How to recover WannaCrypt encrypted files (decrypt .wncry)

Jean updated on Apr 19, 2019 to Data Recovery | How-to Articles


Save the $300 in your pocket, and follow the right way to free recover Ransomware virus WannaCry/WannaCrypt encrypted files, and decrypt .wncry/.wcry files as many as possible. It's good to know that WannaCrypt only encrypts the copied files and deletes the original. Now, here is your chance to download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to restore deleted files before they were encrypted and turned to .wncry or .wcry file formats.

Save $300 in your pocket and don't pay the ransom to decrypt files

Worried? Anxious? Panic? We know exactly what you're suffering since May 12, 2017 - WannaCrypt, aka WannaCry/Wcrypt and its variant WannaCrypt0r, a type of computer virus, worm, ransomware has attacked an infinite number of worldwide computers, and the major group of victims is computers in the same LAN, for example, hospitals, banks, institutions or even the gas station. As you've already got the information, WannaCrypt hits initially UK's National Health Service, the logistics firm FedEx, and later PetroChina.

Please calm down in the large Cyber-attack chaos. The threat is real, so be bold and dig every way out to revive from the catastrophe. We're still not officially informed who created WannaCrypt, only know that it's crazily sweeping the world, encrypting hundreds of types of computer files, turning them into .wncry or .wcry file formats and blackmailing $300 bitcoin for encrypted file recovery within 3 days of the attack.

It announces the bitcoin investment of decrypting .wncry/.wcry files

May 12 - 14: $300
May 15: price doubled ($600)
May 19: your files will be permanently deleted

WannaCrypt virus encrypts files and demand 300$ ransom

The shameful trick threatened people and organizations heavily because data loss is definitely the last thing they wish to happen from the WannaCrypt attack. Have you paid the ransom yet? Feel hesitated? Then you did the right thing! Don't pay the ransom, and here's your new chance to rescue encrypted files.

2 typical ways that Ransomware/virus encrypts computer files

You got to know the 2 typical ways of how ransomware virus encrypts computer files. One, simply it encrypts the file; Two, copy the original file and encrypt it, after which delete the original. What's the difference?

The former way of file encryption is the most dreadful, only paying the secret key can users recover the encrypted files; the latter way then sounds not so scary, paying the demanded ransom fee, so your original files will be returned.

The way of WannaCrypt encrypting files

Network engineers found that WannaCrypt takes the second encryption way to encrypt computer data files. We can easily understand the process by checking the diagram.

Step 1 _ read the original files into the ram and start to encrypt files.
Step 2 _ create encrypted files.
Step 3 _ delete the original files.

WannaCrypt encrypts copied files and deletes the original files

What do we learn from the WannaCrypt's way of encrypting files

Good news if you've read and understood the WannaCrypt's way to encrypt computer files. It's not the only choice to spend hundreds of dollars to decrypt .wncry/.wcry files. Instead, the ultimate cost can be $0.