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How to Recover Deleted or Corrupted Word File on Mac?

Updated on Jul 19, 2018 by Daisy to Mac File Recovery


Your word document is either deleted or not currently accessible on Mac drive? This article will provide you the effective method to repair corrupted word file and recover deleted word files on Mac with simple steps. Follow to see how to repair corrupted file and recover word documents on Mac now.

Error message: this document is either deleted or not currently accessible

"Can't open my Microsft Word file. Microsoft Word warns me that 'This document is either deleted or not currently accessible'. Is the file corrupted? Can I open it again? Or how can I restore the file on my Mac computer?"

Word document deleted or corrupted on Mac.

Microsoft Word plays a great important role in people's daily life. But there are a number of factors that may cause Word file loss or corruption on Mac computer, which will bring you into endless trouble. In this case, learning how to recover deleted Word document on Mac makes a great sense. 

Notice: When you lost a Word document on Mac due to accidental deletion, you can refer to the Trash Bin to see whether you can restore it there. If not, relax and follow solutions here to get your lost or even corrupted Word file back now.

Causes of Word file loss or corruption on Mac

Here is a list of some common factors that may cause Word document loss or even corruption, please void these actions in your daily life:

  • Turn-off Word for Mac without saving the document.
  • Word document gets infected by the virus.
  • Word error - this document is either deleted or not currently accessible.
  • Word file is corrupted. It always happens when you open a Microsoft Word, you find it looks like gibberish.
  • More other factors can cause Word file loss such as system errors and human improper operations.

If you, unfortunately, meet any one of those above problems, what will you do to recover lost Word document or repair the corrupted word document? Don't worry! Refer to the right situation that you are having on Mac and find relative solutions to restore your lost file or repair the corrupted document now.

If you deleted the Word file or couldn't find it, see how to restore it here

How to recover deleted or lost Word files on Mac

As we've described in the above Notice that if you accidentally deleted or lost a Word document on Mac, you can try to view whether it's in the Trash Bin. 

If nothing appears, you'll need to refer to another method for the lost Word document recovery on Mac. And undoubtedly, a time-saving and high efficient method should be what you want, right? Here we would like to introduce a Mac data recovery software to you. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is a professional Mac data recovery software which is able to recover deleted or lost word documents files from Mac computers with a few simple clicks.

PLUS: If you want to recover lost word document on Windows system, choose the Windows version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for word recovery.

Step 1. Launch Mac word file recovery software
Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac on your Mac computer and select the location where you lost the file. Click Next to continue.

Run Word file recovery software.

Step 2. Let the program scan and find your lost or deleted Word document
This tool supports two scanning modes - Quick Scan/Deep Scan which will fully scan your device to find all lost and hidden files.

Scan to find lost Word document.

Step 3. Preview and choose lost Word document
You can double-click to all found Word files, click Recover to save all found Word document and other files to a safe device/location on Mac. 

Recover deleted or lost Word document.

If the Word file is corrupted or damaged, see how to open and repair it here

If Word file cannot be opened on Mac, repair it on Mac with 'Recover Text from Any File'

If you receive this error message that 'this document is either deleted or not currently accessible' or your Word file gets corrupted or damaged for certain reasons, you can try the special "Recover Text from Any File" converter to manually open and repair the damaged documents.

Here is how to do it:

  1. 1. On the File menu, click Open.
  2. 2. Click the Show list > Then click Recover Text from Any File.

Restore corrupted Word document with Recover Text from Any File.

  1. 3. Locate the folder that contains the damaged file > Select the Word file that was deleted/lost or damaged/corrupted.
  2. 4. Click Open.

Depending on the size of the document and the type of damage, the recovery process can take some time. Please be patient while using 'Recover Text from Any File' to repair corrupted or lost Word document files.

If the corrupted Word file can be opened on Mac, save it as RTF or save content to a new file

Option 1. Open and save corrupted Word as RTF

  1. 1. Open the corrupted Word document, go to File and click Save As.
  2. 2. Click the Format list, then select Rich Text Format.

Save corrupted word document as RTF.

  1. 3. Change the name of the document and click Save.

If the damage still exists, try to save the file with other Word processing formats or Text only.

Option 2. Copy and save Word document as a new file

  1. 1. Open the document with corrupted error and on the Edit menu, click Select All.
  2. 2. Hold the SHIFT key, and press LEFT ARROW key one time, then release the SHIFT key.
  3. 3. On Edit, select Copy, then choose New Black Document on Edit.
  4. 4. Click Paste on Edit menu in the new document.
  5. 5. Finally, save the file.