How to Use EaseUS Partition Master to Manage Your Disk Space?

EaseUS Partition Master can easily partition your hard drive and manage disk space with high efficiency. This professional partition manager software offers advanced features to take advantages of disk capacity and keep PCs or Servers running with great performance.

Resize/move partition

EaseUS Partition Master helps to resize/move partitions to make full use of disk space especially extend system drive (C drive) to settle low disk space problem

Follow steps bellow to resize/move partition:

  • 1 Right click the partition and select Resize/Move partition
  • 2 On a disk map, current size of the partition is displayed on the top of the dialog box
  • 3 Resize the partition from the left or right side to a desired new size
  • 4 And then click OK
  • Check the Optimize for SSD option when you partition an SSD.
  • To make a partition smaller, the partition must contain unused space. To extend a partition, there must be free space adjacent to it

Migrate OS to SSD/HDD

Clone system disk/partition to SSD or HDD and transfer Windows system from one hard disk to another without reinstallation

Follow steps bellow to migrate OS:

  • 1Click Migrate OS to SSD/HDD option to enter the wizard
  • 2Select a destination hard disk which you transfer the operating system to
  • 3Edit the destination partition
  • 4Click OK to complete
  • This feature only works under Windows, rather than WinPE
  • The option is not available unless the system and boot partition must be on the same hard disk
  • All partitions on the destination drive will be overwritten

Clone Partition

Cloning single partition to an unallocated space, it is often used to back up data for security reasons or for disk upgrade and replacement.

Follow steps bellow to copy partition:

  • 1Select a source partition
  • 2Right click the partition and select Clone partition
  • 3Select a destination
  • 4Edit the destination partition
  • 5Click Finish to finish
  • Don’t copy partitions which contain operating system on GPT disks.

4K alignment

In order to make the SSD run in the best status, EaseUS Partition Master can correctly align all 4K sectors on your SSD and maximize SSD performance

Follow steps bellow to align partition:

  • 1Click the 4K Alignment
  • 2Select the hard disk which you want to align from the list
  • 3Click Next to align

Cleanup and optimization

EaseUS disk partition software cleans up junk files, large files or internet history to free up much disk space for high disk performance and make your PCs/servers run faster than before

  • Junk File Cleanup
  • Large File Cleanup
  • Disk Optimization

Junk File Cleanup

Clean junk files from system, browser, Windows built-in applications and other applications to save disk space and improve your computer performance

Follow steps bellow to clean up junk files:

  • 11.Select Junk File Cleanup
  • 22.Select the items you want to cleanup and click Analyze
  • 33.After analyzing, click Clean up button