Fix HTML5 Video File Not Found! #3 Works Perfectly [5 Ways]

What to do if your HTML5 video file is not found in Windows 10? Relax, you will get 5 effective solutions to fix the HTML5 video files. Among them, EaseUS Fixo video repair software works well in fixing HTML5 videos. Download this tool and repair your HTML5 videos as soon as possible.

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  1. 1. Use the Latest Version of Your Browser
  2. 2. Clean Up Your Search Engine Cookies
  3. 3. Repair Corrupted HTML5 Video Files (Works Perfectly!)
  4. 4. Disable Hardware Acceleration
  5. 5. Download the Supporting Codecs

In today's world, videos are an important means of conveying information and are used for multi-purposes such as education, entertainment, marketing, and much more. They provide a visual and auditory experience that can be engaging and informative. People upload them on various social media platforms so that viewers can be enlightened. To do this, a compatible video format is necessary.

One such video standardized format that is supported by most modern web browsers is the HTML5 format. It is a reliable protocol that makes it easier for content creators to publish their work on almost all browsers. However, sometimes, users encounter an HTML5 video file not found error. This can be due to multiple reasons, like an incorrect or missing file path. In this article, we will help you with 5 easy ways to get over this issue. Let us get started!

HTML5 video file not found

Overview of HTML5 Video File Not Found Error

Are you curious to know the reasons why this error persists? This portion is for you! The file format HTML5 video enables native video playback in web browsers. It is an HTML5-compliant digital video that may be played directly in a web browser without needing additional applications. HTML5 eliminates the requirement for extra plugins like Adobe Flash, enabling smoother and more open video viewing than earlier versions of HTML.

When the video file is missing or cannot be accessed by the browser, the error HTML5 video file not found frequently displays. The video may not play due to this problem, frustrating the user attempting to watch the video. Additional factors that could result in this inaccuracy include:

Broken link or incorrect file path: The video file either needs to be added, or its path is incorrect, leading to browser failure to find it.

Server issues: The server is temporarily down or experiencing issues, preventing access to the file.

Unsupported file format: The video file format may not be supported by the browser, causing the error to occur.

Corrupted file: The video file may be damaged or corrupted, preventing it from playing correctly. And you need to perform a corrupted file repair to fix it.

Outdated browser: The browser no longer supported by a website may prohibit a file from playing.

Blocked access to the video file: Access to the video file may be restricted due to security settings or firewalls.

Insufficient bandwidth: The user's internet connection may be unable to play the video, causing an error.

HTML5 video file not found causes

5 Ways to Fix HTML5 Video File Not Found Error

It may be unpleasant if you try to play a video but receive the "HTML5 video file not found" problem. The good news is that this error may be corrected in several ways, enabling you to quickly get back to using your video playback. Some thorough and simple solutions for this problem are described below:

#1. Use the Latest Version of Your Browser

Experiencing an "HTML5 video file not found" error when trying to play videos? The issue might be resolved by updating your browser because an out-of-date version might not support the video format and cause playback issues. Usually, the version gets updated automatically, but to ensure that your browser let's say google is up to date, follow the below steps:

Step 1. Open the browser and click on the three dots at the top right corner.

Step 2. Click "Help," followed by "About Google Chrome" in the menu.

fix HTML5 video file not found using the latest browser-1

Step 3. Click on "Relaunch" to install the updates.

fix HTML5 video file not found using the latest browser-2

#2. Clean Up Your Search Engine Cookies and Caches

Another method to resolve this issue is clearing up cookies and caches. Cookies or caches may be outdated or corrupted over time. It ultimately affects how well a website functions. Clearing the caches will not only release space, but it can also fix the problem. Follow the steps below for chrome:

Step 1. Launch the browser and access the menu by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner.

Step 2. Go to the menu and choose "Settings".

fix HTML5 video file not found by cleaning up the search engine cookies-1

Step 3. Go to the Settings tab and click "Privacy and security > Clear Browsing Data".

fix HTML5 video file not found by cleaning up the search engine cookies-2

Step 4. Select the preferred period and preference, then click "Clear Data".

fix HTML5 video file not found by cleaning up the search engine cookies-3

#3. Repair Corrupted HTML5 Video Files in Windows 11/10/8/7 [Recommended]

Are you wondering how to fix corrupted HTML5 video files? You are at the right place! Using a video repair application is one of the simplest and most effective ways to repair corrupt HTML5 video files in Windows. These files can be rectified using the online video repair tool called EaseUS Fixo.

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EaseUS Video Repair is a superior video repair software. Its comprehensive features make you confident that your videos will be restored to their original state. It allows the repair of multiple video formats, including MP4 repair, MOV repair, AVI repair, MKV repair, etc.

Give it a try today and experience the power of video repair for yourself. 

Step 1. Open Fixo on your local PC. Click "Video Repair" and add the corrupted MP4/MOV/AVI/MKV/3GP/FLV/MKV/WMV video files by clicking "Add Videos".

add videos to repair videos with Fixo

Step 2. Move the pointer to a video and click the "Repair" button to start the single video repairing process. If you want to repair all the videos, click "Repair All".

select videos to repair

Step 3. Wait a few minutes, and the corrupted videos will be repaired. Click the play icon to preview the videos. You can save a single video by clicking the "Save" button next to the play icon. If you want to save all the repaired videos, choose "Save All".

save repaired videos in Fixo

Step 4. If the quick repair fails, you should utilize the advanced repair mode. Click "Advanced Repair" and add a sample video. Choose "Confirm" to ensure.

add sample videos to perform advanced repair

Step 5. A list of detailed information on corrupted and sample videos will show up. Click "Repair Now" to start the advanced video repair process. When the repair is complete, you can view the videos and click the "Save" button to save the repaired video files to an appropriate destination.

click repair now to start advanced repair

#4. Disable Hardware Acceleration to Fix HTML5 Video File Not Found

Another way to overcome this issue is by disabling the hardware acceleration of web browsers. It speeds up processing speed by assigning more resources to the browser. It can also be a disadvantage as it can occasionally lead to this file not found error. You can overcome this issue by disabling it from the settings of the browsers such as Chrome using the easy-to-follow steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Click on the "three-dots" icon in the top right corner and click on "Settings".

Step 2. From the left menu, click on "System".

fix HTML5 video file not found by disabling hdd acceleration -1

Step 3. Lastly, you will see an option "Use hardware acceleration when available." You have to toggle and disable it.

fix HTML5 video file not found by disabling hdd acceleration -2

Again, try playing the video; the error must have been diminished.

#5. Download the Supporting Codecs of HTML5

Want to improve your HTML5 experience and ensure you never again see the annoying file not supported errors? This section is for you! Supporting Codecs of HTML5 refers to the audio and video encoding formats that HTML5 supports. Different web browsers support different codecs, which can cause compatibility issues.

To rectify this issue, it is important to get supported codecs. To download the Supporting Codecs of HTML5, check your web browser's official website, visit codec provider websites, or download a codec pack.


In conclusion, several ways exist to fix the HTML5 Video File Not Found problem. The problem can be fixed, and the video playback process can be restarted using the comprehensive step-by-step directions in this article. It is recommended to use EaseUS Fixo as a third-party software that can fix this error successfully. We hope this article helped you publish and view your content on multiple browsers without any hurdles.

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HTML5 Video File Not Found FAQs

After going on and on about the fixes for resolving the HTML5 video file not found error, you may have some questions, and you'll find their answers here:

1. Why is HTML5 video not found in Chrome?

Chrome may not display HTML5 video owing to an improper file path, compatibility problems with other browsers, an unsupported video format, network connectivity issues, video file corruption, an invalid file format, or an out-of-date browser version. You can ensure that your HTML5 videos playback in Chrome without any interruptions by locating and resolving these problems.

2. How do I install HTML5?

You do not have to install HTML5 explicitly, as it comes with many latest web browsers, including Google Chrome and many more. It is a markup language used to create and structure web content. Hence, you can organize and present your content on web browsers to millions of users without downloading any software or additional plugins.

3. Can I download HTML5 for free?

Yes, HTML5 is a free and openly available markup language for which there is no need to pay. It is free; anyone can create websites and online apps without a license. It is unnecessary to download any additional software to use HTML5. Besides this, many free resources are available for learning HTML5. This includes online tutorials and many more.

4. How to fix Chrome not downloading files?

If you are experiencing issues with Google Chrome not downloading files, you can try the following steps to resolve this issue:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Clear the browser cache
  • Update Chrome
  • Disable antivirus software

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