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How to Bypass PIN Windows 10 | Beginners' Guide

If you don't remember the Windows PIN, how do you access the system? In this article, you'll learn how to bypass PIN Windows 10. Read on to learn more.

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Updated on Apr 24, 2024

Hi, I changed my Windows password, and one of my family did it as well, and for some reason, it only displays the PIN code. I tried logging in, but all of us don't have the PIN code. There isn't any option for the password or an option for forgetting the PIN code. - Microsoft Forum

Forgetting your Windows 10 PIN can be frustrating. No one wants to be locked out of their own devices. If you encounter a situation similar to the example above and don't know how to resolve the issue, continue reading. This comprehensive guide from EaseUS will offer you three answers to how to bypass PIN Windows 10.

Way 1. Bypass PIN Windows 10 via Password Removal Tool

If you're locked out of your PC and having trouble signing in to your Windows 10 account due to a forgotten PIN, a password removal tool is exactly what you need.

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For a way to bypass the PIN ASAP, EaseUS Partition Master Professional offers an additional feature to help users. It can help you bypass PIN on the Windows system without logging in. All you need is this powerful tool and a USB drive to complete the process. If you are good to go, check the steps below.

Step 1. Insert the target USB disk into a computer, run EaseUS Partition Master, and click "Toolkit" > "Password Reset."

pin clear 1

Step 2. A message will pop up. After reading it carefully, click "Create" to create bootable media.

click create

Step 3. Select the correct USB flash drive and click "Create" and "Yes." This will erase all data on the USB, so please back up if any important data on it.

select the usb drive

Step 4. Wait patiently. After the password reset USB flash drive is created, connect the USB to the locked PC. Restart the locked PC and press F2/F8/F11/Del to enter the BIOS, set the bootable USB as the boot drive. Once completed, the system will automatically boot from the USB.

boot from the usb

Step 5. After restarting, launch EaseUS Partition Master again and go to "Password Reset." All accounts on the PC will be displayed in the interface; click on the target account and check "Reset & Unlock."

select the account

Step 6. When you receive this prompt, click "Confirm" to continue. Your password will be erased.

password reset success

Not only can it remove the PIN on your device, but also remove the password on your Windows. Feel free to click the following buttons to share this tool and help other users.


Way 2. Bypass PIN Windows 10 via Authentication

If you forgot the Windows PIN code and need to regain access to your PC, Microsoft has provided several secure methods to regain access and reset your forgotten PIN. The recommended approach is to reset the PIN through the official Windows settings. This process involves verifying your identity via a 4-digit code acquired on your Microsoft account or answering the preset security questions.

Step 1. On the login screen, input an incorrect PIN to show the "I forget my PIN" option.


Step 2. Click on it and then input your Microsoft account password, or use your email to get a verification code to verify your identity.


Step 3. Click "Continue" and reset your Windows PIN.

Step 4. Click "OK" to save it.

After this, try the new PIN and see if you can successfully enter the Windows desktop.

Way 3. Bypass PIN Windows 10 via New Local Account

There's another way to bypass PIN on Windows 10 - create a new account. However, it takes a lot of steps and some command lines. Some beginners might find it complex and even encounter unexpected issues during the operation.

If you are ready, follow the guide below.

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Step 1. Connect a Windows Bootable USB or CD to your locked computer. Then, boot Windows 10 from the USB.

Step 2. In the new window, click "Next" and then "Repair your computer."


Step 3. Go to "Troubleshoot" > "Command Prompt" and input regedit to open Registry Editor.

Step 4. Go to "Computer" > "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE." Then, click "File" on the top bar and select "Load Hive."


Step 5. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\config and open the file called "SYSTEM." Then, name it as BYPASSPIN or whatever you want.

Step 6. Then, go to "Computer" > "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" > "BYPASSPIN" > "Setup."

  • Double-click on "CmdLine," modify its value data as cmd.exe, and hit "OK."
  • Double-click on "SetupType," set its value data as 2, and hit "OK."

Step 7. Go back to "Computer" > "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE." Select BYPASSPIN, click on "File" in the bar, and select "Unload Hive."

Step 8. Close Registry Editor and Command Prompt widows. Click "Continue" to access the Windows system.

Step 9. During the startup, the cmd.exe window will pop up. Input net user and hit "Enter," and you will see the current accounts on your computer.

Step 10. Now, type in the following commands and hit "Enter" after each to create a new account:

  • net user (a new username) (a new password) /add
  • net localgroup administrators (a new username) /add

Then, enter exit to continue.


Step 11. Then, you'll enter the Windows sign-in screen. Choose the new account you just created and log in with the password you set.

Step 12. Now, you may notice the desktop is quite empty. Go to C:\Users\admin\Desktop, and you will see all your files that belong to your old account.

Don't forget to share these methods with other users who might benefit from them.



With the detailed tutorial on bypassing PIN in Windows 10 on this page, you can quickly access the system without risking your data. EaseUS Partition Master is the fastest and safest way to remove the PIN from a computer. With these practical and easy-to-follow solutions in mind, you can get back to using your Windows 10 device easily.

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Bypass PIN Windows 10 FAQs

1. Can I use Windows 10 without PIN?
Yes, you can disable PIN on Windows 10 in Settings. Open Settings and go to Accounts. Find Windows Hello PIN in Sign-in options and remove it.
2. What to do if you dont remember your password or PIN Windows 10?
You can use tools like EaseUS Partition Master to remove the password or PIN on your Windows 10 if you forgot them.
3. Is Windows PIN the same as password?
Windows PIN is not the same as a password. The PIN is local to your device, while the password is associated with your account

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