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Convert dynamic disk to basic

This feature allows you to convert a dynamic disk containing simple volumes or mirrored volumes into a basic one while keeping its content intact.

To convert a dynamic disk to basic disk:
1. Select the dynamic disk.
2. Click the Convert to basic in Feature List.
3. The operation will be pended until applied in Pending Operation List. Click Execute Operation when you are ready to proceed.

Generally, after converting the dynamic disk, all of the dynamic volumes will be converted to logic partitions except the following situations:
1. If there is no enough space for exchanging temporary data on the volume (less than 5% unused space in the volume and no adjacent unallocated space), this volume will be converted to primary partition. However, the MBR basic disk has the limitation that there can be 4 primary partitions at most, if the number of the volumes on a disk with less than 5% unused space and no adjacent unallocated space is over 4, the conversion operation cannot be implemented.
2. If the file system of the volume is NOT FAT or NTFS, and there is no unallocated space next to the volume, it will be converted to primary partition. If the volumes which fit this situation are more than 4, the dynamic disk cannot be converted to basic disk.

◆ This feature can only process dynamic disk with simple and mirrored volumes. The other types of dynamic disk like spanned volume, striped volume is not supported.
◆ To convert a dynamic disk containing mirrored volumes to a basic disk, please break the mirrored volumes before converting.
◆ Converting dynamic disk to basic will not cause data loss, however, to avoid data loss caused by other uncertain computer factors, we recommend you back up the disk before any operation!