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How to Recover Data from Western Digital/WD Hard Disk

Updated on Jan 03, 2019 by Abby Haines to Storage Media Recovery


Best free Western Digital hard drive repair tool - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition supports you to free restore lost WD data by simple clicks. Free download this software and follow to see how to perform Western digital recovery with ease now.

This article is mainly about external hard drive recovery - Western Digital/WD disk recovery and tells you how to recover data easily from a Western Digital hard drive with free Western Digital/WD disk recovery software. You can download it for free and follow the video tutorial below to see how to recover data from Western Digital hard drive.

About Western Digital(WD) hard disk drive

With the continuous growth in the digital media availability, all this information must be stored somewhere. And of course, the most commonly used storage media must be the hard drive which is also the integrant part of a computer. One of the famous hard drive producers is Western Digital, who needs no more introductions as one of the largest and most highly respected hard drive producers in the industry and provides high-performance hard drives named Western Digital hard disk drive.

Often shortened as WD hard disk, WD hard drive, or WD HDD, Western Digital hard disk is a non-volatile storage device used to store digital information and data on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surfaces.

When you are using a Western Digital hard disk, data recovery knowledge is quite necessary for the event of data loss issues since none of the hard drives producers provides data recovery.

Why do you need to perform Western Digital (WD) disk recovery

  1. Most Western Digital hard disk drive users must be troubled if they accidentally lost the data stored on it.
  2. Sometimes, it is necessary to format the partition or delete a partition and then create a new partition when we reinstall the operating system, however, some people would wrongly format or delete the partition due to carelessness, and only to find the useful and precious data were gone after a few quick clicks.
  3. Far more than that, virus attack, power failure or partition corruption, etc. would also bring you a data loss disaster from Western Digital hard disk.

Whatever, when it comes to Western Digital disk recovery, compared to the complicated and time-consuming manual data recovery service, a third-party hard disk data recovery software must be the first and favorable choice recommended for restoring lost data from Western Digital hard disk drives like My Book Pro, My Book, WD Elements, My Book Studio, etc.

How to use EaseUS Western Digital (WD) disk recovery freeware

And EaseUS data recovery software is just such a powerful and free recovery software designed to retrieve the data from Western Digital, Samsung, Seagate, HP hard disk drives safely and easily. With its abundant functions, it enables you to do deleted files recovery, format recovery, unformat files, recover lost data from hard drive or partition, and even if you deleted the partition, you can also use this freeware to retrieve the data from the lost FAT16, FAT 32, NTFS, EXT2/3 partition or raw to NTFS with its directory tree under Windows.

Step 1. Choose the WD hard drive to scan

  • Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Western Digital hard drive data recovery after installation.
  • Locate and right-click on your WD hard drive partition under the "Hard Disk Drives" list or under "External Devices" list if it's an external hard drive that is connected to your computer/laptop.
  • Click the Scan button.
select your WD hard drive and click scan

Step 2. Preview files in the scan results

  • You can choose to preview pictures, documents, videos or audio files the software has found by means of different view panes on the top right corner under the Search bar.
scan the lost data on the WD hard drive

Step 3. Select files and recover

  • Choose the wanted files you'd like to restore and click the Recover button in the below-left corner. Do not save the data to the original WD drive again. It's going to cause data overwriting.
select files and click recover
Western Digital encrypts the data in external USB hard drives like the"My Book" or "Passport" drives. If the USB-to-SATA interface board fails (which contains an encryption chip), then your chance of recovering the data with a simple "undelete the files" program is zero. You cannot just remove the drive from the USB box and connect it to a desktop machine with SATA cables because the data is still encrypted, even if you did not set a password. Before you take actions, make sure that your WD disk is not one of these types.

What else can EaseUS WD hard disk recovery software do for you

Being professional and easy to use, EaseUS Western Digital/WD disk recovery software can be used to recover deleted files when data was deleted and emptied from the Recycle Bin. It is designed to recover lost data when hard disk drive was formatted, corrupted or displayed as RAW.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works excellently in dealing with the trouble of how to recover data from hard disk drive when the partition was deleted, lost or invisible. It will scan the entire hard disk drive to find out all possible partitions and recover data from them.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition continuously gets good reviews and ratings since its release, why not download it now. It would be a must-have hard disk recovery freeware to easily recover lost data from Western Digital/WD hard disk, Seagate hard disk, HP hard disk, Samsung hard disk, Maxtor hard disk, external USB drive, SD card, flash drive, pen drive or other storage media.