables you to adjust space of a selected disk partition as wish. Right-lick "Resize/Move", you can shrink a volume, extend the other one, or create unallocated space for special use.


[2] "Clone" aims to make two identical hard disks or partitions with the same layout and content. You can use the "Clone" feature to upgrade a hard disk, replace a failing one, backup the drive data and so on.


[3] "Delete" is a common method to remove an unwanted disk partition, turning it into unallocated space.

delete partition

[4] "Format" is frequently used in many situations. By formatting a drive partition, you can alter the file system, fix some corruption issues, and sometimes remove viruses and malware.

delete partition

[5] "Allocate space" is very useful when one drive partition space is too much while the other is inadequate. 

allocate space

[6] "Migrate OS" makes it easy to transfer a Windows installation drive to the other without reinstalling.

Migrate OS

[7] Conversion between GPT and MBR, NTFS and FAT32, and Basic to Dynamic is getting more and more popular among EaseUS Partition Master customers. Besides all the listed benefits, there are so many functional yet practical features are waiting you to explore. 

convert disk

It's Your Turn to Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk

After reading this tutorial, you can now solve the Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk usage issue by following the detailed instructions. Remember to using the ultimate partition management software  - EaseUS Partition Master to optimize your hard drive and improve your computer's capableness. 

Read More About Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Get more help on Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry high disk or high CPU usage. 

Can I end task Microsoft compatibility telemetry?

Windows Telemetry service is part of Windows OS. Usually, it is not advisable to disable this feature. But if Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Runner causes obvious performance issues, such as slowdowns and program crashes, or you are afraid of a privacy leak, you can disable and end CompatTelRunner.exe on Windows. 

Is it safe to disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry?

Yes, it is. Disabling Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry doesn't affect your normal usage. If it slows down your PC severely, disable it as you need.

How do I turn off Windows 10 Telemetry?

To turn off Telemetry:

Step 1. Press the Windows logo key + R, then type regedit in the box and click OK

Step 2. Click "YES" when prompted by User Account Control.

Step 3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > DataCollection

Step 4. Right-click on DataCollection and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Then name the new value Allow Telemetry then double-click Allow Telemetry.

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