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Thanks for reading my articles. I sincerely hope they can give you a clue in problem-solving.

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Melissa is a sophisticated editor for EaseUS in tech blog writing. She is proficient in writing articles related to screen recording, video editing, and PDF file converting.

Melissa has worked as a technical writer since she graduated from university. She wrote many essays related to screen recording, video editing, and iOS & Android problem solving. All she wants is to provide solutions to help people. Now she's concentrated on solving PDF-related problems, online or offline.
As a graduate of Business English, Melissa received her bachelor's degree from SWUST. After graduation, she was passionate about writing non-literary articles and gained a lot of experience, which has laid a solid foundation for her current job.
In her spare time, Melissa enjoys watching English TV series and movies. She also likes to sing and travel.

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2022 | How to Play WMA on Mac with 4 Feasible Ways [New]

Since QuickTime can not play WMA files directly, in this article, we prepared some other ways to play WMA on Mac for you. Read along and choose the way you like.

Melissa Lee   |   Aug 30, 2022

[New] Top 6 Game Screen Recorder for iOS Devices

Do you love playing games on your iOS Device? There are some of the best game screen recorder for iOS devices. You can choose to mirror, record with audio, in full-screen mode, and then export in a format so it works everywhere.

Melissa Lee   |   Aug 30, 2022

How to Play WAV Files on Your Devices without Hassle [2022]

There are many audio file formats in the world, and WAV is an indispensable one. As is widely used, WAV can be played by many programs on different systems and devices. However, some people have no idea how to play it. Therefore, in this article, we will give you tutorials on how to play WAV files.

Melissa Lee   |   Aug 29, 2022

Easiest 4 Ways to Trim WAV File for Free in 2022 - EaseUS

When you get a WAV file and file too long or too noisy, you may need to cut off the unwanted parts. But do you know how to do so? In this article, we will show you how to trim WAV files without hassle.

Melissa Lee   |   Aug 29, 2022

How to Trim a Zoom Recording with Easiest 4 Ways in 2022

Have you ever recorded a Zoom video that is too long to save? If you have, then you may need to cut off the unwanted parts. In this article, we will show you how to trim a Zoom recording in several ways.

Melissa Lee   |   Aug 29, 2022

5 Ways on How to Play MKV files on Mac [2022 Newest]

et an MKV file but cannot play it directly? If you have met this problem, you can stop worrying now. We are writing this tutorial to show you how to play MKV files on Mac computers. Read through it and pick one way you like.

Melissa Lee   |   Aug 26, 2022

2022 | How to Edit a Voice Recording on Phone and Computer Easily

Recorded a voice recording but found it not satisfying? If so, you may edit it to your satisfaction. But if you are not aware of how to do so, no worries. In this guide, we will show you how to edit a voice recording on your various devices.

Melissa Lee   |   Aug 25, 2022

3 Ways to Trim Videos on Windows for Free [2022 Updated]

If you want to make a video shorter or remove unwanted parts from a video, you may need this guide. In this article, we give you three methods on how to trim videos on Windows. And the way for Windows 10 users is also included.

Melissa Lee   |   Aug 25, 2022

11 Best Free Screen Recorder No Time Limit [2022]

If you are looking to record your screen for a longer period of time, you are going to need a free screen recorder no time limit. It is a bit difficult to find such a recorder but our guide here should help you with that. The guide covers 11 screen recorders no time limit for Windows and Mac.

Melissa Lee   |   Aug 24, 2022

How to Record Google Meet on Phone and Laptop with Audio as A Participant

How to record Google Meet? In order to review a Google Meet session, you need to record it first. To do this, you can use the built-in function. However, a third-party program is needed to capture the Google Meet as a student who doesn't get permission to record. We give you a detailed tutorial on how to record a Google Meet on Windows, iPhone, and Android.

Melissa Lee   |   Aug 24, 2022

Top 10 FLV Players on Different Devices [2022]

Finding out an ideal FLV player can be challenging. However, this detailed guide simplifies the process by offering the top 10 software for all devices. EaseUS RecExperts, VLC Media Player, QuickTime, and others are included in this list.

Melissa Lee   |   Aug 22, 2022

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