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For Server Replication, Server Migration, Disaster recovery, and other similar cases, having a dependable cloning tool for your Windows Server is crucial. EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise is a highly recommended which provides effortless assistance and ensures reliable and efficient performance.

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Updated by Daisy on Dec 19, 2023
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The Importance of Windows Server Cloning

In today's fiercely competitive business landscape, having an efficient and reliable server is of paramount importance for any enterprise. However, setting up and configuring servers from scratch, especially when there is a requirement to modify or replace the server, can be a laborious and time-consuming task. This is where the concept of Windows Server cloning comes into play.


By cloning an existing Windows Server, you can swiftly deploy an identical environment and configuration, resulting in significant time and effort savings. Furthermore, this approach helps prevent errors arising from manual configuration and settings, consequently reducing the risk of human error.

Meanwhile, cloning ensures that when system updates, patch installations, or software upgrades are necessary, the new server possesses the same operating system version, updates, and installed software as the original server. This enhances system reliability and consistency.

It is worth noting that Microsoft does provide a comprehensive backup tool called Windows Server Backup for server users. However, it is important to understand that regardless of the version of Windows Server you are using, Windows Server Backup does not have cloning capabilities. 

In this scenario, a reliable Windows Server cloning software is crucial. Among the numerous alternatives accessible in the market, EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise emerges as the ultimate preference due to its exceptional performance, user-friendly interface, and remarkable stability.

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A Powerful Windows Server Cloning Software

EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise is a comprehensive tool designed to safeguard important data and ensure the security of your Windows Server by utilizing cloning or backup techniques. Its primary objective is to guarantee the uninterrupted performance of Windows Server systems while delivering optimum results.

One-Time Clone
Replacing the hard drive is a task that is frequently required, either due to a malfunctioning drive or the need for additional storage capacity. Fortunately, EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise provides a Clone feature that simplifies Disk/Partition Clone, including System Clone. You can easily find it in the Tools section, which is located on the left side of the home page.


Note: Dynamic volume clone is supported as well.

Schedule Clone
In terms of System Clone and Disk Clone, you have the opportunity to optimize your cloning experience by scheduling clone runs. This implies that you can designate a particular time for the cloning procedure to occur automatically, or even opt for regular intervals for the clones to occur.

For instance, let's consider the process of scheduling a System Clone. The following are the steps involved:

To find Schedule Clone feature, go to Tools in the menu. From there, ensure that both the source disk and target disk are selected. In the Settings option, you have the opportunity to customize the clone task based on your own preferences. If your target disk is an SSD, it is highly advisable to tick Optimize for SSD option.

Here is a concise guide to configuring schedule settings. In this section, you have the option to select from five different types of Schedule Clone and make use of Advanced Settings. You can choose to create clones that occur only once, daily, weekly, monthly, or even upon specific events.


Note: Once the plan is carried out, all data on the target partition or disk will be permanently erased. The target disk will consistently store the most up-to-date clone data. If you would like to preserve history versions, we suggest using Schedule Backup in EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise instead.


EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise provides companies with an incomparable solution that is swift, user-friendly, and steadfast. If you are in need of an effective and trustworthy cloning and backup solution, do not hesitate to make use of this exceptional software. Enhance your efficiency and dependability with EaseUS.

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Best Windows Server Cloning Software FAQs

1. Do I need to activate Windows after cloning?
If you make significant hardware changes on your computer, such as replacing your motherboard, or if you move/clone Windows 10 to a different hard drive, Windows will no longer find a license that matches your computer and will require the reactivation of Windows.

2. Is it better to reinstall Windows or clone?
After all, cloning is a preferable choice if your current operating system and other software are in a good working state. This is because, when you opt for a fresh installation, you will have to reinstall all drivers, software, and other components, in addition to reconfiguring all software settings and remembering passwords.

3. Is EaseUS cloning freely?
Regarding the clone feature, EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise offers a demo edition for testing purposes. However, this version only allows users to create a plan and does not support actual operations. The clone feature is available exclusively in the paid edition.

4. What is active disk cloning? 
Active disk cloning is a process that involves creating a duplicate, or clone, of a live or actively running disk or partition on a computer system. Unlike traditional disk cloning, which typically requires the system to be offline or the disk to be unmounted, active disk cloning allows for the cloning process to be performed while the system and disk are still in use.  Fortunately, with EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise, you can perform cloning on the fly.

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