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How to Copy/Clone Bootable USB Drive in Windows 10/8/7

Updated on Apr 02, 2019 by Jean to Todo Backup Resource

This page shows the easiest and fastest way to copy/clone a bootable usb flash drive in Windows 10, 8 and 7 for the purpose of bootable usb backup and disaster recovery.

How can I make an exact copy of a bootable USB flash drive?

"I have a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 7 installation on it, and try to copy flash drive to another flash drive for the purpose of backup. Can't just copy and paste in File Explorer, so do you have any good suggestions?"

Indeed, Ctrl C + Ctrl V (copy and paste) a bootable USB flash drive to another doesn't help. For your information, bootable OS is installed as the installer on the stick, and you need the iso copy of the OS to install on other USB stick.

Why Do You Clone a Bootable USB Drive

As we explained, you can't just copy and paste a bootable flash drive to another. Instead, you can easily achieve the goal by cloning. Usually, for the purpose of bootabUSBusb drive backup and disaster recovery, we need to preserve another copy of the bootable drive. So, how are you going to make it happen?

What's the Fastest Way to Clone a Bootable USB Drive

The Windows doesn't offer a direct way of disk cloning, so there come many third-party disk cloning utilities in order to offer excellent disk copy & disk clone experience. For example, among the dozens of software that enjoys the high reputation, EaseUS Todo Backup is selected as the fastest, easiest yet free USB image tool that supports to clone USB drive to another, including the bootable USB drive.

To clone bootable USB to another, connect both the bootable USB drive and the other storage device to your computer. Now, you can start with the guide.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click "Clone". In the new window, choose the bootable hard drive as the source disk and then click "Next" to continue. 

choose the bootable hard drive as your sorce disk

Step 2. Choose the destination disk or partition. It must have enough space to save your data.

select the destination disk/partition to save your cloned data

Step 3. Preview the disk layout and click "Proceed" to clone the bootable hard drive.

preview the clone settings and click proceed to start hard drive cloning