Merge operation

When a partition is out of use, you would want to merge two adjacent partitions as single larger one. Then there will be more free space to use. And this feature can help you achieve your goal.

The program only support to merge NTFS, ReFS, FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32 partitions. And the maximum size of the merged partition is less than 4TB (1TB=1024GB). To merge the partition with more data to the one with less data is advisable, but not to merge the partition with less data to the one with more data, because, comparatively speaking, the latter one would be time-consuming.

To merge partitions:

  1. 1.Select the partition to be merged.
  2. 2.Click Partitions > Merge partition.
  3. 3.Select a partition, the size of which you need to increase by up-taking contents of an adjacent partition.
  4. 4.Choose the second partition for the merge operation, the contents of which will be placed in a folder on the merged partition. By default, the program offers an easy-to-understand folder name to store files of the second partition.
  5. 5.Click OK to add the pending operation.