Clone Windows 10 OS to New SSD Without Reinstallation

You can use EaseUS Todo Backup software to clone Windows 10 to a new SSD to upgrade system disk and optimize computer performance effortlessly and safely. And if you encounter 'not enough unallocated space on the target disk' problem during the process because of misoperations. Don't worry, troubleshoot with detailed user guides.

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Updated by Jean on Feb 22, 2023
Written by Tracy King

"Hi guys, do you know how to clone Windows 10 system to a new SSD? I bought a new SSD last Monday and I'm trying to copy my system disk to the new SSD so that I can have a faster Windows system with optimized computer performance. Can I move the Windows 10 system to the new SSD with system and boot partitions at a time without reinstallation? I don't know how to do it, I need help."

Do you want to transfer your Windows 10 system to a larger or newer SSD disk to speed up the computer? Are you trying to optimize your Windows 10 system and change system disk by cloning without re-installation or moving any other partition with data?

Here, we'll provide you an easy and effective method to help you clone Windows 10 OS to new SSD with EaseUS Todo backup and recovery software.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Clone Windows 10 OS to New SSD with EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup does very well in data backup and recovery, copy and clone. You can use it to clone Windows system, disk/partitions, back up disk/partition, system, file, mail, ExchangeDB, ExchangeMail, SQL, create an Emergency disk, and more with ease.

EaseUS Todo Backup Clone VS System Clone

EaseUS Todo Backup offers remarkable HDD/ SSD to SSD cloning feature.

  • Disk/partition clone: Manually select the disk you want to clone and create an exact copy of partition/disk simply and intuitively.
  • System clone: The current system partition and boot partition will be automatically selected and transferred to another HDD or SSD. To ensure that the cloned system disk can start usually, we suggest using the system clone to migrate Windows system.

How to Fix Not Enough Unallocated Space on Target Disk

If there are partitions and data on the target disk, please delete the partition to leave enough unallocated space for loading and saving all system and boot partition data. The unallocated space shall be bigger than the total space of the system and boot partitions. If you have already left enough unallocated space on the target disk, do remember to move it in the front of all other partitions so to ensure that the computer can be boot smoothly from the new disk.   

How to Clone Windows 10 OS to SSD

So now you can download this software and follow the guide below to clone Windows system to a new SSD without re-installation. You can clone Windows 10 to a smaller SSD or a larger HDD/SS.

Video tutorial:

Detail step guide to clone Windows 10 system to SSD.

Step 1. On the main page, find and click "Tools", system clone and other utilities are here.

system clone step1

Step 2. EaseUS Todo Backup will automatically select the boot and system partition, choose the target disk and click "Next."

system clone step1

*System clone will wipe out all data and does not support cloning MBR disk to GPT or vice versa. Make sure that the partition style of the source disk and the target disk are the same.

system clone step3

Step 3. If the target disk is a SSD, choose optimize for SSD in the advanced options.

Optimize for SSD

Step 4. Click "Proceed" to start cloning.

clone system step4

Now you can reboot the computer from new SSD drive without re-installing any programs or system. You'll get improved computer performance with a faster running speed in Windows 10 on SSD now.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

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Written by Tracy King

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