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EaseUS Partition Master Section

Main interface

After the installation please double click the program icon to launch. Once started you will get access to the program main interface. 

Tool bar - This bar consists of 4 resident features on the left and several tools.

Feature list - All the operations that are available to proceed to the selected drive/partition are listed in here. 

Pending Operation List - By default, the program does not accomplish operations immediately, but places them on this special list. It helps to avoid possible mistake as you should confirm all provided changes and saves your time and effort when executing several operations as you don’t need to wait for each operation to physically complete before proceeding to the next one. You can click Undo to cancel the operation or Apply to proceed it. 
Apply changes - execute all of the Pending operations
Undo last change - cancel the last change from the list.
Redo last change - relist the changes which are canceled by clicking "Undo last change" in Pending operation.

Partition list - This area lists all the disks and partitions recognized on this computer. By selecting each disk/partition you are able to see all the available features that can be operated to this drive/partition. 

Disk map and legend bar - This area displays the layout of all the storage devices recognized on this computer in the graphic map. Each device is represented with a rectangle bar that contains small-sized bar, which represents partitions. Some operations can be directly made from here if you right-click the selected disk/partition.