Mac Partition Recovery | Recover Deleted/Lost Partition on macOS/Mac OS X

By accident, you deleted, lost, or formatted your Mac partition and lost all the files on it. Then you desperately want to recover your Mac partition. In such a case, you will need EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - the best Mac partition recovery software. With it, you can recover your files from a deleted, lost, or formatted partition on macOS or Mac OS X with ease.

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Mac partition recovery

To recover deleted or lost partitions on Mac, you need to first download and install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. And then follow the below steps for partition recovery.

Step 1. Select the desired partition. 

Step 2. Scan the Mac partition.

Step 3. Preview and recover partition data.

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Everything About Mac Partitions/Volumes

macOS or Mac OS X is similar to Windows OS. Some users may have noticed that Mac is consist of partitions or logical drives which are mostly called:

  • APFS (Apple File System)
  • HFS (Hierarchical File System)
  • HFS+ (Hierarchical File System)

Being entitled with the same functions as Windows partitions, Mac partitions or volumes are also designed as a database for users to store and keep data on their computers. Thus Mac computer may also face the same trouble under Windows OS that these partitions may get lost, missed, formatted, or corrupt due to some common reasons like hard drive crash, uncertain system shutdown, virus attacks, power surge, software corruption, file system corruption or wrongdoing.

Overview of Partition Recovery on Mac

As mentioned above, the Mac partition is also under the threat of losing. And how to recover deleted or lost partition on Mac is now confusing quite a lot of users. Just imagine that you accidentally formatted your Mac partition with nothing remained and all your business files were lost. How can you recover the formatted partition on your Mac and save those important files? Can you recover data from a lost APFS, HFS+, or HFS partition? Before you start Mac partition recovery, you should take measures after you deleted/lost/formatted your Mac partition:

  • Do not reformat the drive or re-partition it
  • Do not write anything to the drive containing lost partitions
  • Do not try to re-create partitions
  • Do not run any disk utilities or any defrag utility

Top 5 Mac Partition Recovery Software

If you lost your familiar volumes in Finder, you might have lost your partitions. This situation may lead to complete data loss if you act fast with professional Mac partition recovery software. Here I have listed the top 5 Mac partition recovery software. Select the best one to recover deleted Mac partition data.

Keep in mind that this is an evolving list – it was originally published earlier and is constantly updated. We're actively working on more Mac partition recovery software testing and research, so expect this guide to change throughout the year.

We tested the Mac partition recovery software from multiple aspects, such as operating system compatibility, performance, supported file system, and more. Testing statistics are listed below:

Criteria Value
🔢 Number of tested tools 5
⏳ How long have we tested 3 weeks
💻 OS version macOS Ventura/ Big Sur
📙 File system APFS/HFS+
📊 Minimum cost Freeware
💰 Average cost $89

Top 1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac can not only restore data due to formatting but also recover lost files from lost, missing, or deleted Mac partitions. 


  • It allows you to recover & salvage data from all partitions or logical drives of the Mac Operating System. 
  • It works assiduously to provide users with full solutions for Mac hard drive recovery
  • It can solve all types of data loss situations, like recovering deleted files after emptying Trash Bin, retrieving data from a formatted USB drive, and getting back lost data after macOS reinstallation.
  • It supports All File System: APFS, HFS+, HFS X, FAT (FAT16, FAT32), exFAT, NTFS.
  • This software also supports bootable recovery. When your Mac dies or crashes, you can restore precious data by creating a bootable media with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

Top 2. TestDisk

TestDisk is a powerful tool to recover lost partitions, fix partition tables, and rebuild the boot sector, though it requires a bit of computer expertise to use. It is an open-source, freeware product that allows for multiple file types recovery. You can retrieve lost hard disk partitions quickly and safely.



  • It is capable of recovering the NTFS boot sector from its respective backup.
  • You can recover several types of files, including FAT, exFAT, NTFS, and ext2 files.
  • This software can copy files from deleted files and partitions.

Here is a quick glance at TestDisk data recovery software on Twitter.

Top 3. Data Rescue 5

Data Rescue 5 is also one of the most powerful partition recovery software for Mac. The outstanding feature of excluding duplicate files from the recovery result indeed saves Mac users some precious minutes in finding out what they did lose and excluding unwanted data quickly.

data rescue 5


  • This tool is capable of retrieving data from any storage device and disk format.
  • It enables you to preview your files before retrieving them.
  • It is quite compatible with many Mac operating systems.

Top 4. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is not only about Mac data recovery. It's also packed with useful disk tools for all data professionals and home users. The following extra tools are free and packed in Disk Drill right out of the box. There’s no need to buy more apps to clean up your Macintosh, find duplicates on your hard drive, back up your data, or monitor your disk's health. Download the free Disk Drill, and you are all covered.

disk drill


  • It is compatible with all the Mac OS X and macOS systems.
  • This software recovers 200+ file types.
  • It is packed with free and useful disk tools for all users.

Top 5. PhotoRec

PhotoRec is a free digital photo recovery tool that can restore lost images from computers, digital cameras, mobile devices, memory cards or other storage media such as CD-ROMs. Because this utility ignores the device's file structure, it can retrieve data even when the file system has been corrupted. If you want to perform Mac partition recovery, try this software.



  • Restores most devices
  • Works on many file formats, not just images

How to Recover Deleted/Lost Partitions on Mac

You can easily get back lost Mac partition and Mac data with the best Mac data recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. To recover deleted or lost Mac partitions:

Step 1. Scan for deleted files

Select the hard drive, external drive, or SSD where your important data & files were deleted and click "Search for lost files".

select a location and scan for deleted files on Mac

Step 2. Filter the lost files

The software will run quick and deep scans and work hard to find as many deleted files as possible on the selected volume. Filter wanted files through the "Type" and "Path" options.

Filter and select the lost files

Step 3. Recover deleted files

Double-click the deleted files to preview. Then, click the "Recover" button to get them back.

recover deleted files from Mac


You can easily get back Mac partition data if you get the right tool. Recovering partitions on macOS or Mac OS X could be easily done by using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. This software also allows you to:

  • Recover deleted files from an SD card, memory card, USB flash drive, external hard drive, or digital camera...
  • Recover over 200+ file types
  • Recover data after system crash, partition formatting, virus attacks...

Don't hesitate to equip your Mac with such a powerful tool and rescue your data to prevent complete data loss.


People Also Ask 

If you still have questions, you can read the following questions:

How do I recover a partition on my hard drive?

Just download and install EaseUS data recovery software and follow the steps below to get back your lost files in a hassle-free manner:

Step 1. Select the location where your important data and files were deleted and click the Scan button.

Step 2. The software will run both quick scan and deep scan and work hard to find as many deleted files as possible on the selected volume.

Step 3. The scan results will be displayed in the left pane. Just select the file and click the Recover Now button to get them back.

Is Mac Data Recovery safe?

Yes, it is. It will not do any damage to your hard drive regardless of the operations you perform. This is because EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard performs procedures safely. It will not write any additional data to your storage device.

What is recovery mode on Mac?

Recovery Mode is a special mode that loads built-in recovery tools from a special disk partition that holds a recovery image along with a copy of the macOS installer. 

What is the best file recovery software for Mac?

Top 5 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X and macOS:

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac
  • TestDisk
  • Data Rescue 5
  • Disk Drill
  • PhotoRec

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