Deleted File Recovery

This module works only with deleted files and allows to "undelete" them (another popular term is "unerase").
Intact file system is important for this module. If you know that there is something wrong with your file system (for example, you did not delete some folders/files but you cannot access them), you should use "Complete Recovery" module.

First of all, select the file types you want to recvoer and then you can see the list of all logical partitions found on Host Computer. For each one listed here, the Data Recovery Wizard displays a number of statistics, including the partition label, the type of file system, the capacity, and its information. (If the partition did not appear in system, they will not be listed here. Then please choose the "Complete Recovery" or "Partition Recovery".)

Choose one of them and press the "NEXT" button (if you are familiar with file system details, you can change "Option" before pressing the "NEXT" button). Besides, double clicking on the partition or choosing "Recover" from the right-click menu brings you the same result. In general, before giving you the final result, the program will prompt a tip "If the files you need are not found or the recovered files are incorrect, please go to Complete Recovery mode!" Just click "OK" to accept it.

Then you will see the "Building Directory". The Data Recovery Wizard will read file system information on selected partitions. If you click the "Cancel" button, you will be prompted with this dialog: "Abort Building"?
If your answer is "No", the recovery process will continue.
If your answer is "Yes", then you will be transferred to the Partition List Page.

This user guide refers to 7.5 or earlier versions. If you are using new version, please visit the new guide with the link below: