How to Clone Windows Server 2019

Data cloning serves as a preventive measure against data loss. If you're searching for a method to clone your Windows Server 2019, EaseUS is your go-to solution. This article offers a simple strategy to fulfill your requirements through the use of a reliable tool, EaseUS Todo Backup.

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Updated by Daisy on Dec 19, 2023
Written by Gap

Windows Server 2019 is a powerful operating system that caters to the needs of businesses by providing robust features. Cloning your Windows Server device is essential to safeguarding your valuable data and ensuring business continuity. 


There are several ways to clone Windows Server 2019. Often, users will directly back up a computer using the Windows Server Backup tool and restore the backup data when required. However, for setting up multiple servers or creating backups, cloning offers a more convenient solution, making it possible to create an exact replica of your server, thus saving time and effort in manual setup.

This article will provide detailed steps on how to go about the cloning process and introduce a tool specifically designed for this task: the EaseUS Todo Backup.

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Clone Windows Server 2019 with EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup, with its user-friendly interface and safety measures, allows you to select the specific data for cloning. It also offers you the option to schedule the clone task to be performed at your preferred date. Follow the steps below to clone your Windows Server 2019.

Immediate Clone
1. Start by clicking the Clone function on the left-hand side.


2. Under the From: menu, select the data you wish to clone. You have the option to clone the system, specific partitions, and disks. For instance, in this guide, we will select System clone.

system destination

3. Once the data to be cloned is selected, you can set the destination to save it under the To: menu. Drop down this menu, and select a path to store the data. After completing these steps, you'll notice a Settings option appear. Select this option based on your cloning requirements. 

The Sector by sector clone option clones all sectors, even the blank ones, ensuring that the destination hard drive/partition is a mirror image of the source. The Optimize for SSD option guarantees sector alignment during the process if the destination disk is an SSD.


After configuring your settings, click Proceed to commence the cloning process. However, note that the cloning process will erase all data on the destination disk/partition. Please bear this in mind before clicking Continue.


Schedule Clone 
If you wish to schedule an automatic clone at a specific time or at regular intervals, please select Schedule Clone.

schedule clone

Start by selecting the data you want to clone and a destination for storage. Next, you can personalize the name of the scheduled clone plan and write a description for clarity in the Plan Name & Description field.


Once the above steps are completed, configure your cloning scheme according to your preference. Click Schedule: Off to begin the process.


Click New to set a specific date for the cloning process. You can schedule the clone to occur on a one-time, daily, or weekly basis. After making your selection, click the Add button.


Furthermore, the Advanced Settings option allows you to guarantee a successful cloning process.


After configuring the settings, click Save to return to the home page. If no changes are required, click Create Schedule. The cloning process will then execute at the scheduled date. Please note that when the cloning process begins, all data on the target partition or disk will be permanently deleted. Consequently, the target disk will always hold the most recent cloned data.

create schedule

Copy Windows Server 2019 with Windows Server Backup

Windows Server has a built-in feature called Windows Server Backup, designed to streamline the backup process. Follow the steps below to back up your Windows Server to an external disk.

1. Start the Backup Wizard
To begin, navigate to the console and locate the Local Backup node on the left-hand side. Then, in the Actions pane, click on Backup Schedule.... After completing this step, click Next to proceed.

local backup

2. Choose Backup Type
In the Backup Schedule Wizard, select the type of backup you want to perform. Windows Server 2012 R2 offers two options: Full server backup and Custom backup, which allows you to select specific volumes and files for backup. Choose a backup configuration and then click Next to continue.


3. Specify Backup Time
The above process will prompt you to set the backup time. You can adjust the backup frequency according to your needs, whether that's scheduling a backup once a day or multiple times throughout the day. Once you've made your selection, click Next to continue.


4. Specify Backup Destination
Once you've made your selection, choose a destination to store your backup data, and then click Next.

destination type

After following the above steps and verifying the details, click Finish to execute the backup.



Cloning Windows Server 2019 offers a fast and efficient method for setting up multiple servers or creating backups. Compared to Windows Server Backup, EaseUS provides a simpler and more convenient cloning process. By properly configuring the cloning process and selecting the appropriate cloning method, EaseUS Todo Backup guarantees a smooth and successful cloning procedure.

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How to Clone Windows Server 2019 FAQs

1. Does cloning a drive make it bootable?
Yes, the cloning will make your hard drive bootable. Cloning a hard drive means creating the exact copy of the original drive, including the system, applications, and settings.

2. How long does it take to clone Windows?
It depends on how much data you need to move, how quickly the cloning program runs, the read and write speeds, the computer system, the hard disk, etc. Therefore, the usual wait time would be between 10 mins and 1 hour. A 100GB hard drive will take roughly 17 minutes to copy if your cloning speed is 100MB/s.

3. Is it faster to clone a drive or copy files?
Cloning a drive is generally faster than copying individual files. This is because cloning creates an exact replica of the entire drive, including the file system and all data while copying files individually requires reading and transferring each file separately. Cloning allows for a more efficient transfer of data as it can transfer multiple files simultaneously, resulting in faster overall speeds. However, the speed of cloning or copying can also depend on various factors such as the size of the drive, the speed of the storage devices, and the system resources available.

4. Can you use your computer while cloning a drive?
Yes, using your computer while cloning a hard drive is possible, but too much activity can slow down the process and increase the risk of errors. To save time, use a reliable disk cloning tool like EaseUS Todo Backup and only do low-impact activities while cloning your hard drive.

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