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How to Clone a Bootable Hard Drive in Windows 10/8/7

Updated on Aug 11, 2019 by Abby Haines to Todo Backup Resource

EaseUS Todo Backup software provides the easiest and most efficient way to clone bootable hard drive in Windows 10. Try it to migrate OS from HDD to SSD, clone a smaller bootable HDD to a bigger one without reinstalling Windows, or back up OS in case of unexpected system/hard failure.

Does anyone know of software to clone a bootable hard drive?

"I want to clone a bootable drive for Windows 10 system and avoid the cloned drive not working problem. I have spent hours searching online to figure out how to get the job done but found no way. Can anyone recommend a possible solution to clone boot drive?"

The bootable clone is an exact copy of bootable hard drive on the computer, including the operating system and other files. To a clone bootable hard drive for Windows 10, you can choose to clone the entire disk or clone the partition(s) which contain the operating system and related boot files. Bootable clone brings you a lot of benefits.

  • Upgrade the low-space hard drive and transfer OS to a new hard drive without reinstalling operating system and applications.
  • Clone OS from HDD to smaller SSD for faster reading & writing speed, and better stability & performance.
  • Back up OS in case of unexpected system failure, so you can revert to the cloned version with a bootable hard drive and keep the precious data intact.

The Best Software to Clone Bootable Drive 

Like mentioned above, bootable clone shows many conveniences. But the premise of these benefits is to choose the right tool. Otherwise, you may face a failed clone or even risk data loss. Then, what is the best and software to clone a bootable hard drive most simply and safely? We highly recommend you try EaseUS Todo Windows backup software that offers you the "System Clone" feature clone boot drive. As long as the system partition and boot partition is on the same drive, you can use this tool to migrate Windows 10 to another hard drive or computer in one-click.

Apart from the system clone, EaseUS Todo Backup is also renown for its great abilities of file backup, Outlook backup, cloud backup, disk/partition backup, as well as the system backup.

How to Clone Bootable Hard Drive for Windows 10/8/7

We give you both the video and text tutorials to clone a bootable drive with EaseUS Todo Backup. Choose what works best for you. 

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click "System Clone". The current system (Windows 10) partition and boot partition will be automatically selected.

click system clone so that you can clone Windows 10

Tips: System Clone is not available for use under the condition that your system partition and boot partition are not on the same drive.

Step 2. Choose the target drive - It could be a hard drive or an SSD.

choose a target drive to save your Windows 10

Step 3. Click "Proceed" to start cloning Windows 10.

click proceed to start Windows 10 cloning

After the process is completed, please reboot your computer to your target drive.

If you find the cloned disk cannot boot, you can refer to cloned hard drive won't boot to learn how to get the problem fixed.