About this manual

This manual will guide you to use EaseUS Partition Master. It contains 5 main sections. You can find the information you need in the corresponding part. If you have any question about the options or features when using our product, press F1 directly to call this manual with related instruction displayed.

1. Overview
A brief introduction of EaseUS Partition Master, new features in EaseUS Partition Master and manual guide are included in the Overview.

2. Basic Knowledge
This chapter explains terms and ideas with which to explain how the program works. To understand these helps to obtain a general notion of the operation performance and makes it easier for the user to operate the program.

3. Getting started
This section indicates the hardware and system requirements of EaseUS Partition Master, the supported media and how to install/uninstall it.

4. Using EaseUS Partition Master
The detailed step-by-step instructions for each feature in EaseUS Partition Master are listed.

5. Other useful information
If you still cannot find what you need, please seek answer in Troubleshooting, or contact our Technical Support team directly. Some main operations are also available in Typical case. If you are interested in it, please check it.