Resize basic partition

You may find that there is not enough free space on a certain partition. For example, maybe it is almost filled with MP3 files. EaseUS Partition Master lets you enlarge a partition easily.

To resize/move a partition:

  1. 1.Select the hard disk and a partition to be resized.
  2. 2.Click Partitions > Resize/Move partition.  
  3. 3.On a disk map, current size of the partition is displayed on the top of the dialog box. The map also depicts the used and unused space within the partition and the free space surrounding the partition (if any exists). The minimum and maximum sizes that you can resize a partition appear below the map.
  4. 4.Position the mouse pointer on the left or right partition handle.
  5. 5.The mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow.
  6. 6.Drag the dot to the partition size you want. And then click OK.

Resize basic partition