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The Best 5 Data Recovery Services Near Me in Seattle, WA

IT professionals in Seattle, WA, who provide data recovery services can assist you in recovering important data, including documents, films, images, and other lost items. This article lists the top 5 data recovery services in Seattle, WA.

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Maybe you dropped your external WD My Passport hard drive. ..or your desktop computer's Seagate hard disk failed? Perhaps your external hard drive does not showing up in Windows 10? Maybe you have a MacBook with an unresponsive SSD or require data recovery for a laptop? Don't worry. Then you are on the right page.

Finding a fast and safe data recovery service in Seattle near you may be crucial in an emergency. The table below includes the applications and conditions of the best 5 data recovery services and businesses in Seattle, Washington DC that can assist you in recovering data from practically any sort of storage device, including memory cards, iPhone or Android cellphones, PCs, and HDDs or SSDs.

🔢Numbers 5 data recovery services
💽Devices Laptops, HDDs, SSDs, Smartphones, Memory cards
🖥️OS supported Windows OS, macOS, Linux, etc.
💰Prices Varying on how the device was damaged

The Top 5 Data Recovery Services Near Me in Seattle, WA

If the situation is urgent, you might need to rapidly find a nearby data recovery service in USA. This part lists a number of data recovery facilities and companies in the San Diego region.

WeRecoverData Data Recovery
Inc. - Seattle

Address: 1700 7th Ave #2100, Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: +1 206-407-3148

Working Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM Saturday: Closed, Sunday: Closed


  • This year I decided to gift the recovery and organization of our family photos to my wife and WeRecoverData Data Recovery was the most credible provider I could find. I found them to be professional, great communicators, and they were successful in the recovery of my old drive. Thank you to the WeRecoverData Data Recovery team!
  • WeRecoverData Data Recovery recovered all of my data, even though the drive was badly damaged. Throughout the entire process, the technician was extremely professional and helpful. He also did a great job of keeping me up to date on where we stood in the recovery process. I will definitely use this company again.

File Savers Data Recovery

Address: 506 2nd Ave Suite 1400, Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: +1 206-429-6686

Working Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM Saturday: Closed, Sunday: Closed


  • Brent and his team did an amazing job. I had taken my broken phone to multiple stores in hopes of retrieving my photos, but every place told me that nothing could be done. Then I contacted File Savers Data Recovery. They were extremely helpful, professional and friendly.
  • They were really great to work with. They gave me quotes on two old hard drives I had (I mailed them), I decided to have one restored and I got all my data on a new drive and they mailed me my other old drive back.
  • My old hard drive died and I was unable to access all my photos from my kids childhood (my own fault since I couldn’t find my backup file)…….they recovered all my photos that I thought were gone forever. They were my last-ditch effort.

Traverse Data

Address: The Broderick Building, 113 Cherry St, Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: +1 800-357-7078

Working Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM Saturday: Closed, Sunday: Closed


  • Always letting us know the next step and a status update. For us we were anxious during the whole process since so much of our life had not been recently backed upon. Traverse Data was always being communicative and positive through out the process of the data recovery.
  • I was desperate to recover lost data on my laptop and I am so grateful to have found Traverse Data!! They were able to recover my photos and documents! They were reasonably priced and the turnaround time was not long at all!

Fused Technologies

Address: 14900 Interurban Ave S, Seattle, WA 98168

Phone: +1 855-553-8733

Working Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM Saturday: Closed, Sunday: Closed


  • Waking up in the middle of the night to a? On my Mac and then it not starting was the beginning of a nightmare that was only fixed once I contacted Fused Technologies, every photo since 2005 I thought lost. They recovered all my files and photos, I cried when I saw a picture of my now 16 year old as a baby a memory I thought gone. They were quick and helpful, constantly keeping me updated. I would highly recommend this company.
  • Fused Technologies came through for us. Our NAS unit RAID5 array crashed. More than one drive had failed. WeRecoverData Data Recovery was able to recover virtually all the data in what seemed to be a most challenging situation. The staff was responsive, professional and respectful. Excellent team with incredible service.

Data Recovery Room, Inc

Address: 16052 46th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98188

Working Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM Saturday: Closed, Sunday: Closed


  • Great customer service! They kept me updated through every step of trying to recover my data.
  • Amazing work!!! I’m so glad they were able to help me restore my long-lost files!
  • Really amazing customer service and updates. I am grateful for the recovery!

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Recover Your Data with More Tips

Computer data instability refers to any errors that may occur when data is being created, altered, stored, or transmitted from one place to another. Unwanted outcomes could happen when the operating system or any apps that depend on it open a file with corrupted data.

  • First, Windows users risk losing data when the system keeps crashing with no additional backups.
  • Second, when the system restores lost points, you can't recover the deleted files from the PC's Recycle Bin due to the permanent gone.

In these cases, a professional data recovery tool can assist you in recovering deleted files on Windows/macOS computers and extract your disappeared data and files from the other storage devices.

 Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7%
 Download for Mac Trustpilot Rating 4.7

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard was created to assist in recovering data lost as a result of file system faults, system failures, and unintended file deletions. The program's user-friendly layout enables even novice users to quickly retrieve deleted files.

Data Recovery Services Near Me in Seattle FAQs

Here are 4 additional questions about data recovery services in Seattle. Check here for the answers.

1. What are the 4 types of data recovery

Apply your demand to four different sorts of data recovery if the cause of your data loss is not your hard disk but rather your machine betraying you.

  • Recovering data logically.
  • Physically recovering data.
  • Data recovery in a flash.
  • Constant data protection.

2. What recovery method is the fastest?

The best recommendation for recovering a deleted Steam game file is to use professional data recovery software. You can easily restore your game saves on your PC regardless of whether you have a backup of the game files. It provides customers with a simple and comprehensive approach to recovering erased files as a result of unforeseen errors, system failures, etc.

3. How do I fix a corrupted xD card?

  • Connect your xD card to a Windows computer first.
  • Right-clicking on "My Computer" or "This PC" will allow you to select the xD card.
  • Select "Properties" - "Tool" and click "Check".
  • Right-click the memory card icon to open the context menu after the scanning process is complete, select "Eject," and then remove the XD card.

4. Why is data recovery so expensive?

In addition to the costs of running the business, the data recovery cost must include the cleanroom, recovery lab, tools, specialized equipment, and donor parts.

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