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RAR Archive Recovery: How to Recover RAR Files by 4 Methods

Are you wondering how to recover RAR files? Keep reading this article to learn how to do so. If you have lost RAR archive files, install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

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Software developers and common users use RAR files daily to ensure their files consume minimal disk space. However, they often store several files in a single archive, which leads to unforeseen archive deletion. Luckily, restoring those files is effortless when you understand your work methods.

Wondering how to do RAR archive recovery? Keep reading this article to know the necessary methods.

How to Recover Deleted RAR Archive Files

Are you wondering how to recover RAR archive files? It's possible to do that! Our PC preserves data on the HDD into distinct sectors. Once the data has been deleted from a sector, it remains on the HDD but can't be employed usually.

In the meantime, the space is liberated and available for the storage of other files. Therefore, to retrieve RAR files, ensure no new data is written in the sector. Now, we will discuss the fixes and the steps for RAR archive recovery.

💯Fix 1. Recover RAR Archive Files with Data Recovery Software

If your RAR files have been previously deleted, you need professional software. For RAR file recovery software, it's recommended to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, which has a 99.7% archive file retrieval rate and cutting-edge algorithms compared to other data retrieval tools. The main highlights of this professional data recovery software are the following:

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  • This software retrieves RAR files and other formats, including SIT, deleted ZIP files, etc.
  • It offers a complimentary trial that allows users to conduct a deeper scan, preview the files, and recover them.
  • It supports Windows 11/10/8 and earlier versions.
  • It's meticulously designed to restore 1000+ file types from 2000+ file storage.

Download this professional data retrieval software now!

Step 1. Choose the location

Select the drive where you lost your PDF/PPT/Word/Excel files and click "Scan".

select the location of the documents

Step 2. Scan for lost documents

When the scanning process completes. Click "Documents" in the left panel. You can find wanted documents according to the file type. Or, directly search the files' names. When you find the documents, click "Preview" to see if it's the desired one.

scan the PDF/PPT/Word/Excel/TXT files

Step 3. Recover lost documents

Select the wanted PDF/PPT/Word/Excel/TXT/ZIP documents and click the "Recover" button to save them to another secure location.

recover PDF/PPT/Word/Excel/TXT files

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Fix 2. Recover RAR Files from the Recycle Bin

RAR files remain stored in the Windows Recycle Bin after being deleted. Here, you need to perform RAR archive file recovery from there. Go through the steps below to retrieve deleted files from the Recycle Bin:

Step 1. Launch "Recycle Bin" after double-clicking its icon.

Step 2. Since you might not be familiar with deleting RAR files, you may utilize the "Search" function of the Recycle Bin to filter those files rapidly.

Recover RAR files from the recycle bin

Step 3. Right-click the target file and select "Restore" from the context menu.

Once done, the retrieved RAR file will be delivered to its actual location.

Fix 3. Recover Deleted RAR Files from a Backup

Deleted files are often too large to store in the Recycle Bin. Therefore, you may try to retrieve files from previous backups. Retrieving RAR files from earlier versions is effortless if you have turned on File History on Windows.

You may establish the tool to generate backups at specific intervals, which is immensely significant for information protection and returning to the previous file versions. Nevertheless, it can't assist in restoring unsaved information.

Step 1. Launch the search tool on your Windows taskbar and type "control panel." Choose the top result.

Launch control panel

Step 2. Hit "System & Security" and navigate to "File History."

Opt for file history

Step 3. Hit the "Restore personal files" link on the window's left side.

Select restore personal files

Step 4. Move to the folder where your RAR files were previously spotted.

Step 5. Highlight the files you want to retrieve and hit the green button with the rounded arrow. It will help return the files to a similar location.

Fix 4. Try Professional Data Recovery Services

Professional data recovery services can recover RAR archives. EaseUS Data Recovery Services provides complete RAR recovery and repair services. This service is helpful when an app cannot retrieve the files after countless attempts.

Do you prefer expert software to tackle intricate recovery instances, such as RAW disk, reformatting drive, partition loss, system boot error, and others? You should consult with EaseUS data retrieval software for cost-effective retrieval services. With this professional data recovery software, you will get the following services:

Consult with EaseUS data recovery experts for one-on-one manual recovery service. We could offer the following services after a FREE diagnosis

  • Repair corrupted RAID structure, unbootable Windows OS, and corrupted virtual disk files
  • Recover/repair lost partitions and re-partitioned drives
  • Unformat hard drives and repair RAW drives(Bitlocker encrypted drives)
  • Fix disks that become GPT-protected partitions

With knowing how to retrieve or repair corrupted RAR files, you should know what causes RAR file deletion. These are the reasons to adhere to:

  • Shift + Delete critical combinations can cause RAR files to be permanently deleted from your Windows PC, as they don't go to the recycle bin.
  • Data loss may also happen due to the incomplete file system conversion.
  • In case you delete RAR files from the PC and clear the recycle bin, the records will be deleted permanently.


As the RAR file format minimizes the file size without impacting the actual quality of a file, RAR file deletion in Windows is a common scenario.

RAR files that have been erased and those that have experienced corruption are entirely distinct, requiring separate methods and tools for restoring or repairing the file. Furthermore, suppose you cannot fix a broken RAR file utilizing the techniques in this article. In that case, installing the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your system is always beneficial. It restores damaged and misplaced RAR files and a sought-after RAR duplicate of a faulty RAR file.

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Recover RAR Archive Files FAQs

Go through the FAQs below to obtain a better understanding of the topic:

1. Can RAR files be recovered?

Several tools accessible online can extract or recover ZIP and RAR files. These tools come in free and paid versions. Every operating system, including Mac, Windows, Linux, etc., can recover RAR files through powerful data recovery software, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

2. How do I fix a damaged RAR archive?

WinRAR is a widely recognized archiver and archive manager throughout the world. These are the steps to fix a corrupted RAR archive with WinRAR:

  • Install WinRAR on your PC.
  • Spot the damaged RAR file. Then, right-click on it and opt for "Open with WinRAR."
  • Hit "Tools" at the toolbar, and opt for "Repair archive" from the drop-down option.
  • Hit "Browse" in the pop-up window to select a destination location to save the debugged RAR file. After keeping the archive type as RAR, you must hit the "OK" button.
  • The damaged RAR file will be recreated fully within a few seconds. Now, hit the "Close" button.
  • Navigate to the destination location, and the name of the mended RAR file will be "rebuilt.file name.rar."

3. How do I recover archived files?

Launch the archives folder by navigating to your application's data folder, which is usually found in the applications directory. Access the document you are trying to restore by finding its name in the Archive folder. Find the file in this folder that was last stored and launch it.

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