How to Clone Hard Drive Remotely

Mastering the skill of remotely cloning a hard drive has become invaluable for both individuals and businesses. Are you looking for a method to remotely clone your hard drive? This article outlines best practices for remotely cloning hard drives and introduces a tool, EaseUS Backup Center, designed specifically for this task.

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Updated by Larissa on Aug 21, 2023
Written by Gap

There may be instances where the disk drive you need to clone is not immediately accessible, or perhaps you wish to clone disks from client computers located in different places. In such cases, a remote cloning process would be necessary.


EaseUS Backup Center, paired with EaseUS Todo Backup, provides a trustworthy and secure solution for remote hard drive cloning. It allows for simple creation, assignment, and review of data copying jobs from a single remote location. The following guide showcases its user-friendly operation and seamless functionality.

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To begin with, install EaseUS Backup Center on the machine from which you'll manage the hard drive copying process. Upon launching the application, a service login page will open in the default browser. Please proceed by creating your own account and password.


Once logged in, you can access the management portal to efficiently manage the client computers containing the disks you need to copy. The product supports the management of multiple computers. Please refer to the subsequent steps for adding your computers.

log into to management portal

Add Client

EaseUS Backup Center offers two simple methods to integrate the computers that house the hard drives you need to copy from into the management portal. Please chose one of the methods to add your computer.

1. Configure Deployment
EaseUS Backup Center works with EaseUS Todo Backup to facilitate the remote copying of your disks. You can install EaseUS Todo Backup directly on your client computers and add them to the EaseUS Backup Center management portal using three deployment configurations: Server Address, Matching Code, and Client connection port. All of these can be found within EaseUS Backup Center.

configure deployment

When installing EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise on the client PC, please enable Component for centralized management, and fill in the Server Address, Client Connection Port, and Matching Code.

install easeus todo backup

2. Generate EaseUS Todo Backup MSI Package
EaseUS Backup Center also offers an on-premise EaseUS Todo Backup MSI package with pre-configured authentication factors. To obtain the package, click Generate on the management portal and install the package on all client PCs on the remote side. Once the installation is complete, the client PC will be automatically added to the management portal.

generate package

Create Client Group

If you have dozens of computers that need to be managed, it is suggested to create several groups at your needs to better organize your clients. 
You can easily create a new group by simply assigning a group name and description, resulting in a static group. All clients can be added to a static group without any restriction. Additionally, EaseUS Backup Center allows for the creation of dynamic groups. This is achieved by specifying a particular range of IP addresses or Operating System versions for adding computers. However, only clients within this specified range can be added to such a group.

create group

Create Task

Following the above procedure, you can then create a task on the EaseUS Backup Center management portal to remotely copy your hard drive. This service offers various backup options, including file, partition, disk, system backup, etc. Please click New Task on the left-hand side and select your hard drive as the Backup Content. Additionally, you are also allowed to customize the tasks with options including Storage Path, Plan Name, and Backup Scheme.

create task

The Deploy to Clients function on the page, enables you to select a group or assign the created task to specific computers for centralized data copy. You have the flexibility to set this up during the process, or alternatively, during the final Deploy Task stage as the next step.

deploy to clients

Deploy Task

With computers added, groups created and backup tasks built, you can now deploy the data copy task to the client computers that house the hard drives. Select the task, and click Deploy Task. If you didn't set up the deployment task group during the backup task creation, you can choose a group or the specific computers to deploy to at this stage and then click Ok. Following these steps will initiate the hard drive copying process through the EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise agent on the client PCs.

deploy task


Remote hard drive cloning offers a convenient and efficient solution for transferring data, creating backups, or upgrading systems. By following the step-by-step process outlined above and using the EaseUS Backup Center, you can clone a hard drive remotely while ensuring the security and integrity of your data. Whether you are an individual seeking to safeguard personal files or a business looking to simplify data migration, remote hard drive cloning with EaseUS Backup Center is a valuable technique to master in today's technologically advanced world.

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How to Clone Hard Drive Remotely FAQs

1. Can I install a cloned hard drive on another computer?
It is acceptable to clone a drive and put it into any other computer or system. To make sure the clone result, it is suggested to use a reliable tool, like EaseUS Todo Backup.
2. How long does it take to clone a 1tb drive to SSD?
The duration it takes to clone a 1TB hard drive to an SSD largely depends on the specific software you're using, the speed of your computer, and the amount of data contained on the drive. However, on average, it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to complete the process.
3. Can you clone a hard drive while the computer is running?
Yes, it is generally possible to clone a hard drive while the computer is running. This is known as "hot cloning." Many modern cloning software solutions, such as EaseUS and Acronis, offer this feature. It allows the system to continue running during the cloning process, minimizing downtime. However, it's recommended to close all non-essential applications to ensure the best possible clone of your drive.
4. Does Windows 10 have a cloning tool?
Windows 10 does not have cloning software. If you wish to clone a hard drive, it is suggested you use professional cloning software, like EaseUS Todo Backup. With this tool, you are able to replace/upgrade hard drives, migrate OS, and clone HDD to SSD without data loss.

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