3 Ways to Show Hidden Files/Folders in Windows 11

Windows 11 hidden files not showing; how to fix this error? You are in the right place. You can learn three ways to view and show hidden files in Windows 11. Read this post and restore hidden files with simple clicks.

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07 June 2024

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Windows 11 Hidden Files Not Showing, Why?

Windows 11 users may encounter a situation where files are either hidden or not showing. Several reasons can cause this.

  • Files are hidden because of the shortcut virus.
  • Windows Defender is blocking access to certain folders.
  • Windows 11 hides some system files and folders on its own.
  • Certain files may have their "hidden" attribute enabled in Windows File Explorer.

Do you need to show hidden files and folders in Windows 11? Don't worry. You're not alone. As more users turn to Windows 11 for their needs, the demand to show hidden folder contents is growing. If you're trying to open a hidden file but can't find it on your computer, there are a few simple ways to help you locate them quickly and easily. This blog post will explore three methods of revealing and accessing those sneaky, tucked-away files in Windows 11.

Method 1. Show Hidden Files in Windows 11 with File Explorer

Showing hidden files in Windows 11 with File Explorer is a simple task that does not require a computer specialist. You can watch this video to show hidden files in Windows 11 or follow the step-by-step guide.

  • 0:12 Introduction
  • 0:17 Show hidden files in Windows 11 with File Explorer

Step 1. Open File Explorer.

Step 2. Press the three dots on the top.

show hidden files windows 11 -1

Step 3. Go to "Options > View > Hidden files and folders".

Step 4. Select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" to view hidden files in Windows 11.

show hidden files windows 11 -2

Method 2. Show Hidden Files in Windows 11 with CMD Alternative

Another way to show hidden files in Windows 11 is by using EaseUS CleanGenius.

Manual execution of the command line is suitable for computer professionals, since incorrect commands can do more harm than good. Therefore, for security and usability, we strongly recommend you try an automatic command line alternative - EaseUS CleanGenius. It is a practical tool that enables you to check and fix file system errors, enable/disable write protection and update your system with one-click instead of typing intricate command lines.

Follow the simple steps below to show hidden files with this 1-click-fix software. 

Step 1. DOWNLOAD EaseUS CleanGenius for Free.

Step 2. Start EaseUS CleanGenius, choose "Optimization" on the left panel. Next, click "File Showing" on the right panel. 

show hidden files - step 2

Step 3. Select the hard drive and click "Execute".

file fixing - step 2

Step 4. After the operation completes, click the here link to check the hidden files. 

show hidden files - step 3

Method 3. Show Hidden Files with Data Recovery Software

If you still can't show hidden files in Windows 11, ask data recovery software for help. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an excellent and user-friendly tool to quickly retrieve lost data or show hidden files in Windows 11. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a great choice for experienced and novice users.

  • With it, restoring lost data is extremely fast, as it eliminates the need to manually locate, scan, and find each file - saving time that can be spent elsewhere on other tasks. 
  • Furthermore, this hard drive recovery software is highly efficient in showing hidden files that may have been accidentally deleted or corrupted due to many causes.
  • Its unsurpassed technology enables users to recover lost files or data within minutes swiftly. Download this data recovery tool and show hidden files with it.

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When the files cannot be displayed normally, it is usually because of a virus attack that deleted or hid them. Here are the recovery steps applied in this case:

Step 1. Select the virus infected drive to scan

Run EaseUS virus file recovery software on your Windows PC. Select the disk attacked by the virus to scan for lost or hidden files. Note that:

  • If it's an HDD where files were hidden or deleted by virus, it's better to install the software on a different volume or an external USB drive to avoid data overwriting.
  • If the infected device is an external hard drive, flash drive or memory card, it doesn't matter to install the software on the local drive of the computer.
select a location to scan

Step 2. Check all scanned results

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will immediately start a scan process to find your deleted or hidden files on the virus infected hard drive. To quickly locate the wanted files, you can use the Filter or search box feature to display only the pictures, videos, documents, emails, etc.

filter deleted or hidden files

Step 3. Preview and recover deleted/hidden files

When the process finishes, you can preview the scanned files. Select the files you want and click the "Recover" button. You should save restored files to another secure location or Cloud drive, not where they were lost.

Restore virus infected files


You can try the solutions above whenever you want to show hidden files in Windows 11. The first method is the most effective, which helps show hidden files with simple clicks. If you lost files or files missing in Windows 11, run EaseUS data recovery software to scan and restore missing data.

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Show Hidden Files in Windows 11 FAQs

You can get additional help if you read the questions and answers below.

1. How can I find my hidden file on a USB?

Follow the steps below to show hidden files on USB:

Step 1. In Windows 10/8/7, press Windows + E to bring up Windows Explorer.

Step 2. In the Folder Options or File Explorer Options window, click the View tab. Under Hidden files and folders, click the Show hidden files, folders, and drives option.

2. How can I find hidden files in Windows 10?

Here are the steps to unhide files in Windows 10:

Step 1. Go to the Start menu search bar, type control panel, and hit Enter.

Step 2. In the Control Panel, select Appearance and Personalization > File Explorer Options.

Step 3. Click the View tab and select the Hidden files and folders option.

Step 4. Then, click on the Show hidden files, folders, and drives option.

3. How do I hide files and folders in Windows 11?

To hides files in Windows 11:

Head to any folder in the File Explorer and click on the More button (three dots) on the top.

Select Options from the context menu. Head over to the View tab in the Folder Options dialog.

Click the Don't show hidden files, folders, or drives option and click Apply > OK to save the changes.

4. How to fix Windows 10 show hidden files not working?

You can follow these solutions to fix Windows 10 show hidden files not working:

  • Run SFC
  • Adjust Registry
  • Recover Hiden Files...
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