How to Fix 'Verifying Microsoft Outlook' on Mac Stuck [7 Solutions]

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Are you stuck verifying for Microsoft Outlook on your Mac to verify? Don't worry! It's a frequent Mac headache. We'll help you navigate this problem and search for answers to get back on track today.

First, forcibly quit Outlook if it's stuck. Double-check your Outlook settings to verify accuracy. If not, restarting your Mac can help. Maintaining your Mac and re-adding your Outlook email account is also crucial. Want to learn more on how to cure this issue of "Verifying Microsoft Outlook" on Mac stuck? Read on for all the tricks!

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Force Quit Microsoft Outlook Start with Control-click or right-click on the Outlook icon in Mac Dock, then choose Force Quit...Full steps
Fix 2. Check Outlook Settings Click Outlook and then Preferences options from the drop-down menu. Click on Accounts...Full steps
Fix 3. Update/Reinstall Outlook Open the App Store from your Mac's Dock, and click on Updates in the left sidebar...Full steps
Fix 4. Restart Your Mac Go to the Apple menu in the upper left corner and click Restart to reboot your device...Full steps
Other Fixes Re-add your Outlook email account, boot your Mac into Safe Mode, or check Full Disk Access...Full steps

How to Save Data When Stuck at Verifying Microsoft Outlook

When stalled in Microsoft Outlook's verifying stage on your Mac, protect your data to avoid loss. Protecting essential emails, contacts, and attachments is crucial. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac might rescue the day in such scenarios.


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Follow the three steps below to save your crashing Outlook data:

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choose the lost documents

✨Step 3. Recover lost/deleted documents

Select the target files and preview them by double-clicking them. Then, click "Recover" to get lost documents back at once.

Once you have saved all the important contents, it's time to fix the verifying Microsoft Outlook stuck problem on your Mac. Below are 7 tried and effective fixes to solve this problem.

Fix 1. Force Quit Microsoft Outlook

When an error message becomes stuck, the first thing you should do is forcibly stop Outlook. There are several methods to do this. Follow the steps below to force quit Microsoft Outlook:

Method 1. Start with Control-click or right-click on the "Outlook" icon in the "Dock", then choose "Force Quit".

Method 2. Click the Apple menu, then "Force Quit". In the resulting box, pick Microsoft Outlook and click "Force Quit".

force quit Outlook on a Mac

Method 3. Press "Command + Option + Escape", then choose Outlook in the pop-up box and click "Force Quit".

how to force quit on Mac when frozen

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Fix 2. Check Outlook Settings

Another way to solve the problem of verifying Microsoft Outlook is stuck on a Mac is to check the application settings.

Step 1. To access these settings, click "Outlook" and then "Preferences" options from the drop-down menu.

outlook preferences

Step 2. Then, click on "Accounts". There, select the "Exchange Account" and then click "Advanced". If you notice any suspicious options here, turn them off.

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Fix 3. Update/Reinstall Outlook

Sometimes, the current Outlook version contains bugs that might cause errors. Here's how to update Microsoft Outlook:

Step 1. Open the "App Store" from your Mac's "Dock".

Step 2. In the left sidebar, click on "Updates".

click updates

Step 3. Now, search for Microsoft Outlook on the right and choose "Update".

Once the update is complete, restart the program to see whether the problem has been addressed.

To Reinstall Outlook:

If nothing else helps to resolve this issue, try reinstalling Outlook from scratch:

Step 1. Remove Microsoft Outlook from your Mac. Once done, Launch "App Store".

Step 2. Search "Microsoft Outlook" and click on "Get".

Fix 4. Restart Your Mac

One of the key fixes is restarting your Mac. Restarting Mac helps with rebooting all the systems. Here are the steps to restart Mac:

Step 1. Go to the "Apple" menu in the upper left corner.

Step 2. Click the "Restart" button to reboot your device.

restart mac

Fix 5. Re-add Outlook Email Account

Re-entering your account credentials might sometimes fix verification difficulties. Here's how to do it:

Step 1. Open "Microsoft Outlook".

Step 2. Go to "Preferences" and choose "Accounts".

Step 3. Select the email account that is creating verification troubles.

Step 4. Retype your email address and password.

Fix 6. Boot Your Mac in Safe Mode

Your Mac's Safe Mode helps to prevent conflicting system settings, starting applications, and kernel extensions from interfering with Microsoft Outlook verification.

👉For Intel-based Mac:

Step 1. Turn off your Mac. Hold down the Shift key and then push the power button.

Step 2. Your Mac should boot into "Safe Mode" briefly.

Mac safe mode

👉For Apple silicon Mac:

Step 1. Turn your Mac off. Hold the power button until you get the "Startup Options" screen.

Step 2. Select "Macintosh HD". Hold the "Shift Key" and choose "Continue in Safe Mode". Your Mac should boot into Safe Mode shortly.

After booting your Mac into Safe Mode, open Outlook and see whether the verification procedure is complete. To exit Safe Mode, reboot your Mac normally.

Fix 7. Choose Full Disk Access for Outlook

Giving Microsoft Outlook full access to your starting drive might sometimes resolve the issue. Follow the steps to do so:

Step 1. Head over to "System Settings" and navigate to "Privacy & Security".

Step 2. Click on "Full Disk Access".

click Full Disk Access

Step 3. If Microsoft Outlook is present, turn ON the switch next to. If it isn't, click the "+" button to add it.


Microsoft Outlook for Mac verification issues may be annoying, but there are ways to recover your data and productivity. Force-closing Outlook, verifying settings, restarting your Mac, upgrading software, and re-adding your email account can typically fix the problem.

Reliable data recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac can quickly restore Outlook data, giving you peace of mind. EaseUS protects and restores crucial data with an easy-to-use UI and robust functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Following are some queries users look up related to fixing verifying Microsoft Outlook for Mac:

1. Why is my Mac stuck on verifying Microsoft Outlook?

When you see the verification window, it implies Microsoft Outlook is determining if you are a legitimate user. This occurs when you sign in from a new device or location or if there is suspicion of unauthorized access. Verify your account prevents security breaches and prevents anybody from accessing your emails without your consent.

2. How do I get rid of Microsoft verifying on my Mac?

To get rid of Microsoft verifying on your Mac, try to force quitting Outlook, check Outlook settings, restart your Mac, update software, or re-add your email account on Outlook.

3. How to get rid of CoreServicesUIAgent verifying Microsoft Outlook?

To eliminate CoreServicesUIAgent verifying Microsoft Outlook, first, force quit the process via Activity Monitor. Then, reset Outlook by removing and re-adding the email account. If the issue persists, consider updating macOS or reinstalling Outlook.

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