Convert FAT to NTFS

NTFS supersedes the FAT file system as the preferred file system for Microsoft's Windows operating systems. NTFS has several improvements over FAT and HPFS (High Performance File System) such as improved support for metadata and the use of advanced data structures to improve performance, reliability, and disk space utilization, plus additional extensions such as security access control lists (ACL) and file system journaling.

This feature converts FAT partition in good condition to NTFS partition.

File system conversion steps:

  1. 1. Select a FAT12/16/32 partition
  2. 2. Click Partitions > Convert to NTFS
  3. 3. The pop-up dialog box will show the original and target file system, click OK to go. You may also do it by right click the mouse.


Reasons and Solutions:

  1. 1. Scant free space. Remove some files to make free space and try again.
  2. 2. Error partition. Use Windows built-in Chkdsk.exe/F to repair. If failed again, the partition might have severe error and the conversion could not be completed.