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How to Merge Partitions by Disk Management and Free Partition Software?

Posted on Jan 22, 2018 by Daisy to Partition Master

Partition manager freeware - EaseUS Partition Master Free makes it easy and safe to merge partitions and redistribute disk space when system C drive is out of disk space under Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

Windows Low Disk Space Issue

When we buy a brand new PC, almost everything will be settled by the reseller. All you need is just get it and use it. After years' usage, PC will never work like the moment you got it. The longer the computer using time is, the slower it becomes.  Low disk space alert pops up every time you do the Windows update. System break or even system crash happens to you and destroys everything that might be your painstaking effort.

It’s not so hard to find the source of all these annoyances: inappropriate disk space distribution. This means you fail to arrange disk partition size properly: some are too large and some are too small. Usually, enough space should be left for C drive by storing Windows files and updates. All those problems I listed out above are often triggered by System C drive of no extra space for use. A consolatory fact is that disk space can be redistributed again with partition tool. Here I will mainly introduce a way to extend drive by merging partitions and make full use of disk space.

Free option 1: Windows toolkit

Disk Management enables you to redistribute disk space to a certain degree and using this tool to finish this mission just takes a few mouse-clicks.

Suppose your system C drive is out of disk space, D drive is a data partition after C drive with a large amount of free space and the Operating system is Windows 7. Disk Management realizes merging partition in an indirect way. Copy all data in partition D into another safe place or back up all data into the image.

1. Right click "Computer" > choose Manage > Disk Management> right click D drive and choose "Delete Volume".

Shrink Volume

2. Right click C drive > choose " Extend Volume" > claim the unallocated space into C drive.

Now you’ve merged C drive and E drive successfully. On one hand, this way is very simple and free, no professional tactics are needed. On the other hand, it has many limitations. The cost of using Windows toolkit is to delete another partition.

Free Option 2: partition merge freeware - EaseUS Partition Master Free

Download Now

 Windows 10 is supported

Though Windows provides many functions for our choice, however, many of them are limited to a certain degree. So when you find your case is not applicable with the help of Windows toolkit, you should switch to third party partition software. Do remember to backup your data. Here you can try EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition: a freebie and enjoying great popularity among partition software. This software is applicable no matter the operating system is before or after Windows Vista. It also can be applied as a free Windows 10 partition manager that you can use it to manage your new Windows 10 partition now.

Directly merging two adjacent partitions is available in this freeware, go through the following tutorial of merging partitions.

1. Install and run EaseUS Partition Master Free.

2. Go to the main interface and choose the partition you decided to enlarge. Select "Merge partition" in the left sidebar or under "Partitions" menu on the top.

Select Merge partition

3. Decide which one to the Main and which one that needs to be merged into another partition.(These two partitions must be neighboring to each other unless there has unallocated space between them.)

Select partitions to merge

4. After all set, click Apply and wait to see two partitions into a single one by this free partition software.

Merge partitions