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macOS 14: Name, Release Date, Compatibility

The 13th version of the Mac operation system named macOS Ventura, initially announced at Worldwide Developers Conference 2022, also known as WWDC, brought a wide array of new features. And macOS Ventura's final version was released in October 2022.

As a Mac user, you may expect Apple's WWDC, which is coming soon. Based on experience, Apple tends not to make considerable changes in macOS 14 updates, but nevertheless, Mac users are looking forward to the new version after Ventura, macOS 14.

what is the next macOS after Ventura

What Is next macOS after Ventura

If your Mac runs macOS Ventura, you maybe wonder what's the next macOS after Ventura. macOS 14 is the next major version of the Mac operation system, and It is expected that Apple will declassify the name and release date of macOS 14 in the upcoming WWDC in June.

Name of macOS 14

According to the naming pattern of previous versions since macOS Mavericks, Apple would use California landmarks to name new versions of macOS, including macOS 14. And Apple will reveal its name at WWDC 2023. And Apple has trademarked many names over the past years, including Skyline, Condor, Redwood, Pacific, Shasta, Rincon, etc.

As we mentioned before, Apple won't make big changes in macOS 14, and some rumors said that the new version of macOS 14 would be the maintenance update of macOS Ventura. So, according to the name list, it's possible that the name of macOS 14 will be Rincon or Skyline, which location near Ventura.

macOS 14 Release Date

Suppose you are looking forward to macOS 14 and wonder when macOS 14 will arrive; the answer will be revealed at WWDC 2023 beginning on June 5. As we know, Apple will release a beta of the new macOS version at WWDC. And then, you can find out the name and new features of macOS 14.

Refer to the previous macOS versions:

  • October 24, 2022: macOS Ventura was released.
  • October 25, 2021: macOS Monterey was released.
  • November 12, 2020: macOS Big Sur was released.

We expect that macOS 14 will be revealed on June 5, and the developer beta also be released on the same day. And after a month, Apple would release the public beta in July, and the beta period would take three to four months until Apple release the official version of macOS 14 to the general public.

macOS 14 Compatibility

As Apple focuses on Apple silicon Macs, we might see more Intel-based Macs losing compatibility with new macOS versions. We guess that the supported devices of macOS 14 wouldn't change a lot as the supported devices of Ventura. Here are the compatible Mac models of macOS 13 Ventura:

  • 2017 iMac and later
  • 2017 iMac Pro
  • 2018 MacBook Air and later
  • 2017 MacBook Pro and later
  • 2019 Mac Pro and later
  • 2018 Mac mini and later
  • 2017 MacBook and later
  • 2022 Mac Studio

This list might change as Apple moves away from Intel-based Macs, leading that some new features are not working on the older models even if macOS 14 is fit for older models. And there is a possibility that some of the new features of macOS 14 would require Apple M1 chips or M2 chips.

macOS 14 Rumored New Features

Suppose you are looking for a revolutionary development in macOS 14. In that case, unfortunately, you may be disappointed that a well-known Apple specialist Mark Gurman predicted that the update of the new macOS 14 would not be so significant and will continue adding iOS features.

There are two things worth mentioning about the rumors of the macOS 14. One is that Apple shifted macOS resources to xrOS because Apple wanted to launch its new AR headset. Another rumor is too ridiculous to believe that a leaker on Twitter claimed that Apple would work on macOS running on M2 iPad Pro next year.

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How to Download macOS 14

Note that you can only install the official version of macOS 14 once Apple starts shipping it, and then you will be able to download the official version of macOS 14 using Software Update in System Settings.

To download the macOS 14 beta, instead of installing the Beta Access Utility on your device, you have to register your Apple ID for the beta program to access it on every Apple device that signed into that Apple ID. To download the macOS 14 beta, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Register your Apple ID for the beta program.

Step 2. Go to "Software Update" and find the new tab for Beta Updates.

Step 3. Select "macOS 14 Public Beta" in Beta Updates.

Note that the macOS 14 beta wouldn't be stable as the official version, and some of the features may be implemented. After you install macOS 14 beta, your UI might change, and third-party software might not be compatible with macOS 14 beta. And if you want to return to your original macOS version, you can select "Off" in Beta Updates.

Switching between macOS can cause data loss, especially as one of them is not a more stable official version of the macOS. In this case, you can install EaseUS Data Wizard for Mac to recover your lost data easily.

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macOS 14 What We Want to See

Mac users are looking forward to a new version of the Mac operating system, and many users have shared the optimizations of macOS 14 they want to see on social media. We collected opinions that most Mac users agreed, as follows:

Dynamic Island on Mac

Dynamic Island on Mac

Dynamic Island was introduced with iPhone 14 Pro, using the pill-shaped cutout for Face ID and selfie camera as its excellent UI design.

Using Dynamic Island on Mac would alleviate the clutter of the macOS interface, which contains notifications, reminders, widgets, etc. Referring to Dynamic Island on iPhone, adding it on Mac devices could also be a great way to monitor task progress of which app is working in the background.

Copy And Paste Various Items

It could make a massive improvement on Mac to copy and paste multiple items on a clipboard, as in Windows. Mac allows users to copy/paste one thing at a time, while Windows enables users to keep various items on a clipboard and select one of them to paste.

Adjust System Settings

System Preferences was renamed to Settings by Apple to match iOS and iPadOS. As a result, many users went to Google and searched for settings they thought were lost.

We don't mean to return it to System Preferences and its original UI, as users have to adapt it again, but it could have some adjustments. For example, separating the interface from iOS as some settings don't make sense.

Sync the Clock Across All Apple Devices

Sync the Clock

Apple brought Clock and Weather apps with macOS Ventura, and the Weather syncs between different devices login into the same Apple ID, while Clock doesn't. It could cause trouble if you set an alarm that isn't available on other devices. In addition, the timer often used by users should also be synchronized to multiple devices for easy use.

Stability Improvement

Reports have said that macOS 14 will have few significant changes since the company supposedly focuses on the AR/VR headset and its operating system, which is rumored to be called xrOS. So, development for macOS 14 is a lower priority until that device is unveiled.

The operating system's stability needs continuous optimization, which is closely related to the user's life and work. As we all know, operating system instability can easily lead to system corruption, which brings a series of troubles, especially when the work progress is not saved.


Mac users may expect the WWDC 2023, and detailed information about the macOS after Ventura, macOS 14, will be revealed at the conference. We expect that macOS 14 will be revealed on June 5, 2023. The name of macOS 14 would likely be Rincon or Skyline, which location near Ventura. The beta period would take three to four months until Apple releases the official version of macOS 14 to the general public.

macOS 14 FAQs

Here are some questions people also ask when they search for what will be the name of macOS 14, when macOS 14 will arrive, and which Mac models will be able to run macOS 14. You can read these questions to learn more about macOS 14.

1. When will the new macOS be released?

The next macOS after Ventura will be unveiled at Apple's WWDC 2023 in June and released to the public three or four months later.

2. What Macs will get macOS 14?

The supported devices of macOS 14 wouldn't change a lot as the supported devices of Ventura. They are:

  • 2017 iMac and later
  • 2017 iMac Pro
  • 2018 MacBook Air and later
  • 2017 MacBook Pro and later
  • 2019 Mac Pro and later
  • 2018 Mac mini and later
  • 2017 MacBook and later
  • 2022 Mac Studio

3. Will Apple chips be better than Intel?

The Apple silicon Macs that Apple has released so far can be as fast as or faster than the Intel Macs but with much better battery life and lower power usage.

Apple will begin to reduce software support for Intel-based Macs in 2023. Apple has already started to phase out Intel-based Macs in favor of its new line of Apple Silicon Macs.

4. Will there ever be macOS for iPad?

MacOS and iPadOS are completely different operating systems for entirely different devices. Some rumors said Apple would design macOS on iPad Pro with M1 chips, but there is insufficient evidence to support it.

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