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How to resize Windows Server 2008 partition without data loss

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Why resize Server 2008 partition

What will you do if your boot partition C: drive is out of space? How do you deal with the situation when your Server computer is less responsive to you, especially you need to do some emergency work? To start over is a solution but very few people would like to waste their happy weekend to do this boring job. The most popular way to extend small C: drive is to find a professional Windows Server partition manager software. This article will introduce Windows Server 2008 and how to resize Server 2008 partition.

Windows Server 2008 is the server operating system that Microsoft is most proud of so far. As it is built from the same code base on Windows Vista, it shares same architecture and functionality with Vista to some degree.

Most Windows Server 2008 users are using a 64-bit system. What can they do if they are confronted with partition problems, for example, the system partition is out of space? Is there any easy, safe, and fast way to resize Server 2008 64 bit partition?

Relatively speaking, servers are more important than normal personal computers for it contains a large amount of confidential data of a company. More attention should be paid to the security and secrecy of Servers, and this is the reason why many Server administrators always make a fuss when choosing the software to install on their Servers. To choose some computer utilities, which are really useful to maximize the performance of the Servers is urgent but troublesome.

Resize Server 2008 partition with Diskpart command

  • Open the Start Menu and type cmd in the Start Menu search box. Then press "Enter".
  • Type diskpart at the command prompt.
  • Type list volume and press "Enter".
  • Type select volume * and press "Enter".
  • Type shrink/extend desired = (* MB) and press "Enter".
  • Type exit and press "Enter" and close it.


1. Extending a partition can be only realized by Diskpart.exe when there is unallocated space behind the partitions that need to be expanded.

2. Diskpart command cannot move the partition. In most cases, the unallocated space is not behind the partition you want to extend or there is just no unallocated space that you can use. Under this condition, you would need professional server partition manager software to help you resize Server 2008 partition.

Resize Server 2008 partition with Disk Management

Windows Server 2008 built-in Disk Management has the ability to shrink volume and extend volume. It can resize Windows Server 2008 partition.

To shrink Windows Server 2008 volume, right click on the volume that you want to resize and select the option "Shrink Volume".

Shrink Server 2008 Volume

To extend Windows Server 2008 volume, right click on the volume to be extended and select "Extend Volume" and then specify the amount of space by which you want to extend the volume.

Extend Windows Server 2008 partition

Actually, Windows Server 2008 Disk Management is interfaced from Diskpart.exe, so Disk Management's shortcomings also reflect the limitations of Diskpart command.

Resize Server 2008 partition with Server partition manager software

As a Windows Server 2008 user, I always think that resizing server 2008 is not an easy task. Some unreliable software might destroy all your important data during the process of resizing Windows Server 2008 partition. Now, I found a fantastic tool to partition Server 2008 - EaseUS Partition Master Server Edition. As a professional Server partition manager, it did everything I needed and performed all the advanced functions well just as it claimed. With the help of EaseUS Partition Master Server, you will find that it is really a simple task to resize partitions on Windows Server 2008. For example, if you want to resize a partition like D: Drive on your Windows Server 2008, but you worry about the data security during the resizing process, then this partition manager software, especially for Servers, would be a perfect choice for you. It allows you freely resize Server 2008 partition without destroying data. Aside from resizing Server 2008 partition, it can also move, create, delete, merge, and format your Server partitions and even migrate OS to HDD/SSD etc.

Before your partitioning, try EaseUS Todo Backup Server to ensure your data security.

Below is the step-by-step tutorial to resize Server 2008 partition by this Server 2008 partition manager:

Step 1. Locate the Target Partition

To start extending partition, you should first launch EaseUS Partition Master and locate the target partition which you would like to extend.

Step 2. Extend the Target Partition

1. Right-click on the target partition which you would like to extend and select "Resize/Move".

Select target partition to extend

2. Drag the partition panel rightward or leftward to add unallocated space into your current partition and click "OK" to confirm.

choose another drive to allocate space

3. If there is no or not enough unallocated space on your disk, use the advanced partition resizing function to directly allocate free space from other partitions to the target drive without deleting or formatting.

Find the "Allocate XX space from" option, then click "Select partition". Choose the partition from which you want to allocate space. Drag the partition panel rightward or leftward to resize the partition you want to extend. Then click "OK" to confirm.

choose another drive to allocate space

Step 3. Execute Operations to Extend Partition

Click the "Execute Operation" button and click "Apply" to keep all the changes. 

finish extending partition

Supported Operating System

This Server 2008 partition manager can support Windows 2000 Server SP4; Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4; Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition; Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition; Windows Server 2003 x64 Standard Edition; Windows Server 2003 x64 Enterprise Edition; Windows Server 2008; and Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise Edition.

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