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Are you interested in learning how to back up your Windows Server on a weekly basis? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to two highly efficient solutions: EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise and Task Scheduler service.

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Necessity of Backup Windows Server
Backup Windows Server Once a Week With EaseUS Todo Backup
Backup Windows Server Once a Week With Task Scheduler Service

Necessity of Backup Windows Server

Windows Server plays a pivotal role in organizations, facilitating the smooth gathering and distribution of files and information based on user needs. However, data integrity can be compromised, leading to potential data loss due to numerous factors such as hardware failures, power interruptions, data corruption, human errors, natural disasters, accidental deletions, and cyber threats such as hacking, theft, and malicious activities. With regards to Windows Server backup, the process involves duplicating the server's content and subsequently using these backups to restore the server, effectively mitigating potential data loss. Nonetheless, the built-in Windows Server Backup tool only offers daily backup options. To cater to users who require weekly backups or less frequent schedules, this article presents two solutions.

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Backup Windows Server Once a Week With EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise offers a Scheduled Backup feature that allows you to automate backups at regular intervals or specific times. The following instructions will assist you in configuring schedule settings and retention rules for creating weekly Windows Server images.

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Windows Small Business Server 2003/2008/2011

Step 1 Launch the product and create a backup image of Windows Server by clicking New Task. Select the desired content for your backup. 

create a backup image of windows server

Step 2 Click on Browse... to determine the Destination where you would like to save the backup image.

select the destination for the backup image

Step 3 Configure Backup options based on your preferences, for example, Enable backup encryption, Send E-Mail Notification, Create Offsite Copy, and other relevant settings.

set up the backup options for the windows server image

Step 4 Click on Schedule: Off to set up a weekly automatic backup schedule.

set up a weekly automatic backup schedule

Step 5 After setting up all configurations, click Proceed to start the backup process. 

start the backup process

Backup Windows Server Once a Week With Task Scheduler Service

task scheduler service

Task Scheduler Service is a tool included with Windows that allows predefined actions to be automatically executed whenever a certain set of conditions is met. Please refer to the steps below to set up the backup for Windows Servers on a weekly basis.

1. Launch Server Manager, locate Task Scheduler under Tools as below.

find out task scheduler

2. Begin by clicking on Create Task in the Actions section. Edit the necessary information for the task. 

create and edit the task

3. Navigate to the Triggers tab. Click on New... and select On a schedule from the pull-down menu. Choose the Weekly option and specify the desired day of the week for running the backup. Finally, click on OK to confirm the settings.

choose the weekly option for the backup


Setting up a weekly schedule backup in the Task Scheduler involves configuring numerous settings, a process that can appear complex, particularly for non-technical users. A minor error in defining parameters can result in task failure. To ensure all scheduled tasks operate flawlessly and bypass these limitations in Task Scheduler, professional server backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise is recommended. This software streamlines the creation of image backups for Windows Server, making the backup process configuration and initiation simpler. Scheduling regular backups ensures constant server and data protection. EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise provides the assurance of full system restoration in the event of unforeseen incidents, allowing you peace of mind.

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Windows Server Backup Once a Week FAQs

1. Why is Windows Server backup important?
Backups allow you to recover from disaster scenarios where data is lost. This could be a result of any number of events such as accidental or intentional file deletion, ransomware, or physical server hardware failure resulting in data corruption.

2. What is the difference between third-party backup and Windows Server backup?
Windows Server Backup typically provides more comprehensive backup capabilities, while third-party backup solutions may focus on specific features such as data encryption, data compression, and so on. Third-party backup solutions are more flexible and customized but may require more technical support and maintenance.

3. What are the disadvantages of task scheduling?
The disadvantage of scheduling activities is the lack of flexibility and it is time-consuming to organize tasks and create a timeline.

4. Does Task Scheduler work for all users?
For security reasons, a non-administrator user cannot view nor manage a Windows Task Scheduler task that was created by another user.

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