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Guide on Checking Disk Speed in Windows 10 Using CMD [2023 Tutorial]

Protecting your data requires that you keep tabs on your SSD's performance. This article explains how to check disk speed windows 10 cmd.

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Updated by Tracy King on Aug 09, 2023

Quick Navigation on Checking Disk Space Windows 10:

🎯Goal: Check disk speed in Windows 10, analyze internal hard drive read and write speed
👔Who Need It: All levels of Windows users
🧰Tools: Windows 10, hard drive
🛠Applicable Methods:

1. CMD - Free & Preinstalled 

2. Disk Health Check Software 🏆- Efficient and Professional

If you care about keeping your data safe, you need to know how to monitor the health of your SSD. This article tells you on how to check disk speed windows 10 cmd. This post demands your attention if you seek detailed instructions on this topic. Let's get going now. 

Check Disk Speed CMD

How to Check Disk Speed in Windows 10 Using CMD 

  • ⏲Duration: 3-5 minutes or longer
  • 🚩Applied for: advanced Windows users
  • 💽Supported Devices: HDDs, SSDs, and external hard drives, etc.

For Windows users, CMD stands for Command Prompt, a command line interface for running programs. WinSAT, which stands for "Windows System Assessment Tool," is a command line utility included with Windows that performs benchmarks on different aspects of the operating system and its components. It debuted in Windows Vista and has been standard fare, including Windows 10.

Guide to Check Disk Space via CMD Windows 10

Learn how to use CMD to examine your SSD's condition here. The specific procedures are as follows: 

Step 1. Open the Run window by pressing the Windows key + R, typing cmd, and hitting Enter. 

Step 2. Followed by pressing "Enter" after typing "wmic" into the Command Prompt window

Step 3. Enter "winsat disk -drive c", and press Enter again. 

Check hard dive speed

Step 4. The Command Prompt will list the drives and their current speed:

  • Disk Sequential 64.0 Read meants its reading speed
  • Disk Sequential 64.0 Wirte means its writing speed 

CMD is also helpful in detecting other types of disk speed. This method also applise to help you:

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How to Check SSD Speed in CMD [Full Guide for Windows 11/10]

This passage elaborates on how to check SSD speed in CMD on Windows 11/10. And you will also get a reliable tool to check SSD speed easily.

Image of check ssd speed cmd

While CMD may check the disc, it doesn't display all the features connected to an SSD's health state. Using CMD requires computer knowledge, so if you want to check SSD health condition quickly and thoroughly, EaseUS Partition Master is an excellent option. 

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Pros and Cons of Using CMD to Check Disk Speed in Windows 10 

In this section, let's discuss pros and cons of checking disk speed in Windows 10 using CMD:

Pros✅ Cons❎
  • Uncomplicated procedure
  • Medium complex level
  • Pre-installed, doesn't require software installation
  • Available for all Windows OS
  • Only provide brief test result
  • Not for professional disk repair center or gaming lovers
  • Has few features for improving disk performance
  • Can't export disk speed test result

According to the Pros and Cons, it's clear that CMD measuring solution contains some drawbacks that cannot fulfill most hard drive owners needs in some specific suitations. For an all-in-one, free, and professional disk speed test tool, we suggest you find a CMD alternative software for help. To test and increase your drive's speed, EaseUS Partition Master stands out to help you accomplish the tast. 

CMD Alternative Software to Check Disk Speed in Windows 10

  • 📝Software Define: perfect CMD alternative software in checking disk space.
  • 💽Supported Devices: HDDs, SSDs, USB flash drives, SD cards, and hybrid-HDDSSDs, etc.
  • 🖥Compatible Systems: Windows 10/11, older Windows 8/7/XP/Vista, an Sever systems.
  • 👩‍💻Best For: All Windows beginners, geeks, hard drive manufacturers, and gaming lovers.

EaseUS Partition Master as an alternative to the CHKDSK command, it is a reliable tool for assessing the state of a hard drive and SSD, etc. It works smoothly with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista. Its DiskMark feature is a free tool that allows users to quickly and easily detect and check disc speed with only a few mouse clicks. 

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Thanks to this handy tool, you can now check the status of your SSD with a few clicks. 

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and click the blue arrow to activate the "Disk Health" feature under the "Discovery" section.

click the bule arrow

Step 2. Select the target disk and click the "Refresh" button. Then, you can see the health condition of your disk.

choose the target disk

When you find your hard drive speed is slower than its average speed, stay calm. Here you can follow this tutorial guide for help:

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Why Choose EaseUS Partition Master Over CMD

So why should you select EaseUS Partition Master over CMD in Windows 10? Here is a comparison table and it exlains you the reasons:

Comparison EaseUS Partition Master CMD
Check Disk Read/Write Speed
Display Disk Speed Test Report
Free to Use
Optimize Disk Speed
Who to Use It Professionals, Geeks  & Beginners Professionals

Aside checking disk space, EaseUS Partition Master also provides Disk Health feature to monitor your HDD and SSD status, temperature, number of powered-on hours, and total host writes and reads can all be seen on your PC.

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Moreover, it includes some excellent features that you may also like for better managing partitions and optimizing disk peformance, such as: 

  • Improve SSD performance by 4k alignment.
  • Check and fix hard drive or SSD file system errors.
  • Erase all data to reset HDD or SSD.
  • Combined partitions. 
  • Migrate OS from HDD to SSD.
  • Allocate hard drive space

As you can see, EaseUS Partition Manager offers various HDD and SSD management options. So, get the trial version and try it out. 

When Do I Need to Check Disk Speed in Windows 10?

The hard drive's read and write speeds will impact your Windows computer's performance. You are doing periodic speed tests to monitor your discs. 

Finding out if a computer's hard drive is failing is crucial. Broken or corrupted sectors on a hard disc can cause performance and operating system boot issues. To do a disc performance test in Windows 10 under any of the following conditions: 

  • The computer is slow to transfer files.
  • The computer becomes slow to boot up or shut down.
  • C drive full or low disk space.
  • Windows 10 warns of high RAM CPU usage issue
  • The computer gets slow or stuck while playing games.

To determine the disc speed in Windows 10, follow these instructions of accessing the command prompt (CMD) or its altenrative software above on this page for help.


This article is all about check disk speed windows 10 cmd. On Windows 10, it is crucial to check the status of your SSD regularly to ensure the integrity of your data, privacy, and games. 

Although EaseUS Partition Master can assess the health of an SSD, we recommend EaseUS Command Prompt instead due to its more user-friendly interface and extra solid functions. 

FAQs About Checking Disk Speed in Windows 10 Using CMD

Read these answers to avoid confusions. 

1. How do I run SSD speed test in Windows 10 using CMD?

Monitoring the disc regularly provides vital information for keeping the device secure. Aside from the primary query, there are other inquiries concerning the CMD-based SSD health check in Windows 10. Have faith that they will be of assistance. 

On Windows 10, how can I access the command prompt to run the SSD speed test? 

  • Launch the command line interface (as an Administrator, please!) 
  • Fill in the blanks: The WinSAT disc was in Drive C. (where c is the drive letter that you want to check) 

2. Can I run Blackmagic Disk Speed Test in Windows 10?

Yes, sure. BlackMagic Disk Speed Test is a free and open-source application that can check the integrity of hard drives. Supported operating systems include Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista. But it's not easy for Windows users to find its genuine version online and you may turn to a reliable BlackMagic Disk Speed Test alternative for Windows software for help.

3. How can I check my hard drive health in CMD?

Like previously, enter "cmd" into the search bar; but, this time, instead of hitting enter, right-click on "Command Prompt" and choose "Run as Administrator." Put "wmic" and hit Enter. Then put "wmic diskdrive get status" into the new Command Prompt window, and press enter to run it.

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