How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card Mac

Are you wondering how to recover deleted photos from SD Card Mac effortlessly? Discover effective methods to retrieve deleted photos from your SD card on Mac, ensuring your precious moments are never truly lost.

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SD cards are perfect for keeping our photographic memories and other vital data. While these portable storage drives allow us to capture innumerable memories, some complications still exist.

The portability and expandability of these little gadgets sometimes come with a catch: the continual anxiety of inadvertently losing or deleting our prized photographs. In our digital age, where memories are immortalized in pixels, the accidental loss of a photograph may be heartbreaking.

Picture-perfect moments, appearing secure in your grasp, can go instantly. This article will explore the fixes to recover deleted photos from an SD Card Mac, including various ways to restore lost images from the SD card (particularly on a Mac).

Fix 1. Recover Deleted Photos from an SD Card Using Software

Easily recover your memories with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. Consider the agony of mistakenly losing your beloved images from your trusty SD card, a typical occurrence in the digital world. Fear not; this excellent data recovery program will guide you through the convoluted maze of recovering permanently deleted files on Mac.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is your constant partner in SD card recovery, whether your images were lost due to accidental deletions, formatting difficulties, or unexpected SD card failures.

This multifunctional solution goes beyond data recovery, promising to recover deleted photos on a Mac with unrivaled efficiency. As you go through this essay, imagine yourself armed with the knowledge and talents to confront various data loss scenarios head-on, armed with a weapon that turns despair into recovery.

The steps outlined below will serve as your road map to redemption, ensuring no photo is lost in the digital wilderness. Allow EaseUS to guide you as you set out to recover lost images from your SD card on your Mac. Here are steps to refer to:

Note: You can create a backup by clicking the "Disk Backup" on the left first. When the disk is damaged or the photos on the disk are accidentally lost, you can get the photos back from the backup image.

Step 1. Scan for lost photos

Select the location where your valuable photos were lost and click the "Search for lost files" button.

select a location where you lost photos and click Search for lost files

Step 2. Select wanted photos

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac will immediately start a scan on your selected disk volume. Meanwhile, the scanning results will be presented in the left pane. By Path and Type, you can quickly filter the photos you've lost earlier.

scan for lost photos on Mac

Step 3. Recover lost photos

Select the target photos and click the "Recover" button to get them back at once.

recover photos from Mac

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Fix 2. Recover Deleted Photos from an SD Card via Trash

If you accidentally erased images from your SD card on a Mac, you may discover them in the Trash. To retrieve them, simply follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Double-click the Trash Bin icon on your Mac's desktop to access it.

open Trash bin folder

Step 2. Look for the images you erased from your SD card in the Trash Bin. You may use the search box or manually browse through the files.

Step 3. Once you've located the deleted photographs, select them by holding the 'Command' key and clicking on each individually.

Step 4. Right-click on the chosen photographs and pick "Put Back" from the context menu. This operation replaces the photographs on the SD card in their original position.

put back in Trash bin

Step 5. Check the original location on your SD card after the restoration procedure to guarantee the photographs were restored correctly.

Remember that photographs in the Trash are only permanently destroyed when the Trash is emptied. If you haven't emptied it, this procedure is a simple way to retrieve your lost images.

The only way to recover deleted photos on your Mac after 30 days is to use the professional data recovery software EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

Fix 3. Recover Deleted Photos from an SD Card from iCloud

Cloud storage options like iCloud are critical in storing important memories. If you mistakenly lost images from your SD card, they may be recovered using iCloud. Follow the steps below to recover your lost photos:

Step 1. Launch any browser and navigate to Enter your iCloud credentials.

sign in iCloud

Step 2. Find and choose the "Photos" app icon.

Step 3. Go to the left side and look for "Recently Deleted" (Click to fix Recently Deleted photos not showing).

Step 4. To pick several photographs for recovery, click on the chosen photo or hold down the shift key.

Step 5. After you've chosen your photographs, click the "Recover" button, and you're done! Your photographs have been returned to their rightful place.

Remember that iCloud saves deleted images for 30 days, giving you a chance to retrieve them. Using iCloud's Recently Deleted category to recover photos streamlines the process, providing consumers with a user-friendly and efficient solution for accidental deletions.


When it comes to unintentional photo deletion, having the correct tools might make all the difference. While iCloud and other built-in features provide answers, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac stands out for its extensive recovery capabilities.

This program provides a better success rate in regaining your valuable memories by seamlessly combining advanced recovery tools. Don't allow a little lapse to result in permanent loss; arm yourself with the dependable and user-friendly EaseUS program. Download today to protect your memories and experience digital peace of mind.

Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card on Mac FAQs

Wondering about retrieving deleted photos from your SD card? Here are answers to common queries:

1. Can you retrieve deleted photos from the SD card?

Yes, you can retrieve the deleted photos from the SD card, but the process depends on various factors, such as the trustworthiness of the tool, physical damage to the card, deleted/corrupted file type, and more. We recommend using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Pro due to its usability and high success rate in recovering deleted photographs from your SD card.

2. How do I recover files from my SD card on my Mac?

On your Mac, you can utilize the Finder to recover files from the SD card, reveal the hidden files using "Command + Shift", or restore them from the Trash Bin. Moreover, using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, you may easily recover files from your SD card on a Mac by following the easy stages of the recovery process.

3. How do I manually recover deleted files from my SD card?

There are several ways to manually recover deleted files from SD cards, such as restoring from the Trash Bin or revealing the hidden file. While manual recovery is complicated, EaseUS software provides a user-friendly option, easing the recovery of erased files from your SD card without human intervention.

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