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How to Clone Bootable Hard Drive

Posted on Aug 21, 2017 by Abby Haines to Todo Backup Resource

EaseUS backup software is the easiest and most efficient way to clone bootable hard drive! Try it to migrate OS from one hard drive/PC to another without reinstalling Windows or backup OS in case of unexpected system failure.

Does anyone know of a utility to clone bootable hard drive?
"I want to create a bootable clone of a Windows system and I have spent hours searching online to figure out how to get the job done but found no way. Is there anyone knows of a utility to clone 
bootable hard drive?"

Why do Users want to Clone Bootable Hard Drive?
What Can You Benefit From The Operation?

Cloning bootable hard drive means making an exact copy of a bootable hard drive. Just like the case mentioned above, there are a large number of users are looking for a way to do the job. And in different situations, they do it for different reasons and benefits.

Benefit 1 - Upgrade Hard Drive Without Reinstalling Windows And Applications 

Thinking that your internal hard drive is full of APP data or other types of files and your PC is becoming lower and lower day by day because of low disk space, in this situation, most of you will choose to buy a large disk to replace the smaller one to get better performance. To make it, you may want to clone bootable hard drive so that you can transfer OS to new hard drive without reinstalling Windows and applications. 

Benefit 2 - Migrate OS From One Computer To Another 

Similar with disk upgrade, sometimes, you need to move from an old computer to a new one. In this case, you may want to clone bootable hard drive so that you can transfer OS to the new computer along with the programs and data files.

Benefit 3 - Backup OS In Case Of Unexpected System Failure

Except for OS migration, some of you might want to clone bootable hard drive for backup. So you can revert back to the cloned state instead of have to actually reinstall and reconfigure everything whenever your system is failing and stopping to work unexpectedly for certain reasons.

EaseUS Backup Software 
The Easiest And Most Efficient Way to Clone Bootable Hard Drive!

As Windows doesn't offer a way to clone bootable hard drive, so you have to turn to third-party tools. Here, EaseUS Backup Software with disk clone feature is the easiest and most efficient way to help you manage the job. 

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click "Clone". In the new window, choose the bootable hard drive as the source disk and then click "Next" to continue. 

Clone bootable hard drive - choose the source disk

Step 2. Choose the destination disk or partition. Tick "Sector by sector clone" in Advanced options, with it, you can clone all sectors from source disk to the destination disk. You are allowed to preview the disk layout in advance, then click "Proceed" to clone bootable hard drive.

Clone bootable hard drive - choose the destination disk

If you find the cloned disk can not boot, you can refer to cloned hard drive won't boot, how to make clone drive bootable to learn how to get the problem fixed.