How to Back Up Active Directory Incrementally

Performing incremental backups of Active Directory is crucial to prevent any potential data loss. If you are seeking a method to accomplish this task, look no further than EaseUS. This article provides a detailed guide to help you accomplish the process.

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Updated by Gap on Nov 20, 2023

Active Directory is a critical resource, stores and organizes information about users, computers, and other network components. Hence, it's essential to have a robust backup strategy in place to safeguard Active Directory from potential risks. An incremental backup, which captures only the changes since the last backup, operates faster and requires less storage space, making it an optimal strategy for backing up Active Directory.

This article introduces two secure approaches to carrying out incremental backups of Active Directory. Additionally, it suggests utilizing EaseUS Todo Backup, a dependable and user-friendly tool, to effectively accomplish this task.

Windows Server includes an Active Directory backup feature, enabling you to complete the backup process through Windows Server Backup.

As an administrator, it's also highly recommended to use a third-party tool for the protection of your Active Directory.  EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise comes with a dedicated Active Directory feature to assist you in accomplishing this backup.

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Backup Active Directory with Windows Server Backup 

Before initiating the backup process, please verify that the Windows Server Backup feature is installed on your computer. In case it is not installed, kindly follow the steps outlined below to install it.
1. Open Server Manager from the Windows start menu and click on Add roles and features.

2. Click on Next directly in the first four steps. When you reach the Features section, choose Windows Server Backup and click on Next. After the process is finished, click on Close. Now, Windows is prepared for backup.

3. Open Server Manager and click on Tools in the top right corner to open Windows Server Backup. Then refer to the below steps to backup Active Directory.

4. In the console, click on the Local Backup node and click on Backup Schedule... under the Actions pane. Once done, click Next to move forward.

5. Select Backup Configuration. You can either choose Full server to backup the whole server data, or Custom to select specific volumes and files for backup.

6. Specify Backup Time. Configure your backup frequency as per your requirements. You have the option to schedule backups for your Active Directory once a day or multiple times throughout the day. Once you have made your selection, click on Next to proceed.

7. Specify Destination Type. After the above process, please choose a destination to save the data and click Next.

8. After completing the above steps, click Finish to create the backup task.

9. Once the backup task is created, click Configure Performance proceed to the Optimize Backup Performance page.

10. Set it as the Faster backup performance which expedites the backup process by only tracking the modifications made since the last backup. Afterward, click OK. Consequently, incremental backups of your Active Directory will be performed at the designated time.

Backup Active Directory Incrementally with EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise

EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise offers you the functionality to directly create backups of Active Directory. This feature facilitates a seamless and effective process for backing up and restoring Active Directory.

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After installing EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise on your Windows Server, kindly launch the application and follow the steps below:
1. Kindly navigate to the left side and click on New Task. From the options presented, select Active Directory. To change the backup destination, click on Browse....

2. Click on Schedule: Off to set up a regular backup task. It can be One-time, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Supported backup types include Full, Incremental, and Differential.

3. After finalizing the schedule, click on Proceed to initiate a backup for your Active Directory.


This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to perform incremental backups of Active Directory. When it comes to facilitating the incremental backup process, EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise is the top choice due to its user-friendly interface, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Backup Active Directory Incremental FAQs

1. What is the best way to backup Active Directory?
You can either use Windows Server Backup, or a reliable third-party tool, such as EaseUS Todo Backup, to back up the Active Directory.
2. How often should you back up Active Directory?
You should back up your Active Directory regularly with an interval that doesn't exceed 60 days. AD services presume that the age of the Active Directory backup cannot be more than the lifetime of AD tombstone objects, which by default is 60 days.
3. Where is Active Directory backup stored?
Active Directory backups are typically stored on domain controllers or on external storage devices such as tapes or disks. The specific location can vary depending on the configuration and backup strategy employed by the organization.
4. Which type of backup requires more storage space than incremental backup?
In a full backup, all data and files are copied and stored, regardless of whether they have changed since the last backup. This means that a full backup takes up more space as it includes all data and files, regardless of their current state. On the other hand, an incremental backup only copies and stores the data and files that have changed or been modified since the last backup. This type of backup requires less storage space compared to a full backup.

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