Recover and Repair Word Document Opens with Random Codes

This article will show you two parts on how to recover and repair Word document opens with random codes/gibberish. If you lost important Word document or word files open with random codes, just follow this article to restore lost Word files and repair corrupted Word now. Word 2017/2016/2010/2007 etc. are all supported.

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Have you encountered Word file suddenly corrupted and was opened with random codes or data turned into wired symbols or gibberish? Is it possible to repair and recover gibberish Word files? How to fix corrupted Word files turned into unreadable symbols? If you are facing with Word document change to symbols but found no way to troubleshoot, you can try the solutions in this article to fix the issue. 

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Quick fixes for weird symbols 4 quick fixes for Word Document Open with Weird Symbols. For instance, use fonts that are mostly used...Full steps
Recover Word with EaseUS Fixo An efficient way to fix corrupted Word documents is using professional file repair software. EaseUS Fixo...Full steps
Repair with Microsoft Office Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click "Open". In the Open dialog box, click your Word document...Full steps
Restore from Previous Version Right-click the corrupted/damaged Word files and select "Restore the previous version"...Full steps

Quick Fixes for Word Document Open with Weird Symbols

Before you repair and restore the corrupted Word files, you can first try the following simple tips to fix the issue.

1. Use fonts that are mostly used on most computers, like Arial and Times Roman.

2. Install the required font by dragging it into "Library" > "Fonts" on your computer.

3. Enable Font Book on Mac in the Applications folder.

4. Substitute a new compatible font in Word.

Repair Word Documents with a File Recovery Tool

An efficient way to fix corrupted Word documents is using professional file repair software. EaseUS Fixo Document Repair enables you to restore the corrupted Word document opening with wired symbols in the easiest way. 

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This file repair tool will help you fix corrupted Word files with unreadable content and repair corruption, inaccessibility, repagination, etc. It repairs the complete Word document in RAW text.  Now, download and use this software to repair Word documents open with random codes or unreadable symbols by following the steps below. 

Step 1. Download and launch Fixo on your PC or laptop. Choose "File Repair" to repair corrupted Office documents, including Word, Excel, PDF, and others. Click "Add Files" to select corrupted documents.

add files to repair documents with Fixo

Step 2. To repair multiple files at once, click the "Repair All" button. If you want to repair a single document, move your pointer to the target file and choose "Repair". You can also preview the documents by clicking the eye icon.

select documents to repair

Step 3. Click "Save" to save a selected document. Select "Save All" to save all the repaired files. Choose "View Repaired" to locate the repaired folder.

save repaired documents in Fixo

Repair Corrupted Word Files Showing Gibberish with Microsoft Office

To repair and restore corrupted Word documents turned into symbols or gibberish, you can use the Open and Repair tool of Microsoft Office.

Step 1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click "Open".

Step 2. In the Open dialog box, click your Word document.

Step 3. Click the arrow on the Open button, and then click "Open and Repair".

Step 4. Verify that repairing the document fixes the problem and that the strange behavior no longer occurs.

Restore Word Files Open with Wired Symbols from Previous Version

Step 1. Right-click the corrupted/damaged Word files and select "Restore previous version".

Step 2. Find an earlier version of the damaged or corrupted Word file, and click "Restore".

Step 3. Run Word and open the restored Word file again, click "OK" when a message pops up to warn that some text layers containing fonts are missing.

Step 4. Check all layers and remark the lost part with layers and save them as a new Word file.

Word document opens with weird symbols

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