How to Quickly Transfer Large Files Over Network [3 Quick Guides]

If you transfer large files on a regular basis, it would be much better to use a file transfer server with SCP or FTP easily. Here is a guide for you to help in file transfer.

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Software that transfers files from one system to another, both locally or through the Internet. File transfer software is extensively used to transfer and retrieve data from a Web server. Files may be sent using FTP protocols as well, but file transfer software packages make accessing and transmitting considerably easier.

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1 - Transfer Large Files with Free File Transfer Software - Recommended Easy👍👍👍

Step 1. Open EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both of your...Full steps

2 - Transfer Huge Files over FTP (File Transfer Protocol)


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1. Navigate to the local system's source directory...Full steps
3 - Transfer Large Files with SCP


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The following is the syntax for moving a file or folder...Full steps

1 - Fastest Way to Transfer Files over Network

There are several ways of transferring large files. One of the ways is to use File Transfer Software such as EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free. EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a good choice for companies who want to deploy a large number of PCs while decreasing sophistication and maintaining within the expense. It incorporates all complicated storage division management capabilities and simplifies IT administration.

Try the free version:

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It significantly lowers end-user latency whenever installing, transferring, and configuring programs, data, and configurations. It helps IT professionals as well as network administrators to enable a large number of machines while incurring the least amount possible. Most importantly, EaseUS offers free technical support.

Main features:

EaseUS stands out among data migration systems due to its relative ease of operation and effectiveness. This one-click laptop transfer tool streamlines file transfers from one system to another without incurring data loss. There are several features in EaseUS that make it one of the best software for transferring large files. Therefore, let us learn more about these features.

  • File Transfer: It has the ability to transfer large files in minutes.
  • App Migration: Change app location between local drives/computers
  • Data Rescue: Get your files, apps, and settings back from a broken computer
  • Support Microsoft account transfer: Supports the transfer of a Microsoft account, and the user doesn't have to create new Microsoft accounts.
  • Support Various Windows systems: Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019

How to Use EaseUS Todo PCTrans

One of the benefits of EaseUS Todo PCTrans is that it might have been utilized in a range of methods. The very first – arguably fastest – is Computer to Computer transmission, which allows you to transport data between computers linked to the very same (wireless connection or wired) connection. If you don't have a network connection or don't want to go into these things, you may save anything as a digital image and manually transfer everything across.

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The networked method is not just the fastest but simply the most straightforward, as it eliminates the need to bother with external devices. Even for inexperienced users, the simplicity of use is difficult to criticize. It makes the transition to a new computer environment less traumatic, but it comes at a cost that others may not be willing to rationalize.

Step 1. Open EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both of your computers. Choose "PC to PC" to go to the next step.

Step 2. Make sure you have chosen the right transfer direction.

"New" - Move data from old computer to current new computer.

"Old" - Move data from current old n computer to remote new computer.

Transfer files from PC to PC - step 1

Step 3. Connect two PCs via the network by entering the password or verification code of the target PC. Besides, make sure you have chosen the right transfer direction and click "Connect" to continue.

The verification code is on the right top of the "PC to PC" main screen on the target computer.

Transfer files from PC to PC - step 2

Step 4. Then, choose "Files" to select files to transfer. Select the specific files as you want. What's more, you can click the Edit icon to customize the storage path for transferred data.

Transfer files from PC to PC - step 1

Step 5. Now, click "Transfer" to begin to transfer files from PC to PC. The size of the file determines the transfer time. Wait patiently.

Transfer files from PC to PC - step 5

Get the tool now to enhance the efficiency of file transfer operations.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

2 - Transfer Huge Files over FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Is FTP used to transfer large files?

FTP, or file transfer protocol, is a time-honored method of transferring data. FTP is indeed a TCP/IP protocol that allows data to be transferred between FTP clients as well as servers. FTP was created primarily for the transport of huge files. To begin utilizing the protocol, every user requires an FTP client.


Here are the steps to use FTP to transfer files.

1. Navigate to the local system's source directory.


2. The directory through which users enter the FTP command seems to be the local working location, hence the destination folder for such an operation.

3. Make an FTP connection.


4. Change to that same target directory with the command ftp> cd target-directory.

5. Remember that if your system is utilizing the automounter, then the remote system's user's browser directory displays adjacent to users, under /home.

6. Check that you have access to write the destination directory. ftp> target-directory

7. Change the transfer mode to binary. binary ftp>

8. Use the put command to copy a single file.ftp> enter filename


9. Use the put instruction to duplicate multiple file types at once.put filename [filename...] ftp>

10. You can provide a list of individual file titles and utilize wildcard characters. Every file is copied separately using the put command, which prompts you for approval each time.

11. Type bye to terminate the FTP connection.ftp>bye

3 - Transfer Large Files with SCP

Can SCP transfer large files?

SCP/SFTP may not be the best method for transferring huge files. If you're looking for a solution that requires moving huge files across virtual computers, there are transferring tools that accomplish numerous streams while transferring data, resulting in higher performance. The majority of file transfer apps are single-threaded therefore restricted to a particular session.

They are also connected to the CPU in a digital network infrastructure. That's what keeps the usage at roughly 36MB. There are methods for increasing bandwidth, such as employing transfer tools with many paths and connections.

The following is the syntax for moving a file or folder from a local system to a remote system:

  • SCP [file_path] [user]@[remote_host]:[remote_dir]
  • SCP -r [local_dir] [user]@[remote_host]:[remote_dir]

Use the command line when transferring data from a distant server to any local system:

  • SCP [user]@[remote_host]:[remote_file_path] [local_dir]
  • SCP -r [user]@[remote_host]:[remote_dir] [local_dir]

When sending a file among two distant servers which require a password, adopt the equivalent syntax:

  • SCP [user]@[remote_host]:[remote_file_path] [user]@[remote_host]:[remote_dir]

What Is the Fastest Way to Transfer Large Files Between Servers?

That's where EaseUS Todo PCTrans comes in. This free, open-source app uses your local Wi-Fi network to transfer files between practically any two devices. It is much faster than uploading files to a cloud storage service and then waiting for them to download.

However, when it comes to using EaseUS Todo PCTrans to transfer larger, it is a simple, straightforward method that is highly efficient. The work of transporting data must be done with care and efficiency. The transfer should be carried out in such a method that no data is harmed or lost. EaseUS is the ideal file transfer tool that ensures a smooth transition.

Nothing is lost or destroyed during this entire procedure. The program is available in three distinct versions. The user could select the one which best meets their wants and expectations.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

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How to Quickly Transfer Large Files Over Network [3 Quick Guides]

Try smart Windows 11 data transfer tool to move all data in 1 click.

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