Common Errors Result in Partition Loss

What are the common errors for people losing partitions? Viewing feedbacks from our verified customers, we conclude the following three major causes.

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  • 1. Deleting or missing partitions while system installation
  • 2. Partition loss due to viruses, bad software, and operator error
  • 3. Human misdoing – accidental deleted or disk repartition

Two Cases in Partition Recovery with Relevant Solutions

Case 1. The Whole Partition Recovery

Windows Partition Lost

"I meant to format a partition in Windows 7, however, perhaps I did something wrong which led the partition disappeared instead of formatting it. How do I recover the partition?"

Solution Recover Lost/Deleted Partition

Partition recovery tool: Partition Recovery Wizard

As long as the partition table has not been severely damaged, this method shall be your best choice to get the whole partition back along with the data inside.

Useful Tips:

  • This solution only applies to the situation that the partition is lost or deleted without any damage to the partition table.
  • Don't create a new partition on the drive where you lost the partition; otherwise it's unlikely to get the whole partition back.

Case 2. Data Recovery from Partitions

Files Loss Due to Improper Handle with NTFS Partition

"I use Disk Management on Windows to extend one partition by shrinking another one. They're NTFS file system. However, some very precious pictures and videos are missing on the resized partitions. Please help!"

Data loss on External Hard Drive Partition

"When I download some videos to the USB drive, it prompts the message telling me the drive is out of space. So I have to delete some useless data to free the space. Sadly, I mistakenly format the partition instead of deleting a portion of data."

Solution Recover Data & Files from Lost / Deleted / Invisible / Formatted / Resized / RAW Partition

Partition recovery tool: Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
                                             Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

Once the partition table is detected to be severely damaged or corrupted, or a new partition has been created on the drive where the partition lost, you can't have the whole partition back any more. At this moment, grasp the last chance to recover data and files on the lost, formatted or other problematic partitions.

Useful Tips:

  • This partition data recovery solution applies to all the data loss scenarios, including partition loss, deletion, format, invisible, viruses and crash.
  • Once data loss on hard disk partition or external hard disk partition, stop writing new data into your drive in case of data overwriting.

Q & A in More Partition Recovery Scenarios

Q: Will both of your partition recovery software support Windows 10, the newest OS?
A: Yes, absolutely. The demand for partition data recovery surges with Windows 10 popularity since its release, and many inexperienced computer users are subject to data loss on system partition by resizing it to install Windows 10. Our software has helped them find the lost data, fortunately.

Q: Can I recover data from my HFS+ partition on Mac?
A: Yes, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports File System: FAT(FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3, HFS+;

Q: Is your tool able to recover lost photos on formatted partitions?
A: Yes, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports recovering almost any file type including but not limited to photos, documents, video, music, email, and archive files.


We Offer More Recovery Options Than You Imagine

  • Deleted Data Recovery

    Fully recover all deleted data by means of removing from recycle bin or using shift delete on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

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  • All Files Recovery

    Completely recover all types of files that are lost in countless scenarios. For future data security, you may need to learn backup files in a regular basis.

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1. Why partition recovery is possible?

On your hard drive there is a hidden area that called Master Boot Record, which holds all the information about the disk partitions. For average users, once it gets deleted or damaged, it seems that you completely lose access to the data inside. However, deleted or lost partitions can be found by EaseUS partition data recovery software, and if the partition table is only slightly affected by deleting, it will just take a second to find all the partitions.

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